GSG Live Tonight Aug 20th 8PM Central

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Come join me tonight at GSG Live for another question and answer session. If you have a question about design, school, motion design, 3D, or whatever, I will do my best to answer it. See you tonight!

If you missed last week’s video, check it out below…

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  • Yay, Ustream Thursday!!! 🙂

  • is that 8pm EST? Mountain? Newfoundland?

  • Hi Nick, I wont be online at that time ( in the UK so I will ask my question now and hope it gets answered.

    Q : How important are grades when applying for schooling in motion graphics ? Is your reel and previous work more important ?

    And also when applying for a job do grades matter as much as your up to date work ?


    • Grades don’t matter unless you’re going to be teaching.

    • Yeah, unless it’s different in the UK somehow, no one will even give a crap about your degree. They MIGHT ask what field it’s in, but it’s not like they’re going to ask to see it with a transcript. Focus on your reel. I’d hire someone out of high school (if they’re mature) if their reel was kick-ass or showed some promise.

  • Can you PLEASE give the link to nice shit you are referencing in GSG live Aug 20.

    Thanks for everything and keep up the fucking nice work.. \m/

  • Hi Nick, another UK viewer and I’m in work at 9 in the morning so staying up to watch live streams at 2am isn’t that sensible (until hockey season starts anyway!)

    So a big question for me that I think a lot of people would be interested in is… what method do you recommend for ‘shadow catching’ moving from C4D to AE with tracked footage. I’ manged to ham-fistedly get something running last night using a visible plane in my render, a shadow pass and object buffers which doesn’t seem ideal. The shadowcatcher plugin seems horrendous and turns a 5 second per frame render into minutes per frame for some reason. I’m also thinking 2 renders, one for the beauty pass with now shadow catching plane, and then one with no objects and only the shadow pass allowing more flexibilty without cluttering with object buffers/track mattes.

    What do you recommend? Future workflow tutorial?

    C4D r12… give us a ‘not seen by camera but catch shadows’ button in the compositing tag (I’m still on r10, I’m assuming r11 doesn’t have this!)

    Cheers, have a good one. Matt

  • Nick ! Thanks for doing this, but would it be possible to do the Live session earlier next time because it’s very late for europeans !

    Cheers !

  • So many European viewers (I’m from Ohio). I love it. Great cast tonight, Nick. Take it easy till next time.

  • Missed it tonight, but I just watched it. I’m definitely interested in seeing DK and see if my experiences in Tampa are even remotely similar.

    I’m glad someone mentioned a moderator. That’s what I was trying to get at when I mentioned something like logging the questions.

  • I missed the casting tonight but I thought it was really cool. I noticed a lot of references to DK. So it got me thinking about a few of my own. What did you do before you got the position at DK and was it a though process getting the job? And not to get to personal, but at the higher-end more recognizable agencies, I was wondering, are the salaries more negotiable or are they generally the industry standards based on where you are located?

  • Just listened to stream from last night at work, good stuff. It would be awesome if next time it was just a tiny bit earlier like an hour to 7pm CST. Staying up til 2GMT on a work night is fairly normal, staying up til 3 is pushing it. Give us european mographers some love!

  • Hey Nick,

    my name was Daniel and yeah you were right, I am from Germany =)! I am still checking your Blog everyday. I am working my butt off to get a awesome Reel for the application. What do you think is best: Should I go to College next year at the Art Institute in Chicago or should I do an Internship first?


  • Oh, I missed it again! I’ve now hooked up a Chicago-clock on my dashboard so I’ll be on for the next stream =D

    These are some really nice shows you are putting up. Thanks, man!

  • Hey Gorilla, or anyone that might know…What do you use for your blog/site? Are you running a CMS, WordPress?

  • With all the talk about schools and learning design, it reminded me I bookmarked this a while back. This is a great resource and link, and everyone should go through it again!

  • hm can someone link the reels which are reviewed? i really would like to see them…

  • Yeah man, we interested in the Photoshop DVD when’s it out!!??

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