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December 30, 2009 - By 

Just wanted to post an update about GSG and what to expect in the next month or so from Greyscalegorilla. This site is all about YOU. Let me know what you want to want to see on GSG by dropping a comment below or sending me an email with your tutorial suggestions. Happy new year.

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  • Keep us posted on that GSG/MCS event in Chicago, I’ll be there for sure, and I know I’ll be bringing friends ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks for such a great tut site. I’ve learned a bunch this year about AE and C4D.
    I have a tut AE/C4D request: Can you possibly create one that shows us how to track 3D extruded text and comp it into a video like they do during the show “Fringe”? You know what I’m talking about? It’s such a cool effect and I could really use your help on it.
    Thanks and Happy New Year!
    ~Christopher in Burbank.

  • lol “watch the wave…”

    I would like to see some more modeling-related tutorials using stuff like HyperNURBS, so we can sort of integrate that with our motion knowledge of C4D.

    Happy New Year!

  • hey nick can you do a tutorial about that christas tree you created. or if you can do one about particles , e.g. fireworks, fire, etc.


  • Loved GSG this year! Hope 2010 is even better.

    Maybe you can do a tutorial on how to get some nice Post effects in AE. To realy ‘sell’ your 3D animations. (Just a tought) Happy New Year!

  • Welcome back buddy! Can’t wait to see what you do in 2010!

  • i love the fact that i’ve learned so many things from you Nick! 2010 more Afx Tips and trick on camera or maybe particular would be awesome. cheers!!

  • Thanks for the update.

    Do you think its possible to cover client relations, what to include it contracts, how to write them, what to to with a fussy client, what to do with one that is just being a dick, how many amendments you should offer. The business side of MotionGraphics.

    Thanks Nick ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nick, you are d’man! Thanks so much for all you do for the VFX learning community. Keep the AE and C4D stuff coming, especially the series on CS Tools. Great stuff!

    Thanks again.

  • 2010 is going to be straight nutty. Here’s to more hoppy beers and some serious amounts of crushing it.

  • Thank you nick for doing making this site so great!

    Happy new year !

  • nice one nick,learned a load from you the past year!! btw i think a few more modeling tuts in c4d would be awesome, seems to be something thats been slightly overlooked and is definitely one of my weaker points!! cheers dude

  • hi Nick, thanks for the job you’ve done so far on your sites !!!
    I wanted to know if you got tips or tutorials about photo-manipulation and poster design
    Happy New Year from Algeria !!!!!!

  • Hi Nick!
    I think Greyscalegorilla is far better than most of the sites around the web, and to help you make it better I would love to see more 3D integrated to video (tracking etc). And i think if you made a series of tutorials all related to the same project, and show us all the aspects of the most common jobs you have, i think many of your viewers would become better at Motion Graphics. To click here and click there is the easyest thing in the world, but knowing IF, and WHY we should click on that particular button, is far more complicated. The Five-Second-Projects are great for learning such things. I hope this site continues its success and maybe even passes Videocopilot.

    Anyways; Happy New Year, Greetings from Norway!

    (sorry for some bad english)

  • Hey love your site
    Really wants to see here some fluid dynamics tutorial
    including realflow and cinema 4d

  • Hey Nick ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope you don’t forget my idea about a tutorial of doing your hairstyle.


  • Yeah Nick, let’s talk about 2010 !


    – more creative tutorials, espacially multi-part ones dealing with 2D part, then 3D part, then animating/tracking part etc : for example, your tut about exporting scene from C4D to AE was one of your best for me
    – more creative products like PS for Photographers : I bought it, I liked it cause it’s Gorilla’s style and more important it is workflow-based and that’s definitely what we want !
    – maybe some advises about hardware (for example) : is a mac pro 8-proc worth it compared with an iMac 4-proc considering price difference ? in case of a mac pro, what videocard brand is better/reliable when using C4D, openGl and so (sure you’ve already think about it …) ?


    – this family cuthair going back from Michigan : we want Gorilla’s cuthair !
    – mouth-sounds while recording …
    – recap at the end of tutorials (you’re definitely the recap’man !)

    I love GSG and the way you drive it, so keep going on !

    Happy new year from France.

  • Thanks Nick for making the C4D learning process less boring!! For me as a compositor it’s been hard to find motivation to learn 3D, but this site makes it fun and easy! Love your tutorial style.

    Want to see a bit more of C4D animation, both camera and animating objects. Also more C4D/AE integration projects, maybe some realflow.

    Happy New year from Sweden!

  • more CS tools! Cant thank you enough Nick, cinema would have been so much scarier without you

  • Good hair today!
    Would like to see some more advanced Cinema 4D stuff and some stuff about Design in genereal.

  • I’d like to see or know more about your lightning and render techniqes to get semilar results like in the light rig exsamples on your flicr site. THX from Germany i love your blog and it helped me out a lot in the past.

  • What I want to see next year from GSG?
    – Of course new series of nose itchy-and-scratches;
    – lots’n’lots of fun tuts about C4D/AE mystery-solvings;
    – AE tricks;
    – maybe more about “how to combine music and where to find music to your comps”;
    – alot more five second projects … in one word : KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK (damn… five words :P).

    PS. Nice hairdo man ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy New Year from Estonia

  • Like the site Nick… lots of useful information.

