Cinema 4D Dynamics Test 01

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This tutorial is for the dynamics module from version 11 and earlier. The NEW dynamics engine that comes with Mograph 2 is way better. Here is a tutorial for the new engine.

I was really excited about a new piece by Universal Everything that I decided to try out some of cinema 4Ds dynamic systems with multiple objects. I will definitely be playing with this more. Maybe a tutorial when I figure all this out.

Some of you have been asking about the render times and machine specifics. The final output was 720×405 with Low Global Illumination settings. 150 frames took just over 1 hour. Best Antialiasing settings. 8 core 2.8gb Mac with 8gigs of ram… whew!

Original Video By Universal Everything…

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  • yeah, I’ve really taken a liking to dynamics.

    There’s so many little nuances in c4d that make it so much fun to play with..

    Nice candy texture btw.

  • Very cool, this has been something I have been wanting to play with for awhile.

  • Sadly the C4D Dynamics is really lacking compared to other 3D packages. I think it’s what most C4D users have been wanting to be updated for a while now.

  • @Universal Everything… darn they look delicious

  • Sweet, can’t wait to check out a tutorial :)))

  • Your test looks really cool Nick! But I am scarred when it comes to rendertimes concerning dynamics. May I ask how long your render took (on what machine)?

  • Great piece. Goes to show:

    simple idea + excellent execution = awesome.

    Love the colors.

  • A tutorial on this would be more than appreciated 🙂

  • That looks amazing – concerning that (after various tests) I came to the conclusion that Dynamics is a disaster.

  • Hey Nick,
    I am asking myself if you used any compositing techniques for this nice looking test. I am not familiar with cinema 4d but did it come out like this from the renderer or did u render out an ao pass and maybe some different passes?!

    thanks in advance for your answer.

  • I’ve used dynamics like this a couple of times, with objects falling and bouncing. But now I’ve trying to model something that is more than a simple drop motion. Please can someone help me use c4D dynamics to simulate a line of dominoes falling over. I thought it was going to be easy but I’ve just wasted a day and got nowhere.


    • I ran into the exact same issue with dominoes for a 5 second project. There wasn’t enough control over the collisions, and I had issues with them slowly slipping through the floor.

      Consider animating them manually, like I ended up doing and it only took about an hour.

      • Thanks I may end up doing it that way – I’ve trawled the web and after a day I’ve found nothing (unless you are using the SilverBullet plugin, which i’m not)

        My problem with the manual approach though is that I want upwards of 1000-2000 dominoes. thats a lot of manual work if I go that way.

        I’m wondering now if I can either
        a) doe something clever with thinking particles
        b) does something even more clever with one dominoe and then use aftereffects?

        It seemed such a simple job to start off with.


  • I have a question about the lighting used in the MTV spot. I have a good understanding of how to setup studio lights but I am slightly confused about lighting for animation when the camera is moving and objects are moving. How do you get good light in those situations?

    Is it always a combination of Global illumination and lights?


    • Nice test !

      I tryied to do something like this but I just could making a ball falling, I tryied with MoGraph’s cloner object it didn’t work, even when the objects Cloner is convert to polygones.

      As Chris I tryied do do some dominos but they fall accros the floor and they still link to it .

      I didn’t find any french tut’ on it but I keep searching…

      Have a nice day,

  • hi guys,

    the old c4d dynamics are a bit outdated today, bud there is an exellent plugin from…. “silverBullet4D”..

    It´s way easyer to handle than intern dynamics and very powerful…no problem to handle a lot of objects.

    A way to have nice results in (old) c4D dynamics is translating it to PLA animations (via cappucino) and than tweeking the keyframes…


  • Hey Nick,

    love the site. glad your getting a lot of attention and good feedback. It seems you’ve become the Andrew Kramer of Mograph… pretty cool.

    I really enjoyed your “how to be creative and get paid” and I’ve shared it with a lot of people…

    I understand how to promote yourself and how to develop yourself, but how do you move from doing the freelance craigslist jobs to the creamy jobs?

    I live in Philly and the two places I would like to work at the Dive and Blue Design… but I can’t seem to get either company to even return an email… I’d like to hear your thoughts on moving and not just getting recognized, but moving from seeking out work, to creamy companies seeking you out…

    Great work though man, you’re a great asset on the mograph community… my three favorite sites are, motionographer, and greyscalegorilla… congrats.


  • Hey there. Love the site. I thought you might be interested to know that Universal Everything actually commissioned Zeitguised to do that MTV candy spot. They, particularly Henrik Mauler, are awesome.

    for example:

    keep up the good work.

  • anyone know how to add a background object with a gradient to a scene like nick’s done here? i’ve been trying all morning without any joy…ta

  • how long does something like this take to render in HD?

  • Heey man could you go on to this subject.
    I like it maybe we can go even more creative and do some competitions or something!

    Also is there a way i can subscribe on news and updates?

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