Mograph 2.0 Physics Test Renders with Cinema 4D 11.5

September 1, 2009 - By 

I’m really pumped to show you guys some tests I have done with Cinema 4D 11.5 and Mograph 2.0. The new physics engine is AWESOME and it’s so easy to set up. The new features totally address everything I didn’t like with the old Physics module. Expect some tutorials really soon. In the mean time, check out particle craziness.

Candy Bowl

Forty Thousand Cubes!

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  • Nice! How does it compare to maya’s? 🙂

  • Looks pretty awesome, Nick. It sounds like a quality update.

  • I think I speak for many when I say this: want.

  • sweeeeeeet.

  • Loving it Nick. Any decent support yet for liquids?

  • That forty thousand cube test is amazing. Can’t wait for the tutorial on this stuff. New mograph looks really impressive.

  • Quick question. How much is the upgrade from 11.0? Also. Do you know if the ae extesion is still with the core pkg. Or did they file that under the brodcast bundle now?

  • Loving the cubes! Looks awesome!

  • WHOA – this is great stuff!

    Is the collision detection just “in there” or do you have to tell it to C4D?

  • 40 thousand cubes…thats incredible. I look forward to the tutorials man!

  • that’s Great nick AWESOME examples.. love it ,, can’t wait to see your coming tutorial
    did u see Cinema 4D Broadcast Edition ??

  • hello nick again .. i saw your tutorial in maxon website i’m surprised u r there too :D!

    keep going dude ,and thanks for all things u do

  • damn still on 10.5… [nice work nick]

  • do you know where can i get hdri free?

  • I am loving those 40000 cubes…totally fun.

    I look forward to the tutorials!

  • It’s like friggin christmas on september 1st. Is it me or is this stuff more of an upgrade from 11 – 11.5 than from 10 – 11? Seems way bigger than a .5 update. The picture viewer looks sick… animation RAM previews, layers, on the fly colour correction, history. Mograph 2 looks amazing and the polyFX thing intrigues me aswell

  • This is very exciting! You should run a physics competition

  • is this all shelf tool stuff like maya’s Ncloth and houdini’s RBD physics engines? 4d has come a long way since i used it back in 01.

  • Great stuff NIick , almost achieved that MTV ad. What were your render time for both of this? Can’t wait for the tutorial. You are already linked from Motionographer.

  • You realy went to town with these… 😀
    How long did it take to render?

  • I guess Maxon got tired from all complaints about dynamics and said… “You want dynamics!? Here have some dynamics!”, and made a frikin’ awesome dynamics engine 😀

  • ooo… awesome eye candy. ^_^ [shall wait patiently for the tuts]

  • Yes!!! Who can tell something about the renderengine in Mograph2 – Is it fast?

  • Brilliant stuff, amazing possibilities.
    Just started doodling with the demo.
    Such a stable toolset with the new MoDynamics


  • Mr Gorilla!

    Try making a pool table and the ball being hit… then it hitting other balls to pocket one etc… Food for thought!!

  • Would really love to hear something about the rendertime.

  • That’s awesome I’ve spend couple hours watching their beautyfull demos… !!!!
    I’ll have to work a lot to buy this version of c4d.
    don’t matter
    So simple it seems to be … I need it !

  • Just about peed myself with the cubes. Awesome.

  • How about a quick tut on that?

  • hey you should make a tuts of How convert a object to other object!!! you are a master!!
    greyscalegorilla is very professional!!!!

  • When watching this does anyone else think of the sound legos make when you spill them all over the table?

  • That is an insane test…. wooooww… i m surely switching to Cinema 4D !!! Woohoo !!! can we expect a tutorial for “40,000 Cubes” ?

    Thanks a lot Nick… You are a big big inspiration for me. 😀

  • Wow, thats brilliant, Be fun to slow it down, and throw in some more camera angles! looks so pro!

  • Hi Nick,

    very nice work. Thumbs up! 😉
    I watched the “40,000 Cube Test” endless times.
    Would you tell me, how you did the smooth, clean background for the scene?

    Do ever your best.

  • Mr. Gorilla 🙂
    In Forty Thousand Cubes, u use GI??
    and how long u render this animation?:)


  • Is there a tutorial of the ‘Forty Thousand Cubes’ animation, I really like it!

  • Time to render on my machine = it will be done till christmas.. 2012 😉

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