The Science of Global Illumination in Cinema 4D

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This article has been a great resource for learning the details and specifics of rendering with Global Illumination in Cinema 4D. It explains all of the new features in R11 and R11.5 as well.

It gets rather scientific at times, but it’s an essential read for knowing exactly what is going on under the hood during GI renders.

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  • Nice, just what I was looking for 🙂

  • Great link. I was reading through this last week after finding it in a thread over at mograph. Had to bookmark it for quick referencing, so much info in there.

  • Thanks for the tip. Boring stuff, but well explained and good to know.

  • Hello !

    Thank for your blog, it is a very good place for after effects and c4d !
    I’d like to know if you know a nice A to Z step by step c4d tutorial, like how to build a bathroom or something like that.
    i mean a practical project of how to realized a complete scene in c4d ? Because lots of tutorials are good but it’s difficult for a newbie to assimilate all of them and doing a nice and complete scene !

    hope you understand my english not perfect !
    Thank you !

  • Should keep me going for a few years, thanks man.

  • awsome man 😉 this is what i was looking for…

  • This article makes me feel all flustered and erect. Thx for the link!

  • hi very interesting link. hey i do have a question do you give advise on how to improve others work please mail me if so.

  • Great link! Thanks for posting!!

  • This is a pretty interesting article. Now, things will go a little off-topic here but I think the following might matter to some of the readers as well.

    Intel is currently working on a project where they try to implement the raytracing procedure of 3D programs into computergames. It’s a pretty interesting idea because they abandoned the standard rasterization process. I thought I’d just share it (in case you didn’t know about that). So here’s the link :

  • come on bro, create a little video tutoria for this article… you are the best and rock it

  • You r my new fav C4D site!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks! I had a lot of questions, this helped a lot!
    Great job!

  • Couldn’t force myself to read whole article. Thanks to you, Nick, I feel I won’t be missing out much since you explain almost every single detail each time you render something ^_^

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