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There have been a lot of questions about how Mathieu Martel did this awesome animation for the “Circle and Spheres” Five Second Project. He actually did this animation with ndynamics in Maya. But, I wanted to replicate it in Cinema4D to show you how to set a scene like this up and make it available for download so that you can play around with it. So, download it below, pick it apart and have fun.

Cinema 4D Mograph 2 Attractor Scene File

Requires Cinema 4D 11.5 and Mograph 2

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  • Knowing how he did it in maya would be awesome too, yeah?

  • Cool, I also tried this last week, just to see how it’s done.

  • Wow, awesome, downloading it right now. Thanks for sharing Nick.

  • Thanks a ton for taking the time to set this up, Nick. This type of thing is even more helpful than tutorials in some ways because you have to sort of reverse-engineer things by looking at them through the Attributes, etc. One thing I notice that is super-complex is the Expresso-generated lighting. Zoom out on that puppy and you start to get a feel for how complex this scene really is. Trying to reverse-engineer the Xpresso and all the relationships there might be a daunting task; what does Xpresso do there generally that couldn’t be accomplished without it, complex cloud lighting?

  • Amazing! Thanks for this, Nick!

  • thx man.. merci bien ami:)

  • Wow! Had no idea that people were so interested in seeing how it was done. Its actually quite simple… I’ll put up my scene file when I’m back home for people to check out, and write up a how to.

    Thanks all, and thanks Nick!

  • can you explain the attractor a little more? not understanding why it sticks to the sphere more than other objects i put in 🙂

  • Hi Nick, big fan of your blog!
    I’ve been learning Ae for a while now, thanks to you and other sites, and now I’ve started to look into C4D. Something I don’t get yet though is the bridge between the two. Could you, if you have the time and will, go trough how exactly you continue working on a C4D project in Ae? It also would be awesome to see your workflow on this subject, since most of your C4D tuts doesn’t continue into Ae.
    Keep on rocking/blogging (brocking!) man!

  • Just i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but how can i replace the sphere with a logo or something else??

    Thanks nick you are my guru in cinema!

    • You can add anything to be attracted too. Just add the Rigid Body Tag to it and adjust the Attractor size to compensate.

    • Seem tricky with a logo because attractor is always toward the center. It work well with a sphere but I can’t manage to have something good even with a simple shape like a triangle. I try to clone the attractor to the object (vertex, surface, etc) but no luck too.

      Any help ?

  • Thanks for the file. I just have on question. I opened the file and got an error saying that the “Rigid Body” plugin was missing. Thing is I can add the tag by right clicking on an object and adding said plugin. Any idea why this is happening? I can not see the true setup as a result.


  • wish I had already my Cinema4D 11.5 🙁

  • Oh thats cool will check it out later :).

  • Hey all, heres a link to download my scene file for those interest in how it was done in Maya.
    After I got the particles set up the way I wanted, using an emitter that shot them onto the floor, and then changing their initial state, I made the main big sphere a passive rigid body.
    If you go to the attribute editor of the sphere, and bring up the nRigidShape attribute tab, there is a twirl down menu called Force Field Generation.
    All I did was keyframe the Field Distance and Field Magnitude so it sucked all the ndynamic balls towards it over about 20 frames, and then turned off over a frame or two. Magnitude will either push or pull the particles towards it, and Distance is the area of effect.
    Anyways, check out the scene file.

    • Thanks for the maya download Mathieu! That’s awesome!

    • Just tried to open the file and it comes up with an error in reading the file :(. I have Maya 2009 on my machine, any fancy plugins that i should have installed?

      Its interesting reading how you have achieved this effect. If it were me, i would have probably made a nurbs sphere a goal object (per vertices) and then animated the goal weight and attenuation for the particles. To further add some interesting effects you could have then given the particles differing goal weights using expressions. However that would probably make things unnecessarily complicated tbh!

      Cheers for the upload and the good work!

    • The file doesn’t work for me either.
      But from your explanation it was possible to re-create your setup.

      Thanks a lot for that!

