Best Of “Milk and Cookies”

January 11, 2010 - By 


This simple, yet really clever animation from unlime really caught my eye as the winner. I like the subtleness of this one. The cookie’s sly grin as he goes into the tuck position really makes me grin with him. The slow motion effects on this one is great too. The heavy film grain, the vignette, and the timers make this feel authentically slow-mo. Great work!

Of course, stay tuned for the next Five Second Project announcement soon.

Honorable Mentions

See all the entries, here

  • Really nice videos again, great work everybody !

  • cool! thank you for your nice compliments, nick! congrats to everybody! I’m curious about the next project. ^^

  • great !! nice stuff unlime you deserve the victory 🙂 congrats to all ! See ya !

  • Whooaa nice…

  • Great works! Proud of being among the Honorable Mentions. Congratulations to everybody. Some of my favourites are not among the winners but it is a great selection anyway.

  • Gratz to everybody! nice work!! I hope to be in the next round 😛

  • hey,
    Congratulations to all who made it.Waiting for the next session.

  • Awesome stuff.
    How come none of them resolve at 5 seconds.

  • WOW, all of these are fantastic! Nice job everyone.

  • Just combing through these projects for some ideas and this one is great but bugs me. The timecode is in realtime while the video is in slomo. Unless that is the playback timecode from a camera shooting at 60fps (in this hypothetical world) then it isn’t accurate. Aaaand I’ve officially taken the 5 second project wayyyy too seriously 😛

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