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September 3, 2009 - By 


I was honored to be asked by Maxon to do some tutorials for new new version of Cinema 4D. Check out my quick tutorial on how to set up a scene in Cinema4D to be exported to After Effects. More 11.5 tutorials to come very soon.

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  • sweet. thanks for this!!

  • Wow. Nice Nick. A job from Maxon 🙂 Those tutorials will be available for free on Maxon site??

  • Gz Nick! U really deserve this =D Your tuts are great!

  • wow i gotta learn cinema 4d

  • gorilla bustin outta his cage like king kong, you’re everywhere man! keep it up man!

  • Congrats. Can’t wait to see what’s coming.

  • Well done Mr Gorilla 🙂

  • i just love you!!!!!
    can you send me a kiss in the nex tutorial?

  • Congra, man. you deserve it.

    say, what about the last live cast in that party? when will it be uped? thanks 🙂

  • Global Domination beckons Nick, Useful tips, can’t seem to find part1 on there though.
    Would love to see a full tutorial, showing an example of integrating a simple lit and textured C4D object into an AE comp with camera etc. Cheers to you, and keep on keeping on!

  • Congratulation on your excellent work…

    Just a question for you:
    How would you rig a camera and a plane in C4D for exporting as camera and solid in AEFX, and getting the default position of 3d layers and camera of AEFX. I mean when the the relevant solid “perfectly” fit the screen in AEFX.

    This is a problem as that you dealed in the After Effects Tutorial – Pixel-Perfect Camera Move Transitions.

    A Pythagorean costrain?


    • Let’s say i would do the same job as in the After Effects Tutorial – Pixel-Perfect Camera Move Transitions: a 3d transition between two 2d solids. But instead of using AEFX i want to import a camera and a reference null from a *.aec file exported from C4D…


  • Hello!!

    I was just over watching this tutorial and trying to follow along but when it comes to the external compositing tag, there’s no option for me to save out a solid. It’s just a basic tag with a name window and that’s it! I’m using R11. Do I need to do something else? Is the option always there for you to save out a solid?



    • I am having the same trouble with my C4D!
      When I add the external compositing tag, there is no option or check box to export a solid.
      In fact the only Attribute category available is “Basic”. “Tag” doesnt even show up when I click on the external compositing tag.

    • Oooooh, is this feature only available in 11.5?
      I am on v11 still. 🙁

  • Well, I’m late, but still congrats. The link in the post is dead it seem. Keep it up, primate #1!

  • the link does not go… broken!

  • Hi m8 – could you please fix that link… it seems to be dead 🙁

    thanks in advance!

  • Page not found, too bad I can’t see the tutorial

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