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July 6, 2009 - By 

Here is the photo set from my trip to Cedar Point Coaster Con last month. All the shots were taken with my Olympus-XA (it’s kinda like a Lomo.) The film was old Kodak Elite Chrome that was cross processed at Walgreens. For the record, we rode every roller coaster at Cedar Point at least once and rode the front on most. Over 40 coaster rides total. It was a really fun trip. Enjoy!

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  • where’s the shot of you blorching all over yourself after top thrill dragster? thats what would have happened to me haha…

  • these are great, nice job! I love coasters too!

  • Great Photos!!! I love the lomo-style. It would be nice if you make a tutorial about color correction in After Effects to reach that style in videos. Thank for share this pictures with us. Xoxo

  • These are awesome! Goin’ old skool with the cross process cherry on top.

  • Cameradan@aol.com July 6, 2009 at 7:06 pm

    Walgreens processing? Did you just drop off the roll of film and have it processed without telling them it was slide film?

  • My wife has been dieing to get me to go to cedar point. Those photos are helping he cause. Great shots!

  • Cedar Point. Hell Yes. Halloweekends are rolling up!

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