40% Off Red Giant Software Today Only – It’s Over

December 8, 2009 - By 

UPDATE: It’s all over, folks. Hope you got a good deal on some new software.
Today is the day. You can get 40% off of EVERYTHING from Red Giant. If you were thinking about getting anything from Red Giant including: Trapcode, Knoll, or Magic Bullet, now it the time to do it. Use the code “secretsale40” to get the 40% off. Check here for more details about the sale.

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  • You are officially my hero. THANK YOU for pointing this out. Was looking to make a purchase soon and this will save me a pretty penny. Happy Holidays, dude!

  • Found out about this yesterday through the “tweet” vine and stayed up till 1:00am to get in on the sale early. Bought the Trapcode Suite 2009 for $512.00 regular $899.00. This deal is fantastic and more then worth the money!

  • Thanks for this quick review. I was planning to myabe buy the suite for xmas. So I could’nt resist to this 40% secret sale! I’ve just bought it! So exited.

  • was thinking about Trapcode Suite and Color Suite for big bang on savings, but are all those plug-ins worth it, or are there just a few?

  • oops I thought I watched video and then realized I turned it down while on the phone. Ordering suites now

  • Student discount + 40% off, now thats what I call a good deal! Thanks for the heads-up nick!

  • That’s a great deal. Got an email stating the one day sale. Too bad I already have the Trapcode suite. If I bought now, I would have saved over $300, now that’s what I call a sale.

  • Thanks Nick. Just got the Trapcode Suite just before the sale ends. I would’ve totally missed this if it wasn’t for your tweet. Thanks man.

  • Red Giant makes some of the best plug-ins out there. Absolutely worth buying. I hope you’ll go through with the individual plug-in tutorials, Nick!

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Sweet! Cheers nick, almost missed this offer. Just got hold of particular 2. Am well stoked

  • NOOOOOO, dang! i missed it!!!
    any chance this is going to happen again in the future?

  • Nick, sorry for the dumb unrelated tech question (that you’ve propably answered in another post). Whats the mic your using? 😛

  • I picked up the Reality Package. Particular, Form, Horizon, and Lux. Merry Christmas to me!

  • LOL! Particular is da shit! hahaha!!! Nice one, Nick!

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