Introducing KeyframeTV: Episode 1

November 3, 2009 - By 

Welcome to the first episode of KeyframeTV, a discussion about the tools, news and work of motion design. KeyframeTV is made by Tim Allen, Nick Campbell & Pasquale D’Silva. Check out the site for a full list of credits and show notes.

We want to make this show as relevant and helpful as possible to everyone in the industry. But, we need your help. Please drop us your feedback in the comments about the show. This talk show format is new to all of us so, we would love to hear what you think.

  • That was pretty awesome! I really do love this format. If you guys could do some breakdown of motion projects everytime that would be the coolest.

    Also some of my gripes were that there was some feedback, but you all had headphones so I don’t see where that came from. And your screens were a bit small, I bet you could figure out a way to format theme differently.

    Thanks for do this too!

    • We were super confused about where the feedback was coming from too. Maybe it was a Halloween Ghost!

      The resolution issue is probably going to be solved once we work out the best way to capture some larger format video live. It’d be nice when we can make it HD!

  • Nick hi!I like your idea about this TV,it’s seems very helpful for us.I don’t know is this appropriate place to write, but I want to ask you if you can do a tutorial with unfolding images, for example, like unfolding buildings and flowers,like flowers grow and people rise up from no where.I think you know what I mean.

  • Nick hi!I like your idea about this TV,it’s seems very helpful for us.I don’t know is this appropriate place to write, but I want to ask you if you can do a tutorial with unfolding images, for example, like unfolding buildings and flowers,like flowers grow and people rise up from no where.I think you know what I mean.
    Like in this example:But I mean more advanced and cool looking stuff.Sorry couldn’t find any other example.But any way I am talking about make it all manually.Thanks Nick.

  • This is great, thanks for sharing… cant wait to get out of school myself. Ive thought about it bu its been a big investment so far to just drop out, plus I think the paper can be very useful in certain situations, like getting a bank loan and that sort of stuff… so people/clients see that you are committed, end what you start etc…

    Thanks again cant wait till the next episode

  • That was awesome!
    I hope now I could learn some design and aesthetic stuff other than softwares and tools.

  • I realy like the ideea. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great episode! Especially the breakdown of that spot was interesting. I’d like to have seen a bit more of boards for it, and maybe you could explain a bit more about how you keep the style together with all these different people coming in.
    Like how does the texturing happen of the 3d stuff so it matches the 2d stuff. Or is that too technical a question?

    b a s

  • Great first episode guys. Looking forward to the next one.

  • AWESOME! great to come home from work and watch someting interesting on the tube!, only the intro and outro could use some sound, to make it come together… (it was allready a lot of work to put this together so i understand it will grow even better over time)

    stoked to watch the next episode!!!!


  • I´m an instant fan !
    Looking forward to the next episode!

    GSG and everything around it starts becoming a whole new motion designer´s community/information thing.Wow!

  • Great work guys. I see this taking off and doing well. My critiques would be, everyone has their two cents, but no one knows when a good time is to drop those pennies in. Because of that, we’ll have one person ask a question, and two others start chiming in, and you get that “Aaah, can’t focus on both people at the same time” ordeal and things get muddled for a sec before someone decides to let the other have the floor. So maybe who ever asks a question, or asks for a comment, then directly addresses someone to give their two cents, and then address the other to pitch in afterward, and then just mix it up, so everyone gets a fair amount of time to discuss.

    I really like that once someone DOES have the floor, their space gets bigger to keep focus. The audio in the background as you show off clips was just right. Not too loud you couldn’t hear over it, and not too quiet that it sounded like it had no audio.

    And then hopefully at some point, HD would be awesome.

    Again, great first episode, looking forward to more!

  • Hey all,

    I think it’s great to be part of this! The whole concept of this blog and the different projects going on (i.e. 5SP, ReelCritique, keyframetv, makecoolshit etc.) are about to create a really passionate and wonderful community. I just wanted to point that out because I’m very glad to be able to watch all this stuff and get into contact with other people. Thanks for that!

    If the audio of keyframetv was released as a downloadable podcast, too, would that be good? What do you guys think? I would love to hear such things while sitting in the subway or something.

  • What a great knowledge pool you guys have. Maybe a some scripting before hand would cut the chit chat a little which takes away from the show a little. Then again, I kind of like the informal format….Its probably a question of ballance.

    Making these things is alot of work….I don’t want to take anything away from it…its great, I enjoy it alot…with coffe in the morning its a fantastic way to start the day.

    One thing I would like to see discussed by you guys is 3D software…I discount Maya as for gamers…3DS is complicated as hell…but man can it do fur…and C4d well…its the AE friendliest of all and quite affordable…What do you guys think…use…like…dont like…

    All the best on your new show…

    • Oops….I meant 3D max as a game renderer and Maya as complex and furry….Coffe did not kick in yet…

    • Serge, you’re right about Maya being to complex. You need a full time TD to get anything good out of it.

      C4D is OK if you’re doing basic 3D stuff. It has its limitations.

