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Hi Everyone! If you have been following GreyscaleGorilla, you may have seen some changes in the last six months or so. GSG has gone from a photo blog, to a fully fledged inspiration, productivity, review and tutorial blog. You may have also noticed that posts can be intermittent or non existent at times. Today’s video is all about setting a schedule for posting to the GSG blog and to committing to a certain number of posts each and every week. I also wanted to narrow down the focus of the site to make it more clear to new and veteran readers. Ok, Here we go.

What will GreyscaleGorilla do for me?
I want to help you how to make cool shit. You have stuff that you want to make and I want to help make it happen. I want this site to be a place where you not only learn the techinical stuff, but more importantly, I want to inspire you to create and give you the tools, tips and techniques to make it happen.

What exactly will the posts be about?

  • Techincal Knoledge – Photoshop, Cinema 4D, After Effects and general workflow skills will be taught though project based and tip based video tutorials. You know the drill by know. Ask me how to do something, and I will show you how I do it. It’s that easy.
  • Inspiration – I will post work, quotes, video, tips and design from other creatives and creators to inspire you to create cool shit. Hey, I can’t do this alone you know πŸ™‚
  • Create Situations for you to Make Cool Shit – I made the Five Second Projects to help give you a reason to make something for your own portfolio. It is also a great place to get feedback on your work. Don’t worry if your not a Motion Designer. I will have a place for all creatives and creators to share their work soon.
  • Personal Tips – I’ve made a million mistakes and I want to share with you everything I have gone though to get to where I am. Of course, I will also share new information as I learn it along the way.

OK, Get to the schedule already… Geez

  • Mondays Five Second Projects – New theme announcements and midpoints
  • Tuesdays Tutorial Tuesdays – At least one quality tutorial. Gotta learn them tools.
  • Wednesdays Written Wednesdays – Written posts about all things creative.
  • Thursdays Q and A – I will answer questions from you in a video or in written form. These could be questions in comments that I read or from emails that I get from you. Keep the questions coming, and I will answer them.
  • Fridays: Fuck It Friday – Let’s be honest, it’s friday you’re are all watching Layer Tennis or drinking beer. But, if there is a post that doesn’t fit into the other days, you will see it here.

What do you think, this site is about learning from you too. I’d love to hear your comments!

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  • Fuck it Fridays, it’s what we all live for!

    It’s great to see a schedule for any blog, Indy Mogul have had one for a while now, which helps keep traffic flowing often, as users remember to check back on a certain day to see their preferred type of content (though I find most all of your content interesting so I’ll be keeping on checking back regularly!)

    Thanks for keeping us informed, Nick, looking forward to a more structured GSG!

  • Hey Nick, I appreciate your commitment to your fans. You’ve produced great content so far and I’m excited to learn more “cool shit” from you.

    • Ah yeah, I knew there was something I missed! Thanks for being so loyal to your readers!

      In terms of a response to your video, I’d love to see more sort of “insider info”, news from within the industry, little stories about what it’s like working at agencies, working under tight schedules and even tighter deadlines, kind of like a gossip column. Something light, informative but entertaining (as always!) maybe ask if you could get anyone to guest write some columns also.

      Maybe have a kind of open mic set up… Ah who knows, I’m waxing lyrical now, but it definately would be something to consider, as I know I’d love to read that stuff!

  • hey man, glad to see you’ve taken the plunge, (of commitment) πŸ˜‰ I for one would LOVE to hear the business/entrepreneurial side of the creative industry. I think too often people thing that being creative means working for an agency. why not start your own agency? I like the idea of like a sister blog for that kind of stuff. either way, i’m super stoked to see new content weekly, keep up the good work.

  • WOW!
    You’re going to be really, really busy!
    I’d love it if this actually will happen =)
    Good work!

  • The schedule works well! Although I didn’t mind checking in to see what might be posted for the day, the new schedule works just as well.

    I think a little business/entrepreneurial topics would definitely help. Making a living off talent requires at least a little business savvy. Maybe it fits every once and a while on Written Wednesdays, Q and A Thursday, or Fuck-It-Friday though.

  • Thanks Nick for taking the time to do all of this; I find myself checking multiple times a day sometimes! Love the mograph stuff.

  • I really like what you are doing and this schedule adds some nice order to the blog πŸ˜€

    A few things I would really like to see more of.

    I love you talking about what you are doing at work, as you work in an amazing company digital kitchen.

    I love the tutorials and it is nice having a mix between different applications such as after effects and photoshop.

    I think the Q and A is the best idea out of the 5 as I can always think of so many questions I would love answered and it is great for me to hear what you have to say as you are someone in the profession I am aspiring to be.

    Keep up the great work *<:-)-|–< (clown)

    P.S : My question for thursday is can you go into more depth about schooling, what you did and the other routes there are to get into the motion graphics industry. e.g. what course did you take or would reccomend ?

  • Sounds great Nick!

