“Start With A Photo” Winners and Honorable Mentions

November 30, 2009 - By 


Congratulations to Daniel Coutinho. He is the winner of the “Start With A Photo” Five Second Project. Thanks to everyone that participated. Great turnout and great work!

Honorable Mentions

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  • Congratulations to winners! Lot’s of great works this time.

  • Can’t wait to join the next 5 sec proyect !

  • Gratz!
    Lots of cool projects, was really enjoyed to watch all of them :O)

    Btw, Nick, I think you should change some rules. I mean 5 seconds is 5 seconds. Not 4, not 6 or even more. Five. Period.
    We should be able to fit (or should I say squeeze?) our ideas into exact 5 seconds.
    Best benefit from it – feel of timing and ability to plan.
    Otherwise you should call it not a “5 sec” but “Weekly cool shit” :O)

    But once again its just a my point of view :O)

  • Good stuff everyone! lets do another one!

  • Great selection! Congratulations to everybody!

  • Thanks everyone for the comments, I’m really glad my project was selected! “5 Sec. Projects” is a great motivation for us to keep learning and improving our skills. Thanks Nick for the recognition.

  • Congratulations to everybody …

  • This was easily my favorite batch of videos from the 5 second projects. The caliber of work on display here is just incredible. Keep it up!

  • Great selection yeah, congrats to all but I’m surprised this creation isn’t in the honorable mention : http://www.vimeo.com/7756142
    I think it deserves so far …

  • Man I’m impressed with these. It’s hard to compete with such skillful work.. but I guess it inspires the rest of us to strive to be better.

  • An amazing group of creatives in this set! We really enjoyed what everyone was doing! Thanks for the positive vibes! Props to everyone!

  • Congratulations Daniel and everyone else! Great 5SP!

  • Lol! There are great works. How did upside down tracked so perfectly the stroke with the camera movement?

  • hey there!!!!i live in Pakistan…i may be one of your biggest fan out here…really.im just an amateur photographer who cant even afford to buy a dslr and still using a film camera…i soooo want ure “photoshop for photographers” just to see how u do it…but sorry cant afford it cuz im studying on scholarship and its hard for me to spend that amount of money..maybe some time in the future…plz plz plz pllllllllzzz can u post these tutorilas on ure site for free so that people like me can learn from them

    thank u

    • Thanks Torsum. Sorry, I have to keep the site going somehow, and products are going to be the way. Buying products ensures that I continue to keep doing the free stuff and that the site stays up. There is a lot of traffic and bandwidth to pay for. I have to charge for something. I hope you understand. Thanks for watching.

  • Here is my shot…about 6 years late 😉

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