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November 20, 2009 - By 

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be in Washington DC all weekend for the Motion Graphics Fest. If your in town, come say hi tonight at the party will ya? I also will be teaching the After Effects classes on Saturday and Sunday. I will try to do some quick GSG live casts from the event as well. Make sure to follow me on Twitter to find out when I’m on live. Hope to see you there.

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  • Nick,

    I’ll see you in the morning!

  • I wish i were in washington DC.

  • Hey Nick,

    Hope you have an amazing time at the fest in Washington DC.

    Have you ever considered having a guest blogger on the show, for when your away?

  • I am kicking myself for not making it to this. I live 20 minutes from DC.

  • Nick, Thanks for the great AE class on Saturday. I thought you were very successful at accommodating all the various skill levels in the class. I definitely feel about 8 levels better. Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for coming to the class!!!! I really hope everyone learned a lot. If you have any extra questions. Feel free to drop a comment.


  • dude!

    great to finally meet you, I took a lot away from the class, including that apparently it is possible to concentrate with a drumline playing outside for 3 hours straight!

  • Man, I’m extremely jealous of you guys, keep looking at MGfest facebook page thinking ‘maybe next year?’ flights are a little pricey for me from the UK though and I can never seem to find anything like that over here 🙁 Congrats to you anyway Nick, it sounds like you rocked out!

  • MG Fest was a nice time – here’s a few shots a took:

    Includes some pics of the drum band that eyedesyn mentioned…

  • didn’t you make that piece ^

  • Sorry to hog this post but that’s just reminded me of something I wanted to say when you first posted that. It seems to me that there’s a certain curve to learning and producing animation. In that, at the beginning everything you do is hard work and very, very time consuming, then you learn more about software and get that to do the donkey work for you, to an extent. For me anyway, and not through laziness, you then feel you’re doing something wrong by sticking a hundred hours on a project with the suspicion that you’re doing something wrong, or don’t have the right plugin, and I personally find this piece reassuring in that regard . Work hard, make cool shit.

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