Six Reasons Why YOU should join the Five Second Projects

June 24, 2009 - By 

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The Five Second Projects were created to give you an opportunity to make cool shit for your animation portfolio every week. I wanted to post six more reasons why YOU should make a Five Second Project at any skill level… Watch the video to see all six reasons.

  • Thanks for the inspiration!
    It’s help me to make me be better.

  • #7 – Exposure, more and more people must be joining if not to participate then surely to watch. So num. 7 reason you actually could have included Nick would be get’em up and start getting exposure. Get your name bouncing around. Cool reason?

  • Been so slammed with work/life I missed the last two 5 second challenges. Gonna try and make time for the “Kick The Bucket” challenge this week/weekend. The entries I have seen so far are great.

  • Thanks Nick!

  • Hey do I have to have cinema 4d? cos I am interested but I only have after effects?

    BTW, cheers for the ideas


  • I would Love to get more involved in the 5 second projects and have been following them since the very beginning!

    However my skills are still not up to the standard of some of these clips. Any advice on how I can fit in the time to advance my skills whilst working long hours!!?????
    Basically how do you do it?

    • I sympathize with you, Jason. But as Nick said in this video, part of the purpose of the Five Second Projects is to help you develop better skills. The only way to improve is through practice, and these projects give you a great opportunity to practice your skills, have your work be seen, get some criticism and some praise, and feel good about it all. Don’t let the quality of the submissions deter you–every single person had to practice, practice, practice to get to their personal level, and everyone wants to be better. Just open your program of choice and start creating something. If you wait till you’re “good enough” to start, you probably never will–there’s always going to be someone better than you.

      On the time issue–oh man, do I ever sympathize. One thing you can do is break up the time you spend on a personal project into smaller chunks. Sometimes focusing relentlessly on a project can be to its detriment, actually. Give yourself limits to help motivate yourself and direct your energy productively. For example, tell yourself, I’m going to work on building the environment for this project this weekend; next weekend I’ll animate it. Set small, reasonable goals, and be patient with yourself–if you try to do everything at once, you’ll most likely end up with nothing.

      The most important thing, IMO, is to be persistent (and often persistence consists of being consistent). If you consistently dedicate a few hours each week to learning and practicing, you’re going to be ahead of the person who spends one day practicing intensely, then does nothing for weeks. Keep the material fresh in your brain, and give yourself time to absorb it and think about it. Immerse yourself constantly in it, rather than taking isolated plunges.

      Trust me, I’m incredibly guilty of trying to do everything in one sitting, and have little patience for taking it slow–but sometimes you have to force yourself to slow down, break up a project into small, reasonable goals, and let yourself feel that satisfying sense of achievement as you reach each milestone. And in the end, the project that had time to breathe and grow often turns out better than the project that was feverishly banged out in a short period of time (with exceptions, of course).

      • My skills aren´t very good either, who cares let´s join just for the fun. Hopefully we´re not alone and more people like us will join too…

        …just for the fun 🙂

    • Ooops, I ment to reply to you Jason…

    • Great way to put it Leah. The projects aren’t about competing. They are about learning and pushing your skills at any level. It’s all about learning something though the process. Get in there and start making mistakes. It’s the only way to get better, period. I would love to see your work Xavier and Jason!

  • Ok Nick, you convienced me on kickin my bucket!

    I am gonna start right now…

  • Nick my friend, if you were any more excited I think that you would explode! You are an inspiration to everyone who follows and I would do this if I wasn’t so busy putting a show together. When I’m rolling good I’ll be participating again myself. My advise to anyone doing this is to just do the best you can with the tools that you have. Be creative with that and don’t worry right now with anything else. If you have After Effects, use that and worry about Cinema 4D later. The software will always be available to you when you feel that you need it. Just be scary with what you have RIGHT NOW!

    Keep rockin it folks…

  • Joining this for sure! 😉

  • maybe its a silly question but… Where can i find new briefs for new 5 sec projects?

  • Would love to be a part of this. Please let us know if anything else is required besides this comment to enter into it. 🙂

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