  • Nick,

    The project posted is a r11 file, correct? Even though it can be opened in r10, the attractor object does not seem to work – at least I think it’s a different way to do it in 10 since 10 does not have the Rigid Body base tag (it has the Rigid Body Dynamic tag which works only in Solver Objects???). Could you please point out a quick way to use the Attractor in r10? Been trying it all day and can’t seem to get it working! I know how to get gravity, emitters, wind etc to work, just not the Attractor. ;(

    Some help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  • That’s awesome Nick, thanks! But I also have C4D R10, so there is no Rigid Body Tag!

  • if you don’t have Mograph you can use thinking paticules it works really well. here is my example :
    sorry for my bad english.

    • hi ericdesig… can you explain..
      how you made your video ?…… could explain it to me.
      you used … because with a particle generator, which will associate a sphere, and the attractor I put in a text … comcretamente in a number 5, and start hitting balls and not get stuck to the object.

    • this is for you check the file is more easy for me because my English is limited 🙂
      have fun and send me feedback thx.

  • Thanks for this Nick, a real insight.

    I wanted to try and change the spheres for Lights, but the attractor doesnt work on them, any hints? cheers

  • Hey Nick, couple of great C4D and AE learning links I think that could maybe help to go on the sidebar of your site could be, and (pariah has some great explanatory c4d tutorials that are free and excellent and even host project files)

  • Hey Nick, link is down 🙁

  • man, they’re making it so easy to make things look freakn good..

  • Great one, Project files are always great to have.
    We need a community website just for cool project files, that’d be great.

  • For those having a problem opening my file in maya 2009, just open the file in text editor (or the equivalent in windows, not sure what that is sorry) and for every instance that you see 2010, change it to 2009 (just to a find and replace).

  • hi Gorila, i know how generate a extrusion in curve, as it is in the video Fast food Thanks from Colombia! sorry for my english language :{

  • Nick,

    What is your list of top 10-15 programs or equipment you cannot live without for motion and video design?


  • Hi Nick, Amazing work

    One question….Where can I dowload the plugins that I dont have for make your exercises? because I try do it but I cant.

    Your page is wonderfull, thank´s for help…and excuse my english…jeje

  • Maya link is down, any chance for a re-upload. Would love to check this out.

    Thanks so much

  • Hey,
    thanks for the files and for the hard work, i’m wondering if it’s possible to use an object as an attractor, i mean a more complex shape then a sphere on which the spheres would distribute evenly. Googled it and found nothing.

  • Thank you 4 sharing, Nick! The Attractor effector is the thing, i’ve been looking for all these years 8)

    Can you tell plz, what does the Xresso tag with scripts, attached to “Daylight.1” group? I delete it and nothing changes in render. And what are the shapes insisde this group for?

  • Hey Nick I have a question… I was trying to recreate the scene following what you did but I don’t get it how in your file the gravity and the attractor have a yellow bounding box… asn in my file it doesn’t seems to appear. Hoe the heck can I get that box? Thanx for answering and for you’re great tutorials!

  • Hey guys
    short question
    can i attract the particles (spheres) on a spline (e.g. a logo i’ve created) ?

    answer would be great

  • Hi there!
    Thank you for this awesome stuff Nick, but I got just one question. I tried to arrange the same thing, but don’t think I’m stupid, but I don’t find the attractor effect.
    I got the C4D 11.5 and mograph 2 as well.
    could you please tell me where I can find that.

    Thank you.

  • Hi2all 🙂

    Thanx for the project file. Here is my version of it:

    Nick, have fun at NAB2010 and don’t overwork you’re self 🙂

  • hello
    i have a problem , I am trying to make is that the spheres are attracted to a number … 5. not a sphere or a cone, I want the number 5 but the problem is that the spheres collide with the number 5 and do not stay around the object …
    and the truth is that I’m lost …
    Thank you.

  • Here’s my attempt at playing with attractor 🙂

  • Ok.. I really cant figure this out. I am relatively new to C4D compares to everyone else. I made the sphere, made clones of another sphere, added rigid bodies to both of them, created an attractor and put it on the cube, but nothing happens. What else to I have to do? I will study the project file some more and reply again if I get it.
    Thanks =)

    • I got it! I was turning the strength of the attractor up to 100 and expecting something to happen. I finally turned it up to 10,000 and stuff happened. =)

  • Nice.

