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Just finished watching a great interview from Aharon Rabinowitz on AETutsPlus. He offered up three pieces of advice that he gives to people wanting to get into the business. In fact, I think though that these tips work with ANY career. Great stuff.

Three Tips From Aharon Rabinowitz

  1. Shy People get nothing, and that’s what they deserve.
  2. Act like the ‘person’ you want to be, not who you are.
  3. Wake up every day and ask “What is it I really want to do?”

Make sure to watch the full interview.

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  • I really think these tips are great. I was very shy as a child and missed a lot of opportunities because of it.

  • good interview, music was a bit much though.

  • so don’t be yourself, act like you’re someone else? cool good to know

    • I think it’s more about being confident and having vision of your future self. All of us have things that we aren’t happy with. Strive to be better and soon you will be.

    • I think that comment is actually about getting paid, not about whether you’re true to yourself / your personality. I think all creatives would agree a beautiful part of the job is that you don’t have to act like a corporate stiff / automaton / lemming. You can be a little quirky and not pay a price for that.

      So, what he’s saying IMHO is you don’t want to lack confidence when asking to get information, to be a part of something, or even when billing your clients. Act like a little guy and you’ll get paid like a little guy. Act like you’re a professional and your time is money, and you’ll get paid like your time is money (assuming you back it up with a good result / product). 🙂 I don’t think it had much to do with personality per se.

  • Thanks for the coverage Nick.

    Tre – my point was, you will never get anywhere in life if you don’t push yourself beyond your bubble of comfort. There are things we’re comfortable doing and others that we’re not. Not because those things are bad for us, but because we fear rejection or pain.

    And as someone who is actually shy by nature, I struggle with it every day.

    But at some point, you have to say to yourself: if I want to grow and be successful, I need to push beyond the limits I’ve created for myself or nothing in my life will change.

    And taking that chance won’t always work out for you (you may even crash and burn occasionally, as I have), but it will certainly work out for you more than if you never did anything at all.

    • This interview was great. I have learned a lot from you Aharon in the past few years. I am also shy by nature and this definitely gave me some insight on where I want to go with my career, and what actions I must take to get there.


    • yeah got to say, great info. I agree completely with both the interview and what you just said.

      And also the whole “knowledge wants to be free” is something i strongly agree with. Off to make tutorials i guess 😀

      So yeah a general Kudos.

      and thanks Nick for pointing this out.

    • Hey Aharon, great interview and thanks for those encouraging words of wisdom. People like me just starting out need encouragement and helpful advice from professionals like you and Nick.

  • Thanks for the repost, Nick.

  • As a shy person, my first response was “Why do shy people deserve nothing? *tear*”

    But reading Aharon’s comment a little above, it makes more sense. Seeing as this is something I’ve struggled with my entire life, it’s a huge bummer to be stopped from doing something by yourself, despite your own desires.

    I’ll check this vid out from home, when I’m not busy at work, maybe something will help put stuff in perspective a bit more for me.

  • I think it´s more like this: “don´t be shy, BE yourself!” do what you want to do and don´t be afraid to ask questions or show your work..only then you can make progress, so I totally´s true and I know what I am talking about..female + this business.. took a looonnng time to overcome my “shyness”, I had to work (and still do) really hard but it really paid off!
    (Now I´m even taking part in greyscale gorillas 5 sec projects and my english is maybe not the best and I am still writing this here :-), you see: ->progress!)

  • I think that another way to look at the shy thing is “Shameless Self-Promotion”. If you don’t speak up…nobody knows you are there!

  • Perfect advice and so true if you ever want to progress in this industry. Don’t be the little kid saving the all the red smarties for yourself, share and you will get so much in return.

  • Jim Collins, Good to Great (#1 Bestseller, 2 million copies sold)
    “Those who worked with or wrote about the good-to-great leaders continually used words like quiet, humble, modest, reserved, shy, gracious, mild-mannered, self-effacing, understated, did not believe his own clipping; and so forth.”

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