Scene Breakdown: Closet above bed

November 3, 2009 - By 

Tor Martin Norvik was kind enough to incude a scene breakdown along with his entry for this week’s Five Second Project. Check out the final and then dive into the breakdown to see how it was made. The scene is textured using camera projection and the composite breakdown shows many great effects including subtle ones like a nice exposure pass and a Optics compensation pass. It’s a great way to see how much work can go in to making a great 5 second piece.



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  • Awesome. Great story telling. Definitely inspired to experiment with some projection mapping.I’ve seen tutorials for this technique in after effects but not in c4d. Nick…tutorial idea?

  • This was great… Thanks for the share buddy!

  • Woooh, I don’t think there are as pass in this stuff, very good, I think it’s would be great if you made a tutorial about these different pass on a scene Nick, no ?

  • Bad-ass.

  • i would like to see how it was build up in c4d

  • nicely done.

  • Great!!!
    I like the video with the expliación.


  • I am honored Nick, to get my 5 second spot and breakdown on your blog, it is just so rad 🙂
    Hope you keep going on your 5 seconds projects, they are perfect sized and the quality is topnotch. Also, I like very much all the friendly people that hangs around here.
    Cheers from Norway!

  • awesome clip, would be a wicked tutorial.. hint hint lool

  • Does he used camera mapping to create the scene in cinema4d?

    Great breakdown btw!

  • That was great! You could really see how much thought process went into it. Great job!

  • This is great Tor…Thanks for taking the time…

    I got to spend more time in C4D…

    • You oughta keep an eye out on CGTUTS. Its one of the many networks from TUTS+

      They recently released a tut on how to model a Zune HD. Do that, and it will help your modeling skills outrageously.

      Hope that helps!

  • Very nice example.
    For more on the camera mapping technique check this :

  • cool stuff! Thanks for the Breakdown!

  • thaaaanks!! this was great!!!!!

  • Camera mapping is a very interesting technique, thanks for this “behind the scene”. OneSize used it too in their last vid, that was impressive :

  • How is the camera projection done?

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