    If i were you i would definitely add a button or a link on the homepage to this video you just posted, many people will come back to your site maybe next week and if they dont look through previous posts they wont know whats going on. You could do something shiny like you did with the RSS feed button! πŸ™‚


  • Hey Nick
    Great ideas as always !
    How about a day dedicated to design theory ?
    I would love to see more about design stuff πŸ™‚
    Cheers & keep on the good work

    • I really was quite happy with the new schedule (and excited/inspired/etc.!)… but I have to second this idea about design theory. (all my theory study was not in design)

      or maybe all the angles on it…I don’t know.. but it’s worth light (to medium) discussion.

  • How! That’s an impressive schedule! How do you get any work done?

  • Love it!! Especially “Create Situations for you to Make Cool Shit” – I’m not a motion designer but would love to get involved in some of your zany projects – would love you to get some photo projects going maybe to complement the 5 second projects??

    As always, thanks Nick, you rock.

  • Hi Nick

    I love your blog and i check it everyday through google reader, so i really don’t need a schedule, just need you to maintain the feed. And from the hundreds of blogs i keep following yours is one of the best maintained.

    When i started reading this post, i was thinking that you wanted to establish a schedule for posting more regularly per week, not per day.

    I want to be honest with you, i also have a blog on topics of digital media (in Portuguese), your schedule is really crazy. If you can do it, it’ll mean you’re more than committed to us, the readers, you’re giving all your expertise and above all your free time to us for free.

    I just want to wish you the best and thanks for being so committed and altruist.

    • Thanks Nelson. Yeah, It’s a tough schedule, but the best way for me to stay on track is to “put it in writing” or in this case, “put it in video.” Wish me luck. So far, I think it will work.

  • “You’re gonna see my finger-faces”! Best quote ever! I’m gonna try to work that into conversations daily. I’m loving the content! Thanks for the commitment and I hope you keep it up. You must get more done by noon than I get done all day. Productivity tips are always welcome. If you’ve discovered 32 hour days or something, we wanna know about it.

  • Hi Nick, Sounds bloody amazing.

    Do you think you could explain a bit about the business side of your workflow. Price, a sample contract maybe, the amount of time you spend on certain projects. Did I mention pricing, ive got no idea how much i should be charging

  • I’m totally inspired by your energy and enthusiasm, you seem to achieve more in your spare time than I can with a whole day since I got made redundant. You make me feel guilty for wasting time (in a good way!). Good luck with the schedule, don’t burn yourself out…

  • That’s a pretty full schedule, Nick. Don’t forget to leave time for life–the best source of artistic inspiration, hands-down.

    (I’m just starting up a mograph tutorial blogfoio, too, and I’m trying not to drown myself in working on it to the exclusion of all else.)

    Anyway, looking forward to your future posts.

    • Good point Leah. I will monitor my workload over the next few weeks and alter the schedule as I see fit to find a balance. It’s true, the best ideas are created when you’re away from work. I’ll keep that in mind.

  • Hey Nick! This is my first comment on your site, but i’ve been a constant reader of your blog for some time. I gotta say that what your doing for the design and photography community is fantastic as there is very few sites like this on the web. I have an idea for a tutorial which would be nice to see….

    IDEA: Well, it would be nice for you to video yourself on a photowalk and talk about composition and show how you would go about setting up the camera for various types of shots. Then it would be great to see you get back to your work station and do some colour correction to a photo you took on that walk.

    I think maybe this is something beginners and pro’s alike would like to see. YOU LIKE THE IDEA? I hope so.

    Anyway thanks Nick for everything and keep up the good work, because at the end of the day we are all loving it.



  • Hey nick, i think that scheduling is a great idea, but one of the things that makes this site different, is the lack of it. It’s spontaneity, due to your real life, and your real work, is what makes this place unique, in contrast with “hardcore” tutorial/productivity sites, managed by people who’s only job is writing to keep the traffic alive. I’m not sure if im getting to the point, just remember the quality vs quantity choice, don’t burn out, continue being cool πŸ˜€

    • Good point Eduardo! I gave myself the challenge to post 4 times a week because thats how my brain likes to work. I’m sure the schedule will change over the next few months, but starting with a large post rate inspires me to think more about the site and what videos to make. Make sure you let me know if I’m going overboard. Quality is WAY better than quality for sure.

  • The best of luck! I really like this site!

  • i guess i found your site 3 month ago and now i check it twice a day like my emails or something like this.
    the reason for this is the universalism of your site and every post is very focused and clear.
    i like that much.
    your site helps me a lot

    ps:i’m interested in a post about the difference between what clients want, in the beginning of a project, and want you make for, at the end. i meen, how you discover the space for creativity in remittance work.

    i hope you understands me, my english is shitty shit.