      If you’re serious about CG, learn 3DS Max. Not only is it fast but there’s a big community of artists out there that openly share scripts, plugins and ideas online. If Max can’t do it I bet theres a plugin/script out there that can. FumeFX, Rayfire, Treestorm, ghosttrails, Max2AE, etc. Plus the new modeling tools in 2010 are dope 🙂

  • Love it. Really interesting to get the chance to pick your brains – so to speak.

    Case studies are awesome, everyday I see a new motion piece and say “How the f did they do that??” Getting the breakdowns from you guys is extremely helpful.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Love the idea of you guys reverse engineering pieces, it’s really facinating seeing three super talented people learn new shit.

    I think the only major problem is audio, the rest will just get worked out as you guys get used to the show.

  • Cool show and nice ideau 🙂 ill definately watch the next episode aswell.

  • This is great. I only have two comments:

    1. As others have said, it gets really hard to follow when two of you speak at once. It’s great to hear how excited you all get, but when you speak over eachother it’s hard to follow (Tim Allen jumps in a lot especially).

    2. Tim and Pasquale need to get better mics and/or increase their bandwidth settings. There’s a huge difference in sound quality.

    Other than that: awesome.

  • How about a ‘real’ leader? Here’s my idea: Let us viewers create a 5 second leader (like the 5 second projects from Greyscalegorilla, keep it short and simple) and every show you use a different leader created by a viewer. The first subject to talk about could be about that intro and a conversation (via ichat or whatever) on how he or she created it. What you think?

  • I like keyframe TV concept in general but it feels a little disjointed, sort of like you don’t really have a smooth gameplan going into the discussion,. Who’s going to talk about what, for how long, etc. I wonder if maybe as each person starts to talk about a main topic, have the other two dudes scale to 0, have the speaker scale down to the top-left corner, and have some actual material that’s being talked about playing front and center. Whether it’s a finished animation, screen caps of AE or whatever.

    Also I would try to make things look a bit more professional in terms of what’s in the background, lighting, etc. Otherwise it kind of seems like we’re just looking at a chat session between 3 guys and not a planned effort.. know what I mean? It’s cool for any random tutorial to just have your apartment in the background or whatever but I think you’ll want this to be a little more polished. Maybe do a green screen behind each of you with a Keyframes TV “3D set” behind you, or just a Keyframe TV logo maybe.

  • Hey there,
    So after watching this, it really got me thinking of how much I desire an iphone app that really caters to the motion industry. Sorry to get all “iphony on it” seems like a great spot for such a thing. If there already is one out there please let me know. Just a thought….

  • Great episode guys . waiting for more episodes

  • I find this a little too loose. Too much “ah yeah, thats cool”. I feel like there is about 10 minutes of actual content in the 45 minutes. I would concentrate on project breakdowns to give an idea to people how motion studios handle projects.

    Also, here’s my opinion on the whole school thing. You can learn all you want on or whatever…but you won’t learn how to think about projects or how to develop a critical mind. Technical schools aren’t worth it because they teach you what you can learn online. Art school or University will teach you the basics like design, the history of art and aesthetics, etc. which will make you a better conceptual artist. If you want to be a technician, it’s not worth going to school. If you want to say something useful and thought out with your motion pieces, go to school.

  • Hey Guys

    I really enjoyed your discussion about school vs real world learning. I think they both play a huge role in the development of an artist. One area I got a lot from while I was in school was the competitive drive between fellow classmates. This pushed me to do better and become a better designer/video artist throughout my years at school. I agree with Nick, school is your full time job and it gives you the tools to become a better designer.
    Last thought, do you guys have any recommendations for design teaching tools?

    Thanks guys
    Keep up the great work.

  • Nice start — I like the format and design. Things will probably get more focused as time goes on too (more specifics than great plug-in if memory serves).

    Nick’s audio is great, but the other guys could follow your lead. Also using better cameras (DV > webcam) and better lighting would be good; see this for examples including a good one by Strobist:

  • what type of software was used to edit this footage?

  • There definitely needs to be a video podcast link for video that will actually play on an iPod/iPhone/AppleTV.

  • Dude this is exactly what I was talking about, shooting the shiz… kudos.

  • Haha crazy Mig trying to advertise his halloween party. What a character. Love that guy!

  • holly shit¡¡¡¡ this is great men¡¡¡¡ You guys RULE>>>>

  • Great new format; realy like the breakdowns and reviews of different motion pieces.
    Only thing that bothered me was the cluttered interface. Everyones camerafeed was cramped up next to each other and making one popup larger than the other one, worked kinda distracting (although Nick’s feed was cool, composition wise :p ). Keep it going and hopefully this thing will continue to grow !!

  • Awesome show. I love the idea. I could tell that Tim wanted to cut the Particular 2 love-fest short when he butted in but I think that is an indicator of when to stop talking about a particular (oh man, that wasn’t intended) subject.

