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December 9, 2009 - By 

High Rez: Going for a walk

Low Rez: Making Lunch

I’ve just finished trying out the new Ustream Broadcaster App for the iPhone that allows you to stream LIVE from your iphone though WiFi and 3G and I am impressed! We are officially living in the future. It worked almost flawlessly, letting me sign up quickly with my Ustream account. It allowed me to twitter out a link to let people know I was on and bam… people started showing up. The chat box even shows up in the app so you can read peoples questions. There is also a “Polling” option that allows you to do a quick poll though the app. it even works with 3Gs and 3G phones.

Watch above to see some of the videos that were made with the app. The quality isn’t bad on wifi, but it suffers a bit when using 3G. I tried out the low-rez setting to check out the quality. It’s not that much worse than the hi-rez setting. The bad news though is that it does a center crop to make the video size smaller. This turns the really nice wide angle lens on the 3Gs into a telephoto. Not good for filming yourself at arms length. Lastly, watch your battery! I went out for a walk and it died in about 5 minutes. I only had about 20% battery to begin with, but I can tell that this thing is a battery hog. I should have remembered to bring my new Mophie Juice Pack along with me.

Bravo to Ustream for making a robust, live streaming app that fits in my pocket. I will definitely be using Ustream more often while I’m out and about and traveling this holiday. I just have to make sure I have a full charge.

Get the UStream Broadcaster here.

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  • well that rocks ^^

  • Amazing technology, hope to buy my iphone soon. +-650 euro is a lot of money!

  • That’s pretty nice. I can see it now, their new tag line “Ustream Live Anywhere, Literally”.

    There’s so many good and bads uses for that. I’m surprised how good the sound quality.

  • I loved the sandwich tutorial xDDD

  • I instantly got this for my iPhone 3G and you can even choose to “save video”!! We really are in the future… Live broadcasting from anywhere!

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Hey Nick, thats pretty awesome!
    Heard you talking about how you needed a stand check out Zacuto, I know they have some products for the iPhone.
    Could this ( ) be something?
    Keep on doing what you’re doing!

  • get a life man !
    ahh kiddin…(kind of)

  • android had it first

  • Wow! That tutorial was great!! I have been making sandwiches wrong all these years!!!

  • In all seriousness, we should have a sandwich section… I made a ridiculously good toasted one today haha

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