Interview: Questions About the Motion Design Industry and Process

June 3, 2009 - By 

Today I answer questions from an interview sent in from a student in Austria. Crazy hair and all, (don’t worry, I’m getting a haircut today) I go though a ton of questions about the process of motion design.

Questions Answered…
1. Who is Nick Cambpell – Can you introduce yourself?
2. What is Motion Design for you? (Is there a definition for you?)
3. How did you get to Motion Design? Did you always know that you want to work as a
professional motion designer or did you have other dreams in mind?
4. Creativity often connects to inspiration. From where do you get your dose of
inspiration for your work?
5. What is more important for you – private or commercial work? Do you take your
private work as serious and professional as the commercial works?
6. What about the issue of telling a story and the side of design. Which aspect do you
think is more important or is there always a connection between them in a motion
7. How far do you see a connection between still images (photography) and moving
images (motion design). Is there a strong connection between them? Do you think
that a still image has more power than moving pictures?
8. Can you describe a general approach for one of your Motion Designs? Which tools or
software do you usually use?
9. Do you see any future in Motion Design or will it stop in some years, because it?s a
kind of trend today?
10. Is there a style or which kind of Motion Design you do prefere or work with? And why?
11. Do you have a favourite Motion Design which you really like or admire and why?

Do these types of interviews help with learning about motion design or should I stick to just doing tutorials? Love to see some of YOUR questions in the comments to answer in a later interview.

Favorite Motion Design Links:
Nando Costa

  • thanks again for you time Nick. Really appreciate your effort. For me such interviews/questions are quite important. Not only technical issues (tutorials) are important for “good designs” – also concepting, developing an idea. Storytelling etc.
    But i like how you do tutorials. I would love to see more after effecting than photoshop. but well, it’s just me.

    cheers from Austria


  • I think that all the information you give is very helpful. I’m a big time fan of all the work DK does from Dexter, House, to True Blood. All the insight you give is clear, concise, and noteworthy to any up and coming designer. Keep it up cause I for one am listening and watching. Stay Animated!

  • Nice interview Nick. The funny thing for me about your favorite artists is that i really like their stuff too. I remember when i got introduced to motion graphics by Nando on a webdesign conference back in Rio and he was one of the speakers. He screened some of his first motion graphics experiences such as the square pusher. It blew my mind away. Since then i just HAD to figure out how to get into motion… It been around 5 years now.

  • Jessica Robbins June 3, 2009 at 1:18 pm

    I wish more motion designers did this.

  • yeah, like the photography part and totally agree with it!
    Nervo kick ass!!!

  • Superman In Training June 3, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    I think things like this really help too. I really like how you provide all kinds of different ways to help.. I love tuts, but I love that you have a wider scope of the biz and ideas!
    Thanks Nick you rock !

  • OMG, you should really keep with tutorials like that.
    Its my first time in greyscalegorilla, got the link in
    This really helps us (at least me, i’m starting in this area now)…
    Thanks for everything..

  • Nick, these informative Q&A videos are what set you apart from the other sites. Its not just about the tutorials, as there are many sites that contribute to spreading techniques. But for people who want to make a career out of this wealth of knowledge, its experience such as yours that can help make it a reality.
    Keep it up.

  • Love love loved this Nick. Thank for taking the time to do the interview. Want to def. see more of these and photoshop + ae tuts.


  • Some brazilians around here! Very good! 😀

    Good work nick, I like your informative videos, tutorials and interviews!

  • IMO the insight from professionals already in the working field is invaluable.

  • Nick this really has helped me,

    I am also getting to the point in my life when I am picking schooling, I know I want to do something in motion design but this interview has helped me understand the “behind the scenes” and total process and how you got into it your self.

    Keep up the good work I love watching your workflow tutorials the most.

  • Hey nick, love your tuts. i’d love to hear your workflow on getting your actual tuts up’d to vimeo, as far as the settings on your HV30, software/settings used for export. that would rock! keep up the good work.

  • oh, and how you do the screen capture and editing/mic as well. thanks again!

  • I like the change of pace from the tutorials. You can find books and tutorials all day, but it is great to hear about industry relevant stuff. Especially from a fellow Oakland County escapee.

  • For me these are really interesting.

    I think you should just keep a nice balance between tutorials, industry insight and tech/software reviews. Much like you already do!

    Thanks for putting your time into this

  • Totally had that Disney program as a kid.
    Old Disney apps are the reason I’m a designer now.

  • Really great stuff Nick, it’s good to hear someone actually talking more about the process and inspiration instead of just “here’s how to use the softwar”. Count me in with a vote for something showing a bit of the design process, I’d love to see some of your brainstorming/concepting stage moving into boards and then that transition into the animated piece. Thanks, keep up the great work!

  • hey this is great stuff.
    you should create a podcast and toss it up on itunes.
    id prefer this than the tutorials. personally.

  • awesome. another vote for some videos on the design process, brainstorming/boarding/preproduction. thanks nick!

  • pretty cool stuff nick. appreciate your efforts to give some good insight into the creative process and industry, please continue with interviews like these 🙂

    Guilherme is one of my fav motion designers.

  • love your stuff.

    i was wondering maybe you can do a tutorial on the settings to set up your motion projects (like screen dimension, resolution, what formal movie file when you publish to a website like vimeo).

  • yeah man, keep em coming, the fist thing about your site that caught my eye, was that video when u talked about how to be creative and get paid, u gave us a great insight and at least for me, you told me that in my own head i was right, so you let us know with your experience if the path we are taking towards what we want is the right one, or maybe the closest to that. 😀
    I just can say that your experience in the industry is even more valuable than the tutorials you make, coz there is a lot of tutorials here and there, but nobody really shares about their experiences.
    thanks again nick, hope to work with you one day.

  • This is great with one request.
    I would like to see the questions listed first like you did on some other interviews. So i know what will be discussed and can scan for a specific question!

    THANKS for all your hardwork.

    • Great idea Aviv. I was going to post the question list but decided not to at the last second. I will add them now and will continue to on these interviews. Thanks!

  • WOW!!!!That’s amazing!!!

    Nick, I love your website and your videos. This is a really inspiring interview. I work with advertising in Brazil and I expect to go to USA to work and learn much more, and become a better motion designer.

    But, what I really apreciate is that yours favorite motion designers is brazilians! That inspired me to chase my dreams.

    Thanks for all!!!!

    PS: Sorry for my english…

  • Great post, enjoyed your talk, very insightful especially for me since i’ve only reccently taken an interest in motion design. So appreciate the links aswell.

    P.S very impressive eye contact with the camera ^_^

  • I am hard of hearing so I was wondering if there is a transcript of this video somewhere i can read? I am mighty interested to hear your thoughts on motion design.

  • Thank you very much you help my a lot
    sorry for my bad english i am just start learning
    but again your tutorials and everything you do i thing helps everyone even if they are using other 3d program
    and i am going to learning everyday from everyvare i can becose i like my job

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