5SP “Circles and Spheres” Midpoint

September 29, 2009 - By 

Here are just a few of the great entries in the “Circles and Spheres” Five Second Project so far. Don’t forget to submit your own five second project here.

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  • Holy crap those are all so good. I really like the first and second one. The first one sort of reminds me of the old Playstation splash start-up.

  • So great and beautifull i want to do that!!
    Some day!!!!!

    Impresive work!!!

    congrats to all!

  • Wow! These are incredible! Some of the best 5 second project entries i’ve seen so far. Has there been any good entries in the Photography category?

  • I would love to hear some of the designers talk about their process and inspiration.

  • DUDE!! That first one has some epic lighting and glows – so cool. The rest really nice too. How do make those semi circles “sweep on” like they do in the 4th one?

  • 1. Those are all really good.
    2. I really need a better computer to render this 3D stuff.

  • Where do you guys get your audio/soundfx for these clips?

  • Is this the 5 second project or the 12 second project or the 8 second project? seems unfair for those who stick to the 5 to be compared to those who haven’t figured out how to make a 150 frame comp in after effects. imho.

  • Is it just me or the 5 second projects quality is getting way better with each one? It´s getting intimidating hehe

  • that is some hawt cg action

  • The first one is simply awsome. I would love to know the designers did those lovely shape that circules around the sphere 😉

    • I agree. First one is my fav the result is pretty flashy and spectacular. Bravo! Aaand it would be extremely kind of the author to show us the way he did it.

      • I’ve added the C4D scene if you look in Vimeo.
        It´s very simple.
        The rest is done in After Effects – the project file I haven’t shared: The ingredients are mainly 32bit colour depth, Trapcode Particular 2, a knoll lighfactory lensflare which position is linked to a spotlight in the back via the compTo expression, two copies of a fractal noise layer three copies of the sphere rendered out from C4d treated with glow and paintbuckets and fastblur to fade in with the background.
        Hope that gives some clues!

  • Epic stuff here. Really feeling these beauties…

  • classic cinema 4D thing.. just spheres 🙂
    it’s like the teapot for 3dsmax users!

  • Great information. Lucky me I recently found your website by accident (stumbleupon). I have book-marked it for later!

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