Five Second Projects – “Modern Monkey” Midpoint

August 31, 2009 - By 

  • Cool shit, Good to see some KRS 1 slip into the 5 sec projects

  • My reason is “chillaxin”….just kind of enjoying doing nothing or going out with some friends…

    I might do something last minute though…”Danger is my middle name….”

  • I like the photo project! I’m working on mine right now, I just have to decide on what photo I want to use for my entry.

    This is what I’ve got so far: I’ve asked around and people are leaning more toward “Goodnight 7” but I’m going to wait a bit longer and see what other people like. I would love to hear all of your comments!

  • My beef with flickr is that I really don’t feel like signing up for a yahoo account. I doubt they will change the process for making an account though.

    • Good point. I guess I just assumed that everybody with a camera has a Flickr account already.

      • Everyone with a camera should have a flickr account. Its easy, well put together, and functional.

        • haven’t you been to

          much better!

          my fav /except of the bulgarian photo sites as and the russian /

        • deviantart has a weird community, kinda has an ‘unprofessional’ stigma among most people I know. It’s a great place to have a look around and get inspiration, there’s definitely talent on there (and tons of good free textures etc.) but I wouldn’t move the contest from flickr to devArt

        • I am not really a fan of signing up for stuff if you do not have to, but flickr should be a no-brainer for photos. I have a deviant art account too, but it clunky layout, subscriptions, and all around functionality are just annoying to deal with most of the time whereas flickr is clean and straight forward.

          Deviant Art also deals with a lot more than just photographs, so it is easy for uploads to get lost…

  • Don’t rush me! 😛
    This is actually the first time I’m glad we have lots of time (damn school!) before I was kinda hoping there’d be one everyweek.

    Really diggin the style of the last one.

  • No offense but I think your “recapping” is getting worse.

  • All submissions there.

    Just recently been frequenting this site, some really cool entries here.

    I have been interested in this 5 second project stuff and was wondering whether submissions were restricted to just Cinema 4D, photoshop and after effects. Would Flash be cool?

  • Actually i’m still waiting for my Old R09 developer. i managed to find some boxes for 5$ each and still waiting for them.
    althou i managed to take some really good photos of my girlfriend /who a week ago made herself a t-shirt saying Nick Campbell Rocks…. and making podcasts /as she is Editor and Compositing..//

    an idea. how about making some of the Q&A in a different hour. here’s 4am when you go online. so we are really ASLEEP /i mean whole europe/

  • Just curious, is graphic design stuff acceptable in the flickr group? I think it would open more people up to it.

    • Nick, I think you should have the 10 most asked question (faq) about you on your site (maybe under your sidebars). I’ve been watching your Livecasts. There are some questions that gets asked over and over.

  • Nick, I think the photo theme this week is pretty cool. Don’t worry about it and don’t change it please. Still thinking about my idea how to make the picture. Because there is only one photo entry per theme… gotta think good about it 🙂

  • I would not change anything for photos, I think you will get enough submissions by the end. I have plenty of ideas, just need the time to get them shot.

    As far as Matt’s comment, I think it should stay photos only. I think more goes into a photograph by itself, than if you know you are going to be adding graphic design elements to it. (I am not against graphic design at all, I just like that this is a photograph only contest).

  • Modern Monkey 5 sec project

    First-timer =>, love me some greyscalegorilla

  • Just keep with it, Nick. I think it will take off eventually. I finally have an idea, thanks to brainstorming with a friend. I should get a chance to shoot it this weekend and post it before the deadline.

    Maybe the photos are slower, because people have to actually leave the computer to shoot cool shit… What if you did a cast on how to go about finding things to shoot, or directing people into poses, or maybe have a photo scavenger hunt. I don’t know, that’s a lot of ors…

    Going to miss the live cast this week. So sad 🙁

  • Here my first 5 second project eva!!!

  • Hi there, this is my first attempt at a 5 second project. It was fun.

  • I seriously cannot get enough of the top video. I love it!!!

  • Are you supposed to post here or in the old one?
    Oh well:

    A cool teenage monkey is listening to some “modern” music and gets embaressed when someone finds out.

  • First 5 sec project… looking forward to doing the next one. This project was made in c4d with the hair plugin and motion capture. If I had more time I think I would of composited it in a jungle setting, with jungle dance lights…. might do it anyway. Lasers reference the lovely ‘birds’ music vid from pleix.

  • I like all of this videos, it’s hard to judge!very nice work:)

  • Here’s my 5-seconds of Modern Monkey.
    lots of fun!
    Keep up the great work.

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