Keyframe TV Episode 2

November 16, 2009 - By 

OMG! The episode 2 of Keyframe TV is up and ready for viewing.

Check out keyframeTV for the full post and credit list. As always, we would LOVE to hear your feedback. Enjoy!

UPDATE: was kind enough to send over a “Anatomy of a scene” video on exactly how they pulled off their Believe spot. Go check it out on vimeo here.

  • Would love a tutorial on camera mapping. Just a nice and simple one doesn’t have to be as extensive as in the ad 😀

    Also would like that Designer/Model t-shirt!!! Is it exclusive only for DK people?

  • What software do you use to edit that podcast? It simple, but for the content´s alone this podcast is way better than most tv shows I´ve seen…congratulations!!!

  • great inspirations!cool shit!

  • another camera mapping piece i came across sometime back
    Its cool !

  • Hey Nick!
    The first thing i thought of was….hey you’ve seen that sky (it’s german pay-tv) commercial and it looks very similar to that…here i’ve a link for you.

    I always was wondering….”how did they do that??”. But now i think that it’s the very same thing like you described just with moving frames and not just pictures.

    And….i’m waiting for some new nice c4d tutorials! ;D

  • That was awesome, totally bit into my working day but utterly worth it… Well done guys, keep up the good work. It’s great to see something like this evolve. Viva la Keyframe!

  • Yeah good stuff!

  • Great show guys, really enjoyed watching it!

    Some addition to Kerry’s post, if you go to
    and scroll down you can actually see some pics how they made it.

    Again guys keep these shows coming!



  • Great stuff guys. I’ve been having a Maya vs C4D debate with myself for a few weeks. It was great to have some questions answered. Thank you!

  • I’ve spent several hours on your site. Definitely a Great Motion Design Resource, and figured the gorilla deserves some street cred’s. Like your style of tuts and the fact you bring industry standards to the table.

    Keep up the non filtered, real world info

  • Great show/podcast. Very informative. I don’t remember the squirrel looking like that on the Big Bucks Bunny open movie.

    Can’t wait for the next show. Also thanks fellow commenters for links on tutorials for camera mapping.

  • Production-wise looking more polished for sure but the audio sync for you guys is off quite a bit. Not sure if that’s the chat capture limitation or what but it’s a little distracting. The content is really good.

  • A lot better than the last show! It would be nice if you guys could break down your own projects that you’ve done instead of looking at others.

    Great job, and looking forward to the next episode.

  • Hey guys. I think the concept for this show is fantastic and exceptionally educational to see you guys wrap your heads around something like the Cellular commercial. Its nice to see experts critiquing other work and breaking down how it could be done rather than being shown exactly how.

    Really appreciate the insight and loved the show, look forward to more!

  • Nice show, wish I’d have seen it a week ago. Great breakdown on the walkcycle and good to see Mr Williams get a plug. I’d love to see you lot break down something a little more complicated but I’m guessing that you aleady had a tough time editing to an hour…

  • Keep keyframin’…

    God man, way to end the episode. Hahaha

    Great work everyone, much smoother from the first episode. Pasquel needs a lapel mic I think. He moves around too much and his mic doesn’t always pick him up.

  • Kind of to show a breakdown video. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  • just to let u guys know the watchmen opening credits were shot in real time with the actors moving very slowly and then 3d dust and what not was added in post..

  • Hey Mr. Gorilla! This show is an awesome idea, really useful insight. Keep it going! By the way, what software do you guys use for the videoconference?

  • Nick,

    This show is exciting, for me the first part is exactly what i wanted you to do 🙂 A “how did they do that” show!
    One recomendation which I think EVERYBODY WOULD BENEFIT from. Maybe do a poll as to which part of the 3 segments people like the most so that you can find out what to focus on, which part to lengthen.

    You know which part gets my vote. I’m obviously making this suggestion because I would have loved the “how did they do that” part to be longer or about more aspects of the spot etc etc!

    Keep on Keepin on . . .

    in Jerusalem the Holy Land 😉

  • Sooo interesting! I really appreciate you sharing all this information. I liked the “how did they do that part” but also Pasquale explaining how to approach character animation.
    One thing: I found it a little disurbing that Pasquale doesn´t face the camera when he is talking.
    But brilliant show, guys! Looking forward to the next episode…

  • great show! 🙂

    but what i would like to see would be a look on design. not only HOW they did things, but also WHY certain things look very good. you know, color combination, composition, typo, how to place things.
    small tipps like you once before said that its not good to put a foto of a guy in which is cutted at the bottom, and that its better to give this cut a reason by example adding a border or stuff.
    thats what i’m kind of missing 🙂

  • Awesome, a new episode!

    Stupid homework n stuff though, gonna wait and watch this to when I can really enjoy it.

  • +1 to praz
    and what is the name of the Pasquale’s book plz? 🙂
    thx anyway// great job guys — very usefull and interesting

  • YES
    great episode and thank you for answering my question :]

  • Awesome!
    three brilliant minds.
    a little suggestion from me
    when you guys focus on something or explaining something for instance when Pascal is explaining character aniamtion it’s not nessesary to display all videos on the screen because sometimes it disturbs.
    I think you guy’s know better than me what I am trying to say.

    but contents are awesome.
    can’t wait for next episode.

  • hahaha, I almost spit out my beer when i head “err-keeeep keyframin'”

    Nice job guys.

    Pasquale your walk cycle was sick dood.

  • Hi Nick, why don´t you make a camera mapping tutorial in C4D and then, the integration with AE, that would be very cool.

  • The breakdown idea is awesome. Please continue to do this. I love the idea. Also, I agree with some of the other comments… A C4D camera mapping tutorial would be great.

  • Hey, great stuff guys. thanks for taking the time out to share. Would really appreciate some more info on the camera projection. Thanks a mil.

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