    Is there a way to use metaballs together with the attractor so you could have a kind of sphere at the end that it’s composed by all the cloned speheres on the floor?

  • Hello nick,
    Just ve a question. How do you set this up using R12.

  • hey bro… morning.. i ha v prob wit mograph…. i don hav a mograph 2…. can u suggest any website…..

  • Hello Nick, I am having problems producing a thing of this kind, but with a
    cone instead of a ball .. not be able … wanted to sort of
    Christmas tree and after Christmas balls to hold on to the cone .. more or less
    kind of work sorry my english

  • hi mine does not say any thing about mograph rigid body missing but when i trie to insert it i can not find it ????? any ideas


    hey gsg, this is a version of the same idea that i did in maya, a few months before i found this blog. i just parented a radial feild to the big sphere and shifted it about inside a little. there is definitely a different feel between the two programs.

  • very nice really i hope i can see the tutorial . where i find it ?

  • hey nick, i know thats an old post, but i was wondering if exists some way to make a “selective” attractor, which attract just one kind of clones objects?

    for ex: i had 2 spheres, one made by plastic and the other made by metal. how can i attract just the metal sphere?

    by the way, i love ur job! great tuts! greetings from brazil!

    • I have the same problem! I need to animate some molecules such that some of them attract to one thing and some of them attract to another thing but C4D attractors just attract everything in the vicinity… Can somebody help us?

    • ANSWER: The key is to use the Forces tab of in the Dynamics Body Tag of the objects.

      simple e.g.: U have a bunch of cubes and spheres mixed randomly and u want cubes to attract to A1 attractor and spheres to attract to A2 attractor.

      HOW: Create a sphere and a cube and add them to 2 different cloner objects with a Dynamics Body Tag on each cloner (and set up all ur normal Dynamics and cloner settings, throw in a Random Effector etc). Now create A1 and A2 attractors. Click on the Dynamics Body Tag of cube cloner; Force tab; Force Mode = Exclude; Force List=(drag and drop A2 in here). Then click on the Dynamics Body Tag of sphere cloner; Force tab; Force Mode = Exclude; Force List=(drag and drop A1 in here). Now play.

  • I am quite new to C4D myself, and the first thing I did was looking around for tutorials. A lot of people hand out tutorials of C4D but only a few have a clear voice, know how to explain it properly. Actually explain 100% to gain the final result and add some humour in the video so the hour long taking tutorials sometimes keep being fun.
    My compliments, I love doing your tutorials for the above reasons.

    This might be a dumb question though, but from dumb questions you get smarter so I heard so I’ll ask it anyway.
    The attractor plugin .. where can you buy it, or download it, or anything? I have C4D 12 and noticed I can take the attractor from your file to my own .. but if it is a plugin you have to pay for, I rather do that the legal way.

    I’d apreciate it if you could help me out,


  • I was wondering how I can get spheres to attract in a cone shape, I have tried stetting my atractor shape to a cone however i cant get my spheres to attract to the full cone, the spheres only seem to attract to specific parts of the cone.


    • The spheres try to come to rest at the closest possible point to the center of the attractor. Thats why u dont get spheres everywhere evenly.

  • I’ve seen a lot of attractors on YT and this is definitely one of the best out there ^_^

  • hi, I did a tutorial about attractor using a sphere and emitter particles,I like the result of the small spheres getting attract to the big one, but the final render I made is really fast. ¿how can I slow down the speed? ¿It has something to be with the speed limit control of the attractor?


  • i made something like that in cinema4d and realflow

  • Hi

    I´m having a fiddle with the file to see how it all works. First up thanks so much.
    What I would like to know is
    1) if I move the main sphere up vertically the cloned spheres simply bounce off it instead of sticking to it. ive had a fiddle with the bounce settings on various objects to no effect. Any ideas why they stick to the sphere when its lower and not when one moves it higher?

    2) If you wanted to make the cloned spheres spin in a spiral up to the main sphere how would be the best way to achieve that?

    Sorry total noob to C4D.
    Many thanks

    • Figured out the Attractor bouncing issue.
      I moved the sphere higher without moving the end point of the attractor up – so they were attracting to just below the sphere and then bouncing away. Once I adjusted that to the new sphere height all was fine.
      Now just to sort out that vortex thing. 🙂

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