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August 3, 2009 - By 

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Topics Covered in the Video:

I wanted to show you guys the new office and catch you up on what is going on at GSG. The new office is great. There is some work to be done, but I will be fully moved in in about a week.

New Five Second Projects: Coming Today… Stay tuned.

First GSG Mail Newsletter came out. Thanks for all your responses! Don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t already. If you missed the first one, check it out here.

Q&A live chat coming soon.

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  • Is there an online version of the newsletter? I signed up on Friday but I didn’t reply to the initial email in time.

  • Can’t wait for the Q & A! 🙂

  • Hey nick!… glad to see you around here again…waiting for the new 5sec. project ;D

  • I noticed you wanted to do a live q & a chat. I would recommend LIVESTREAM. My friend uses it to communicate to others, while he does his videos to show his workflow. It very good. Hardly any lag. And you can use it as on demand later. Where people can watch it later (FREE). It’d be cool if you did some tutorials like that live too. You should check it out. I find it that anyone can log, no registration required. Which is a super plus.

    here’s the link
    here’s my friend’s

    You can see the layout.

  • two movings equal to one fire :O)
    Good luck on your new place :O)

    And for sure we r all waiting for new 5 sec :O)

  • Hey Nick,
    You’re finally back!

    Glad to see you!

  • congrats on the new office can’t wait to see it “hooked up”

  • Cool, nice new office – having your own office is great as are windows.

    I worked somewhere with no windows for two years.. gets depressing man..

    Looking forwards to the new content.

  • Nick, it is really cool you are extending your projects to the photographers. The concept is awesome. Any chance you can team up with your buddy josh who is developing your site and figure out a way to extend the “make cool shit” theme to web designers/developers? Keep up the awesome work!


  • have to admit, i am pretty excited about the 5 second photo projects.

  • all the videos are down, good old vimeo

  • will you still do tutorial each tuesday?

  • i just love you!

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