  • Hey Mr. Gorilla,

    What a blessing it’s been that I’ve stumbled across your site. I believe it was a posting on motionographer that led me here. If anything, while I haven’t actually posted anything on the 5 Minute Challenge site, you have got me off my butt and to my sketch book at least. I aim to update my demo reel over the next three months and I think you’re challenges are going to help me do it. You are providing a great service. I like the fact that your site isn’t just about tutorials, but also has the “Make Cool Shit” mantra behind it. Just watching a tutorial isn’t going to push you further. Keep it up.

  • Nick,
    Like the schedule. Having set agendas and timelines is what works for me too to get shit done so I understand what you mean when you say it’ll help keep rolling along knowing what has to get done along the way. As for the list you came up with I think it’ll be great, and to ease your worry I think the only crunch factor on the list you’ll really need to focus and pump out well are the Tuesday Tutorials. Look forward to seeing what emerges. I get the feeling many of the viewers here are C4D & AE users so perhaps remember to cater to the work flo between the 2 rather than just showcasing one or the other individualy. Also to keep with the photoshop techniques it would be cool to see how elements get used from photoshop to merge in with 3D & 2D motion work.

    And finally for the Friday toss up, having a photo background as I’m sure many here do, it would be cool to do something like the 5 sec project. Every Friday, or alternate Friday (perhaps the middle one between 5 sec animations) , it would be cool to get a photo theme posted and people get to post and critique each others photography as well. I’m sure we can all help with the themes each week. People submit and you randomly choose one some how, and voila we get Kick The Bucket animations pouring in and Something Red photos getting posted as well.

    All in all as I’ve mentioned to you before I find everything that you are donating and offering out here to be really fantastic. Thanks again.

    –Oh and I think something good & something bad comments should be house etiquette here while commenting on every piece that people post, and not just something that happened last week. Cheers to Beers!

  • Fantastic,

    More of a thanks for all your fantastic work than a suggestion, I don’t know where you find the time! I am a Junior print based Designer and had been wanting to move over to motion design for a while. I’ve been frequently visiting GSG for a while and I’m making good progress thanks to you, so THANKS!

  • Hello,
    new to your blog, I want to first thank you for the content you are posting. I love the inside track and information into the professional design world. I live in a smaller city so I heavily rely on internet content. From my point of view there are a ton of resources out there that have to do with AE tutorials and how too’. Not has much information on how to take your skill to a professional/business stand point. From marketing yourself to even starting your own business. So I would love to see more of this kind of content, what you have is great, I love it, keep it coming. THANKS!

  • Hi Nick,
    Just want to say thanks for the awesome blog! I’ve been learning some PHP and coming up with ideas from my own film related blog. Your work has been some great inspiration!

    I would love to hear more about your work with web design and business. These things seem to go hand-in-hand with whatever industry you are in. If you want to get noticed and cultivate a community that keeps coming back for more, it’s a must to have these skills. And by teaching others, and providing great resources, you learn more yourself.

    So more web related info would be great, and maybe an explanation the progression of your own site. How did it end up progressing from a photo blog to what it is now? How did you learn all of the PHP and HTML while you were working a full time job? What inspired you to do this? I hope to put together something just as interesting and valuable as your site in the near future. So any guidance would be appreciated.

    Thanks Nick,

  • I like the idea… However.. may i suggest one thing…. Going from one Tutorial tuesday to another would be like hell for me… How about in between, you sprinkle like some 2 min tuts that deal with common problems or quick fixes or stuff like that? Like the Linear keyframe trick was ssoooo useful. Perhaps c4D and AE render techniques, how to work with cameras in AE and C4D. you know simple things like that.

  • wow, this sounds great. I only recently discovered your blog, and just loving it.

    found you through cstools tuts. Really digging these 5 sec challenges. Will get to kicking buckets ASAP. I really need some more motion design work in my reel.

    Thanks a bunch!

  • Definitely do more photography stuff. My suggestion, beyond just updating the photoblog and doing occasional tutorials on photoshop, is that you set up some kind of “5 second project” style challenge/motivator for Photographers. Perhaps on Friday. Give the photographers a real reason to stick around.

    p.s. “Finger Faces” worked. πŸ™‚

  • happy as a clam am I.

    I just learned the design concept of a leading edge, very nice…

  • Hey Nick. So glad you’ve decided to plan out a schedule. I like the whole setup, and now I’ll be able to catch the 5-Second Projects as soon as they are posted instead of the day before the deadline! Hah. Seriously though, keep up the good work, long time fan here.


  • I’d like to hear about starting a small business, website, iphone app, anything like that. Even stuff about being a creative professional maybe working freelance.

    Do people still use printed portfolios? Of course not for mograf. But for photos? Some insight on that would be nice.

    Perhaps mentioning tools and/or gear. to use. Similar to the photo bag video. but maybe featuring a wacom tablet or something along those lines.

    Phots + photoshop would love to learn more about it. Photograph techniques is a plus.

    • also when thinking of an iphone app, what about finding a developer? Also did you have to register a business or something to get paid? Or does apple cut you a check?

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