Best Of FiveSecondProjects “Summer In Space”

July 30, 2009 - By 

Holy moly, there were some great videos for the Summer In Space theme. Here are just a few of my favorites. FiveSecondProjects is taking a week off as we get the new website together. I hope to announce the next project soon. Keep rocking!

Want more? Check out the Vimeo channel to watch all of the entries.

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  • ummm…I think…we’re definitely gonna need more ice!

    awesome haha

  • Really good videos this time! I have one suggestion for the upcoming 5 Sec. Projects in the Brand New Site: we should keep the idea of giving Good Criticism (like we did for the “Something Good, Something Bad” theme) for every project. That will keep us always getting better! What do you all think?

  • the last one is just fantastic i mean all of them had sudden end..but this is one is just so perfect

  • Great news!
    It became more than just 5 seconds of fun, right now it is like a school for all of us :O)
    Thanks again Nick!

  • very nice work on this round

  • looks like my video was excluded for some reason… even though I posted about 5 times…

  • So the next project is going to be announced in a week?

  • hi nick my video is still out too, I posted the link like 4 times.
    great job everyone!

  • i thought i’d have a go at the 5 second projects, i love the idea… cheers gsg

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