Five Second Project “Home Sweet Home” Winners

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Great work as always from everyone who entered. It is always great to see all the participation. Check out this winning spot by BOUDIER Vincent. Animated in Cinema 4D. Nice work!

The next Project will be announced soon with a few rule changes. HINT: ALL videos will have to be five seconds to be accepted. In the mean time, check out the Five Second Project Archive to see all the videos that have been posted.

Honorable Mentions

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  • sorry nick, but why is it called 5 second project, when the winner is allowed to take 10 seconds?? we try all to do it in 5 sec and this is very hard, and now the winnervideo is about 5 seconds!!!

    sorry but i think thats not the sense of the project!

    • I agree, Esquiso. The rules up till now said that it has to be less that 9 seconds. This will all change going forward. ONLY 5 second projects will be accepted. Watch for the new project and new rules coming out this week.

    • Why not have a 10 second project? Two categories for similar submissions? Have a 5-second winner and a 10-second winner. So that those who can get it in the allotted time-frame get their horns blown as well?

    • Sounds like too much. Why not then have 15 Second Projects? Five is the perfect amount of time to do a dope animation in a day or two. I’d rather see 5 seconds of awesome animation than 10 seconds of mediocre animation. You know?

  • Well, there is a reason that the non 5 second videos are winning, because it’s easier to get a message across when you can take the time you need. You have time to build up the suspense. In 5 seconds it’s really to do that. And aren’t the 5 second projects about “making cool shit” ?

  • Yeah I agree, I went 10 frames over 5 secs this time, but would have loved to filled up 7 for it. I suppose its only fair that they all have to be exactly 5 secs.

  • All top selections. Great job to all.

  • Hey, guys! 😛
    if u ask me, i believe with it being 5sec-or 10sec long, Boudier’s work [and the other’s as well] wouldv’e made it anyways into the list. i think its the basic concept & excecution that makes those videos stand out, and not them being 7 or 9sec long. that didnt make them get in there over you guys.

    i believe this community is really special and extremely friendly, so we should keep looking at this “contest” as just a reason to create, share ideas, and keep interacting with each other. congradulate the winners and keep striving to maybe get in there next time :] Also, remember that Nick is only one person, and what he likes, other people might not. so dont judge him on his picks.
    I really enjoyed this theme and the process of it all. thanks to everyone, and Congrads to the Winners! 😀

    • Thanks, eladbari!

      It’s true, this whole thing is all about making cool shit for our reels and trying out now techniques. But, when there are “winners” and prizes some weeks. We have to keep an even playing field. Plus, It’s really cool to see all the different styles that people have with the same length and theme.

      Bottom line is… Keep having fun and making awesome animation!

  • The time constraint forces you to be more creative to communicate your message. Without constraints, you get Waterworld or Ishtar.

    • hey, Mike :]
      look, its only my humble opinion..but to reply to your statement, i think its totally true when you have 5seconds vs. 20 or 30sec! But, personaly, i dont think that having that 5sec limit would change any creative idea i initially had. it would just make me rethink how to cut the shots just right. again, its just how i see it. :]

    • Yeah, i agree with eladbari. I think this issue has gotten a little over-proportioned. Anyways, it doesn’t really matter, since next time all must cut their work to 5 seconds to get in 🙂

  • Hi guys !

    I know my 5s projet is a 10 one… Sorry for that…
    But it was not about to make more animation (one edit more or one edit less, that’s not the matter…). But as i put a music on it, and edit the music before, it was very hard to make it shorter than 10.
    But i agree, as say Fran Power, it gives time to build up the suspense, and that’s not very fair compared to those who really try to stick to 5seconds.

    And sorry for my poor english, i was dreaming during english lessons!

    Keep on animating !


  • Thanks so much for the Honorable Mention.
    Well done to the winner. Great stuff!


  • Oh man, these entries are getting better and better every time…

  • cool. thanks!! congrats to all!

  • Wow! The quality of these are amazing! Congrats to all mentioned – you rock

  • hee all
    congrats to all of you. See you guys on the the next project

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