GSG Live Q&A Tonight Aug 27th 9PM Central

August 27, 2009 - By 

Come join me tonight at GSG Live for another question and answer session. If you have a question about design, school, motion design, 3D, or whatever, I will do my best to answer it. There will be a very special announcement as well. 🙂 See you tonight!

If you missed last week’s video, check it out below…

  • I would tottally be there other than the fact is my 25th BDAY. Therefore I must party.

  • I’ll stick it on in work again tomorrow, break up the constant reggae/ska/punk/country/hiphop/hardcore/soul/drum&bass/other music haha

  • this live thing is great! i read that and actually got a little excited it like finding out all of the sudden there is a good movie coming on tonight and you know u just get to sit back relax n enjoy the show! : ) good job Mr. Gorilla

  • but hey how can i participate and ask a question?

  • That live thing seemed to me distant and never got that q&a stuff but i got to watch this one and it’s actually pretty cool so I even watched the first one. I just put you in the background (radio like, nothing really to watch, not trying to make fun of your looks or somth’, just no real visual action) and listen to you answering questions while exploring the web.

    Anyways beyond all this bs, there’s a point, this stuff is REALLY informative,
    and you’re getting better each q&a.

    [make some tuts too 😉 ]

  • For anyone that has not dropped in on a GSG LIVE EVENT. It’s a must do on your to do list! Another awesome cast, Nick! Thanks again.


  • awesome cast. the length is great. i listen to your cast as i do my stuff so the audio is okie dokie.

    as for the amounts of questions, don’t take on too much since i like the randomness you inject into the cast while you wait for the questions to roll. [grin] random; i love beer.

  • some tutorials about thinking particles in cinema 4d would be great. best wishes from germany and thanks for all your work.

  • uuuuu.. great.. but a bit late for us in Italy:(… i’ll try to follow you next week!

  • Thanks for doing the Live Q&A last night – hopefully you are not too hungover for work! 😉

  • And keep em coming, I check GSG more than I check my Twitter (I think)

  • Congrats on the news about taking some time off to make cool shit and help everyone out, it’s cool that DK are supportive.

  • Could you give me one or two title’books on typography techniques ? Cheers !

  • Oh crap! What’s the special announement? I totally missed it!

  • Hi from Slovenia, hope I can wake up at 5am (a bit of a sleeper) to participate in the next GSGlive. Thank you for all your effort we appreciate it. Can’t wait for the DK project tour.

  • This is great to listen to whilst working. I’m in the UK and am still at the point where I end up doing a lot of all nighters through work, I hope I can participate at some some point through my caffeine fueled sleep deprivation… One thing, it’s definitely not a complaint, but that top you were wearing for this made me think you were wearing a sling, like you had a broken arm or something. Good screencast though, most entertaining. I agree on the benefits of audiobooks aswell, I just got Hitler’s Mein kampf, I’ll let you know how that goes.

    Keep it up buddy!

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