    I really relate to the quote about “learning from other professionals”. I am in a position where I can’t really go back to school and I am just ITCHING to sit down with some dude (or dudette) and just learn more about motion graphics. But here I am editing news segments blaehh! *puts finger
    in mouth*

    I also 100% agree with learning the fundamentals. I don’t have a design background and I know that my comps are just not up to par. If there’s anything I want to go to school for, it is learning the fundamentals. Is it possible to maybe get this from a book? Maybe a book that mixes design fundamentals within AE… now we’re talking…

  • Woh! This is great! I look forward to seeing how this show plays out in the future.

    The whole issue about wether or not you should go to school is absolutely an interesting one. I’m at film school right now, but I don’t really know how much it will actually help me in the future. I’ve noticed that I gain so much more experience from working with clients then going to school – then again, you get more time to try new things and fuck up when you go to school..

  • This is FANTASTIC! Kudos to all who participated in this. It’s a great forum to explore motion design concepts and theory, plus discussions on current trends using real-life examples.

    I’ll buy that for a dollar!

  • woot Tim 😛
    Wheres your Film Riot Crew hehe.

    Nice Video as always.

  • Rickard Bengtsson November 4, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    Awesome show!

    I’ve got a question for the next show. To get different views.
    How do you guys usually describe what you do for a living to someone who has no idea what that is?

  • Great show guys! I like how the lower thirds were different for each of you. Did you designed/animated your own lower thirds?

    I also liked a lot the way the screens change sizes and how them got rearranged depending on the content.

  • cool concept, but audio quality is poor. Nick’s audio level is great, but he could ease up on the Umm’s & Aww’s. Otherwise good work!

  • Very informative, i’m getting my portfolio together at the moment to apply for Media Design School here in NZ. It doesn’t start till March, so I suppose i’ll do my best and look for any experience I can get my hands on, kinda hard, having a full time job though =|.

  • Hey Nick – great show!
    Really interesting break down of the KeyBank project.
    How did you guys get that hand drawn look for the 3D elements?
    Was that rendered with something like sketch&toon or done in After effects?
    Keep up that great stuff!

  • Cool – Hand drawn textures sounds like something to explore..
    Thanks – fantastic how it all comes together and looks like one piece. great work!

  • Congrats for the show.
    Really cool format.
    I’d like just to say that Nick’s sound (mic) is so much crispier and clear than Tim and Pasquale.
    Lookgin forward for the next one.
    Thanks heaps.

  • Awesome, I love the breakdown of the real life projects (key bank ad) For example, how many people involved, how long it took, what programs used, etc…

    True Blood intro is my favorite piece by DK

  • Hey Guys, This show was awesome… and i really appreciate your time and efforts put into this thing. Its gonna work out really well. i would like to ask how often would the show come online… like weekly/fortnightly/monthly etc… looks like a great format.. would suggest to have at least one breakdown of a commercial piece like the keybank ad. also to have at least one cool piece of experimental animation found anywhere on the internet. and i found the sound to be pretty much fine, just if you can lower the file size… so that it streams faster on slower connections.

    One last thing… if you can have a section where you talk about the aesthetics or discuss why a certain piece looks good… maybe coz of the layout or colour scheme, space division etc.

    Thanks a lot snd keep rolling.

  • I really enjoyed this video. It is so valuable to here from those in the industry and your road you took to get there. For those prospective designers of motion who soak this stuff up like myself, I feel appreciative. Especially because I want to make this a career and feel like I lack the path to get there. This career path often seems mysterious and behind closed doors so for you guys to post videos like this it is opening the doors to the life of a motion designer.

  • Great show! I was wondering, did u use after effects to make the whole show?

  • finally I found some time to watch this, really cool! I liked the “making of” part the most (very nice to see all that hand made stuff!), maybe there could be more of it and the other parts shorter (f.e. about particular, I guess most of us read about the new features when it came out). But I like the “free style” of this format, it´s not so boring and for somebody from the other side of the globe nice, feels more like a chat (just the beer is missing) and still informative!

  • cool, watch the whole thing

    appreciate all the graphic examples to illustrate what your talking about.

    keep up the great work.

  • Use external microphones those headset ones sucks.
    plus it wont give u the same acoustic feedback.
    otherwise GJ!

  • I love the show, you are the only people talking about animation and design
    thank you for your afford

  • hey guys, great work dig it!
    I am an Australian too in my last semester at school at the Academy of Art San Francisco. For me, there were two main reasons for going to school…
    1. I worked in another industry and wanted a career change and needed to justify the change… if i was changing i needed to make it serious and work my ass off… and school helped me get there and take the time off to do it…
    2. As an Australian, for some reason, we travel… and a degree really helps with visas…

    I think really love Nick’s idea about go to school for design… i am doing Visual Effects and notice the more design i learn, the more my vfx work gets better.

    Anyway… this was my portly 2 cents…

  • Nice vid guys,the idea is good and I especially appreciate the time you guys take to share your ideas, thanks for that, I don’t know if there will be another episode of KEYFRAME TV but if you’re planning on doing another one,i’ll watch it with pleasure. THX A TON see ya!!!

  • I love your Works Nick i have some Works On Cinema 4d but i hope to be a professional on Cinema 4d After effects And some other stuff .
    am a beginner but i hope to visit My page on facebook

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