GSG Live Cast today at 3PM Central

October 15, 2009 - By 

Join me at 3pm central time to talk about the motion design industry, photography, iPhone apps, design, and business at the GSG Live page.. Look for a link on twitter to click though and join me a few minutes before the cast to see me eat a sandwich or something. Bring your questions and let’s chat eh? See you there.

  • This will be SWEET!!! I LOVE YOU MAN!

  • Nick, could you make some tutorials about C4D modeling tips…..I think it would be very interessant for us.

  • It was a great talk.
    Missed the main part but I enjoy the fact that these things, talking live around the world are possible.

  • Indeed, it could be nice to have a good modeling tutorial. Because it’s hard to find good ones.

    Great blog !

  • Could you do a tutorial on importing files into AE..
    I am working on a project and keep running into problems with making the files big enough and not having them cropped when you put comps into other comps.
    Also setting up a scene for cameras…

    AMAZING blog by the way its like going to school for free!!

    • I agree with Mark!

      A Tutorial on setting up different cameras (for example Targetcam, Docucam, Actioncam) and creating camera movement would be awesome.

      In addition to this it would be nice to see how you must export a still/animation from C4D, so that you can import it in AE with all necessery informations (lighting, camera, alpha channel etc.).

    • I think the cropping when you put comps into other comps issue is that you need to click the continuously rasterize button for that composition’s layer. it’ll force after effects to see everything inside that composition.

      also, here’s nick’s tutorial on the action cam

    • Sounds like a great idea. I hope to get to that soon.


  • Hey dude, First of all just wanted to say u got a great site going on, its been very helpful. i was just wondering what are the specs on ur mac?

  • Wait, I cannot fathom it being so strgahtiforward.

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