Five Second Project “Kick The Bucket” Winner Announced

July 6, 2009 - By 

Congrats to the winner of the “Kick The Bucket” five second project, Chris Culp. He really new how to sway the judges with this awesome Rube Goldberg contraption make with Cinema 4D, After Effects and Sketch and Toon. He wins a copy of Making It Look Great 6 from Motionworks and Tim Clapham.

Honorable Mentions…

The New Five Second Project
Don’t forget about the current Five Second Project, “Old Video Games.” Submit your animation here.

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  • The winning animation was great. Concept, execution and music all came together perfectly. Nice job.

  • Bah It’s all a scam, the winning animation is 6 seconds long =P

    haha just kidding. Yeah the animation is great! even the music.

    I also like the 2nd honorable mention, love the shifty eyes. =)

  • Congratulations! 🙂

  • No way! Thanks Nick and everyone else for the kind words.
    The best part about this is that it really was a great learning process for me in C4D. There were some of frustrating moments, so I’m super excited to go through the MLG series.

    Mjmurdock had my vote for the best animation, great style! Cheers

  • Gratz to the winner – well deserved 🙂

  • The winner was justly deserved. Great work. I wish I had that skill.

  • The winner did an amazing job. Would be great on an invention show or something like that.

  • Congratulations to the winner and the honorable mentions!!

    I have been very busy and haven´t participated in the last 5seconds projects, and I really like participating… so for the new one (the video game project) I hope I can make one on time!… it´s time to make some cool shit !! (As Nick encourages us to do, hehe)

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