GSG Live Today at 2PM Central

September 24, 2009 - By 

Come stop by the GSG Live page at 2PM Central today for a Q&A session. Bring your questions and say hi.

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  • Hey Nick,

    Just to add one: is a pretty easy and amazing tool to build a good looking website!

  • Hi I am in the UK at the moment would love to be there with you, however I will be there in spirit


  • Nooo, I missed it. 🙁 Michiel, did you guys talk about how to build your own website and stuff like that? Damn…

  • Nick, How did you make your CreamyOrange portfolio website? Did you create it using Dreamweaver, or using an application like indexhibit, etc?

  • I always miss these! But it’s great to throw on the recordings in the background while I work.

  • man u know what would be awesome if there was a set date and time for the GSG cast so i could participate….if there is one already could someone let me know when the next time this will take place so i can be there

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