It’s All About The Extras

June 5, 2009 - By 


Whether in your creative work or your business, it’s all about the extras. If you deliver MORE that what people expect, you win! Zappos has free standard two day shipping on their shoes, but those shoes usually get to your house in less than one day. That’s the extra. Sure, you could shoot a wedding full of photos for someone but add a free portrait session before their big day and watch them tell all their friends about you.

Take this car wash photo above as an example. I give my keys to the gentleman and they start to vacuum my car out and clean my windows. As I head down the hallway to pay, I am confronted with a big red button and a sign that says, “FREE CHASSIS UNDERWASH.” First of all, who doesen’t want to press a big red button? Second, I just got something for free that I didn’t expect. I just got a MORE CLEAN CAR for free! What’s even better is that this single button (that may or may not ACTUALLY do something, or is something that they were already going to do) keeps people busy as they wait for their car to get though the wash. Think about how many parents hold their kids up to smack this button at just the right time.

It seems so simple, but the distraction from the fact that they are doing a errand, and the sense of EXTRA that their customers feel, and the joy of it adds value to their business and makes people remember what could have been just another boring day at the car wash. Add this sense of EXTRA to what you do instead of stopping at the minimum and see what happens.

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  • Awesome Nick! I couldn’t agree with you more! EXTRA EVERYTHING FOLKS!

  • My first think it’s “click the button upgrade?” 😀 I very like posts like this.

  • interesting… : )

  • I think this is one of those things that you don’t notice until someone points out, (thanks Nick). It definitely got me thinking about the extra things that I can do, not just for work but in every aspect of life, to make more of an impact on the people around me.

  • Nick,

    It all comes down to pride in what you do and a desire to do your best, every time. Budgets and deadlines always effect our ability to excel, but as the 5 minute projects demonstrate, restrictions often help the process. Keep up the great job. Love all your posts.

  • I get it you have a blog,, update the pics. yo.

  • Hey Nick where’s the blog post about your experience creating shakeitphoto? I’ve been looking forward to it.

    • I will definitely have a post on “behind the scenes of shake it photo” soon. Do you guys think that that stuff is out of place on this site? Or do you not mind?

  • Agreed with Rob, I’m really interested to know too!

  • good thoughts. i love the extras!

  • ok. this post is so RIGHT on. (esp. because we all know Nick has a mild-medium addiction to Big Red Buttons -that may or may not do anything)

    thanks for the post!

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