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I wanted to share with you a project that I just finished up for the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid. Digital Kitchen and IDEO wanted to build a presentation for the bid that would showcase the future of how technology can help connect people to the Olympics. The animation was made using After Effects and the style was inspired by Photosynth. We wanted to use this style to present the information in the presentation by taking photos of the brainstorming room and building a “fake” Photosynth environment in AE. I then Animated the camera to fly around to each slide in the presentation.

When preformed live, the presentation was make into an Interactive Quicktime using Apple Keynote so that the transitions would happen on the speaker’s command. It was a really fun and simple project to be a part of.

Working with IDEO was fantastic as well. They were very collaborative, helpful, and extremely smart though the whole process. I love these types of projects. Short, sweet and effective… I hope. Good luck on the bid, Chicago!

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  • very cool. love the handwritten elements.

  • Really nice project Nick, I like the transitions on all the “floating photos”. Is there a program like “keynote” for Windows? I would like to make an interactive quicktime to play through several videos.

  • OMG this is so great ! I’m french so i didn’t understand everything but that was great !
    Could you make a tutorial for this transitions ????? That’d be AWESOME !

  • Loved what what said, but man… for such motivational dialogue, could the guy sound any more depressing, please dub over this with your voice 😉 just kidding… about the dubbing, not the voice. 🙂

  • Really Great job Nick, very great cam transitions! i don’t have idea of the numbers of the network society in so much web services!

  • Mikkel Sondergaard September 14, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    Hi. first of all GREAT tutorials and inspirationvidoes you post. Really enjoy watching them.

    Secondly: You talked about doing a video about the making of the intro to the Conan O´brien Show. I´ve been wating for it some time now:) Could you do it? Finally: Great stuff youre showing in C4D. Thanks!

  • Did you work on fox’s animation domination? it had the same graphics as the conan opening

  • very cool. how many images/layers did you have total in that final photosynth shot?

  • I love the style, it’s fluid and there is not too much dynamic movements (it could disturb the audience).

    Graphics are simple and relevants.
    Easy to understand for strangers, and the concept : using all the new information bases is very interresting.

    I didn’t know we could make a quicktime movie interactive with keynote, but I’m sure I will try soon ; )
    Now I better understand the power of the “perfect Camera transition” tut ; )

    Thanks Gorilla ! great job !

  • Nice work!!.
    I think a good tutorial it would be the process of a motion graphics animation. I mean, the steps that are involved to create a motion graphic.
    Story board, the best decision to make on a given situation, …

  • I think my biggest challenge with this type of work is blocking animation to the narration and what process is used. Do you do this all within after effects? Do you block your moves in final cut and bring in a sequence that has markers? I’m just curious as it seems that after effects tools for audio leave something to be desired and having to render to preview or hold down a key to hear audio becomes a pain sometimes. Thanks for all the insights you provide.

  • I think the concept (i am not judging the AE presentation) but rather the overall concept of the presentation.. I am not sure that suggestion on how to use the social media tools, and technologies is very practical. the presentation advocates “lets be all friendly, let’s all talk about it, talk with the athletes, with the media” etc, it does not say anything about the spirit of the olympics, what it’s , the competition itself and how the tools can indeed help other areas that are predominant in the competitions..

    how does today technology integrate with the olympic spirit, for those that do have a culture of olympics, that do value olympics as a cultural and national pride..

    anyways i am not gong to bother to really build the argument.. for them, but this is a lazy presentation. and is pretty much taking the product description of each tool, and appropriating it to the olympics, very very very very very poorly build ARGUMENT, i hope they will not present this ..

    PS: THE AE presentation is nice

  • Hey Gorilla

    Probably a bit late, commenting on this post so long after it was published, however, it’s something that grabbed me and inspired me.
    Without revealing any agency secrets, I’m trying to create a very similiar effect in AE, am I on the correct path with casting image shadows on plains?

    Would love to hear your comments on this matter!

    Thanks in advance!
    Eugene Opperman
    South Africa

    • The best way to describe this technique is this.

      Stand in the middle of the room you want to capture. Rotate around and take a bunch of photos. Take those photos into AE and roughly place them in the correct order. Then, animate the camera around.

      Hope that helps.

      • Thanks for the prompt response – it gives me a great platform to start working off. Hopefully I’ll reply with a small vid of the result soon.

        Thanks for an awesome site, being new in C4D, I use your tuts more than any other, enjoy the style and methods!

        Keep it real!

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