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June 4, 2009 - By 

I have been pretty busy around here trying to clean up the Greyscalegorilla Blog and get it ready for more tutorials and more industry and software info. One of the newest things is my brand new shiny RSS Feed. Please please please update your rss to the newer, faster GSG RSS Feed. I know it’s a bit of a pain, but if you do it now, we can all get ice cream later. OK? 🙂 Anyway, thanks as always for visiting. If you see something on the site that need fixing, or is confusing, please let me know in the comments.

Thanks to Joshua Schaible for helping me to get my site all cleaned up and looking good. Bravo!

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  • this new button looks MAJESTIC!

  • Nice rss icon and the search bar works well too… I dig.

  • Hi Nick,

    How about pulling back the curtain and showing us what and how you record your tuts and vblogs. Show us the set up: computer, camera, lights, mic, floor director, producer, graphics department, makeup, green room, etc.

    Since your all about work flows and such.

  • I must admit I’ve been visiting your blog, partaking of your knowledge and thoroughly enjoying your hospitality for over a month now without commenting or expressing my gratitude that you are here.

    Thank you, Nick; you’re on your way to aesthetic Sainthood!

    One question, not on the topic of rss, but one I’ve had plenty of difficulty finding an answer to: do you know where I can get the basics of modeling in C4D? I tried the C4D series on lynda, but experienced a lot of frustration trying to follow the guy giving the tutorials. Perhaps it’s too much to ask, but do you know of anyone, like yourself, who’s graciously addressing the basics for free?

  • Michael: Thanks for finally commenting 🙂 As far as Cinema Modeling, I would recommend the 3D Fluff Modeling DVD. It’s a bit outdated, but I learned a bunch from this one –

  • This update is about one thing and one thing only…it’s about showin’ off your new haircuts!

  • Chris: You got it! 🙂

  • Hi Nick,

    I wonder what blog script do you use to post your news. Is it ready script or you wrote it by your own?

  • 3D Fluff shop is closed until they “launch new content”.

    I’ll keep searchin’.

    In the meantime I’ll continue to gratefully enjoy your C4D tuts.

    Thanks, Nick.

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