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One of the most popular requests I get on the GSG Live Cast and in email is “Can you critique my reel?” or “Do you like my new site?” I love doing them and people seem to get a lot out of it, but it just doesn’t work too well in a live format. So, instead, how about we try this…?

Post a link in the comments below to your site or reel. I will pick a few per week and do a full video critique of the site and reel. Keep in mind, these critiques will be public and I will be ruthless. However it’s all in the name of getting better. I really think this will be helpful for the people who submit their reel AND others that can watch and learn by what they are doing wrong or well.

So, if you dare, drop your website or reel in the comments and you may be chosen for a hardcore reel critique.

UPDATE: Holy crap, I didn’t expect this many people to volunteer to be publicly critiqued. That’s awesome! I will probably only pick 3 or 4 for the first set, but be sure that I will revisit this list when I do more critiques. Keep em coming.

    • I like it a lot …
      the movement of the camera and your graphical elements is really worked out well.
      I see a unique style and i like it.
      I see that on the one side you doing motiongraphics and on the other side the film department. This two things are not going that well together in your reel. That´s the only point …
      Nice Job!
      here my reel

  • Hey Nick, dropping this off. williamwallace.tv/work/demoReel/

  • I’d appreciate it if you could give my reel a look. It’s set to be downloadable on vimeo. Thanks, love the site.

  • Plenty of submissions, heres one more, love and appreciate the site!
    Always open to serious critiquing
    vimeo: http://vimeo.com/6445292

  • WTF?? fix it if you can…Sorry man 🙁

  • holy cow o_O lotta showreels in here

    lets give it a try

    here’s mine 🙂

  • ZEEK - Javier Honoré October 29, 2009 at 10:22 am

    so we don’t have to go to see a psychologist before we go crazy!

    MY REEL ! 🙂

  • I know its almost been two years, but I’d love to hear what you have to say before I cut my new demo reel.


    P.S. I’m a huge fan by the way

  • my very first reel. Already know some things that can be improved but some more critiques before I start editing a new one are very welcome!


  • Nick,
    If possible, I’d like my reel to be critqued. After watching the first couple of reel critiques, I’ve noticed some common general questions that keep coming up so, here is a background breakdown of my reel to take some guess-work out of your job:

    Reel: joelhebert.com

    My Job: In-house Art Director for a company web-based network of OTC skin care product brands. I handle all the video production for the company. The majority of the work are various scenes from webmercials over the past year.

    My Role: Did everything on the reel but sing the song in the background. Also, some of the ugly labels on the products, I had nothing to do with. Other than that, I wrote the scripts, designed, modeled, animated, etc.

    Workflow: Adobe Production Suite, Strata 3D (65% of the 3D), Cinema 4D (35%, just bought broadcast edition two months ago, can’t put it down now!), Zbrush, Mudbox, Bodypaint 3D

    Output/Rendering: Various rendering setting, screen size was all 640×360. Some of the clips were compressed to-death which is why there is a little anti-aliasing, pixelating, and banding going on.

    Song: Ace Boone “shy people”, myspace.com/aceboone

    Keep up the good tutorials man! Your teaching style is very easy-to-understand

  • is a little bit of my work

  • Hi Nick !
    I’ve just updated my reel 🙂

    Hope you’ll select it for the next session :


  • Hi nick, here is my 2009 mograph reel.
    Pls let me know what u think and how I could improve it.



  • Hey there! I know I’m probably kinda late to the party, but I’d appreciate a critique from anyone willing to give it.


    Thanks in advance!

  • Check out my reel, and let me know what you think…


  • I was wondering if you were going to do another episode of reel critiques? I enjoyed the other 4 episodes you did.

    I just completed a new reel for 2010 and would love to hear a critique and some feedback.


  • http://vimeo.com/8055593
    i’m not a motion grapher so i don’t know if my reel can be interesting on GSG.
    anyways, big up guys!

  • Can’t wait to hear what you say about mine!


  • I’m in, ready for the feedback!


  • I would love some honest feedback. Its hard to keep my reel updated all the time, but I try. If you hate it tell me. If you love it tell me. I want to know what people think. Thanks!

  • Here is my graduating reel!! Its been a long road and ive been fortunate enough to spend a lot of that road working in the field. Was curious since i knew you were a somewhat regular at the Ai in Chicago, how my reel stacks up. Im graduating from the Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale.


  • http://www.vimeo.com/8175217

    Rip it up. Build it up. Just give me some honest feedback.

  • You probably won’t get to mine in a while but whatever


  • Very late in the game but I’m finally happy enough with this.


  • Álvaro Rodríguez January 4, 2010 at 6:35 am

    Hi, i’ve updated my reel for the new year, hope this one gets featured:


  • Hi Nick,

    here is my new reel for 2010 fresh out of the render queue.


    I’d be glad if you had time to take a close look at it…c’mon rip it apart already 🙂

    Cheers Guido

  • Hey Nick!

    Would like to toss my name/reel into the ring if these are still a-happenin.

    Reel: http://vimeo.com/8402772

  • Hi Nick!
    check my reel an tell me what you think!

    here is my site


  • Hey GSG, would love to have my reel broken down and critiqued by your good self. heres the link…


    and im also on vimeo



  • I see there are a ton of requests, but if you’ve got the time I’d love to hear your thoughts about my reel.

    Here’s my site: http://www.scottballes.com

    Here’s my reel on Vimeo: http://www.vimeo.com/9644307


  • Would love some professional feedback on my reel. Thanks; love the site!





  • Yo Gorilla!!!

    I dare you to tell me somthing i don’t know abaout my reel



    GSG Chingon Cabron !!

  • Here is my 2010 Reel, would love some feedback on my work Thanks!


  • Early 2010 cut of my Demo Reel: http://www.da-am.com.
    Any comments, suggestions? Looking for a Motion job in Chicago.

  • Great site. Would like to hear feedback on my reel before I update it if you have the time. Thanks.

  • My reel http://www.vimeo.com/6110046
    Please be rude, in the name of improving

  • Hi there is still space on your busy schedule for reels critiques, if so here is mine: http://www.vimeo.com/10486219

  • Not sure if you’re still doing this. If you are, here’s my reel:

  • Rip me to Shreds! Don’t hold back just hit me with the negative/positive feed back.


  • Hey nick please take a look at my reel: http://www.dbarros.tv/site/detalhe_motion.php?id=8 critiques are welcome.

  • Just recently finished my summer of 2010 Reel, enjoy!



  • Sebastian Schneider November 9, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    Hey Nick, hope you’ll find some time for another episode. Maybe you can have a look at my reel. Thx

  • hey nick,

    please check out my reel: http://vimeo.com/16393720
    hoping for another episode soon!


  • Hi from Paris Nick,
    here is my 2010 reel:
    all comments are welcome!

  • Hi Nick! Would love a critique of my new 2012 reel. Not sure if you’re still doing these, but if you are your feedback would be most appreciated!


  • Four years too late? I hope not…


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