    I hope people agree with this when I say I would like to see a tutorial on how to do transitions from a 2D pic into a 3D scene (fly into a picture) like in the opening to to the HBO show Carnivale.

    Most of your tutorials a re pretty useful though. Happy New Year.

  • So… you come to Michigan and you do not even call me to go to lunch!! Sup with dat??!! : )

    Happy New Year and maybe next time you care to brave the elements here in Michigan, we can do lunch er sumthin!

    Good stuff too btw – really helpful!

  • Thanks for all of the excellent tuts.
    -Maybe a few more links to other tut sites that you would recommend, like helloluxx.
    -Bodypaint tuts would be nice as well.
    Keep it up. You’re doing a great job. Have an awesome new year.
    Thanks again.

  • Hello Nick,

    Happy New Year to you !
    I just discovered your site ans I find it great as
    I work in motion design in France, and use the same tools
    than you, AE and C4D (beginner).

    I have two technical problems / idea of tutorial :

    – C4D : 3D morphing with a bank of fish that become
    one shape, and then one other, etc… like in Pixar’s Nemo.

  • Oups sorry,

    and then the other idea of tutorial :

    – the Particular V2 effect made by Esteban Diacono,
    that you surely have seen, on trapecode website.
    I tried to reproduce it, but I failed though I got something close. I find it so beautiful !!! It would be great if you kew how to do it. Peder Nordby helped at toolfarm but it doesn’t seem to work so well… I don’t have those large and soft curves flying, only cloudlet…

    For me the key is the link between the audio
    and all the parameters in P2 and the light emitter.

    Well, anyway,
    whatever tutorial you want to do, you’re doing a great job!

    Thank you !

  • happy new year nick, always a joy to come in and see you!

    Uri Soglowek

  • i’m sad i don’t live in chicago ahah! but anyway Nick! Great new Year! And i want to thanks for all the Help! This blog really helped me this year to get into my targets! and i believe it will continue.


  • keep it up man! you’re just awesome! keep on teaching and loving what you do.
    happy new year!

    did you buy all of the programs you are using (you’ve probably got this question a lot), and do you recommend downloading programs to TRY them, but not to use them professionally?

    do you have any knowledge or experience with Flash?

    will you ever come to norway?

  • Hi Nick ill be falowing u all the way in 2010
    just getting ready for the new year here in Scotland i wish you all the best for it and have a wee dram or ten on me your a great guy

  • I really like the site, Keep it up! I would love to see more design -> 3D -> comp workflow. PS. Looking forward to your lecture at Hyper Island!

  • Keep up the good work! See you at Hyper Island!

  • Keep up the good work.. Love all ur tuts..
    Have an awesome new year.

  • Happy new year. You Rock !

  • More sandwich tuts please! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for making this place great and happy 2010! I hope you’ll be doing something cool in April. I think my wife and I are visiting Chi-town this year.

  • Awesome blog , really dynamic. Can’t wait to see what will be next in 2010 on your side.

  • Could you do a video on your post process post process workflow. After the video is done it looks perfect. The ram preview is great. Now what. What to render to how to compress what to do with the files. How to best store old projects. Thanks for everything you do!

  • What we want? Dude, we want compositing.
    Cinema 4D > Photoshop/AfterEffects
    Got it? COMPOSITING!!!

    Happy 2010 everybody!

  • I’m learning Cinema 4D strictly from online tutorials online and have never dealt with a program like this so I’m a little lost on the application and usage of a lot of tags

  • a few ustream every now and then would be nice. I haven’t caught an episode of that since it disappeared.

    detailed tutorials or tell us what you’re hitting on the keyboard for AE newbies and beginners like myself!

    Thank You Nick!

  • I’d love to see more on C4D rendering. Specifically tips to speed up render times and more importantly, any tips you can share for rendering more realistic scenes for compositing. With more more clients demanding 3D in their commercials, rendering realistic items for compositing into shots is important.

  • Hi Nick,

    what about a tut on cloth sym?
    materials been ripped with objects like a claw thru cloth?

    Stay cool kimosavee


  • Real world elements in motion, Fire, Water, Earth.

    Fire – something burning with smoke

    Water – filling a glass and spilling

    Earth – Rocks down a mountain breaking apart

    Thanks – Tj

  • i’d like to know about character animation.
    not tutorials or those stuff, but it’d really help me if you analize some caracter animation (specially some methods that can be made in after effects) and talk about that.

    thanks nick. have a great year gorilla

  • Cinema 4D Depth of Field – I can’t find any decent tutorials on this.

  • Hey man, that’s cool Happy New Year!

    This video I found looks like a animation studio collective showing off their 5-second reels.

    Just thought I’d add that since I think the 5-sec projects are a great way to get productio started.

  • more C4D magic! How about grabbing a picture and using some camera mapping inside cinema 4d to add dimension to the picture. Sort of like the US cellular spot that you discussed in the past.

  • Thanks Nick for all the tutes. Can you do something on broadcast designs and animations for the TV, using c4d and ae, thanks.

  • What date will you be in Hyper Island dude :D? I’d love to be there! (live in stockholm)

  • Hey Nick,

    These tutorials really are excellent. You’ve helped so many, so much.

    If anything, I’d like to see a tutorial about simple C4D character animation, or even just some tips on how to animate a simple cube to give it personality?

    Thanks so much for your dedication.


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