Nick Campbell of Greyscale Speaks at Hyper Island, Sweden

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This is a recording of the lecture I recently gave at Hyper Island in Sweden. I spoke to their design, interactive, and design students about how to get a job as a designer. The talk goes for about 90 minutes and then there is some great Q&A at the end.

Thanks to Hyper Island for having me and to all the students for being so nice and making me feel so welcome.

  • I heard they paid you in Swedish meatballs nick? Is this true?

  • Nick, this is Esteban, the creator of Let Yourself Feel. I would like to ask you a few questions if you have a few minutes. Please write me @

    thanks in advance.

  • Had I known this I would have “crashed” your presentation. I would have liked to hear it IRL.

  • Great lecture nick, one of the best so far at Hyper Island. Really inspiring 🙂

  • Thank’s for visiting! You know we talked about my social media experiment, it’s up and running now. Check it out…

  • aawh didn’t know you were here in Sweden, -.-

  • Gotta watch it man. Catch you later.

  • Yeah I’ll watch this later, thanks for recording it all!
    Did you only do this lecture once?
    Come to Norway next time, will ya? 🙂

  • Watched the whole thing. It’s better then watching a movie :). Thanks for posting Nick , some great tips in there.

  • Very cool. Thanks for posting this lecture. I would love to see some examples of the photoshop boards you show clients, when proposing an idea. I love to whole creative aspect of all of this.

  • Great lecture. Key points were solid and translate to anyone looking for a job! You sir, are a motivational speaker!(jokes aside, inspiring and energetic as usual, thank you)

  • Hey, Really enjoyed the lecture! Thanks for posting the whole thing, I found it very motivating and the links very useful.

    I just wanted to weigh in on the premade vs custom sites. I think building your own portfolio is an excellent way to get some web experience, I’ve seen some really interesting designs from people who were not web dev’rs, but I appreciated the effort.

    That being said, I’m currently going through over a thousand submissions for illustrators and designers for a graphic novel project and professional looking sites definitely will get a better look then flickr or deviantart. I think those are good to have, but I like to see that some time and effort has gone into this. Also, with flickr, you just see the most recent work, you should have a portfolio with only your best pieces in it so you can control what prospective clients see. I take a look a maybe a couple images then move on. Make sure they’re going to be the right ones.

    Sorry this ran on a bit long, but I think its a very relevant and interesting discussion that I’ve been asked about a lot lately. Thanks again for the great talk.

  • Hi Nick, nice stuff also the typography part … cool. I have a tutorial for Typography may help someone

  • As a former Hyper Island student and as a motion designer, I´m more than happy to see their new approach towards motion graphics and more interesting lecturers.. 🙂

    Even if you´re already in the business, this definitely gives you hints on how to get your next job, great job nick!

  • Aaww man, Sweden!?
    Why wasn’t I there..

    Just gonna go grab a big bowl of popcorn and watch this, thanks for putting it up Nick.

  • I have great appreciation for your work, but there’s one thing that you said that I don’t agree on. You stated that you prefer a good designer over someone who knows the software inside out, because you can teach a designer on how to use the software afterwords. Many times this is not true because designers have no interest in learning complex piece of software because it might disrupt their creativity. If you have someone who is 100% Creative and then working on the team is someone who is 100% software savy, you get a great piece of work.

    • couple comments
      1. An eye for design is a much more general/flexible thing though, applicable to many platforms. If your a good photographer, you’ll pick up film, graphic design really quick, etc. Its really about learning how to communicate well and creatively solve problems using whatever medium works best.

      2. I think having a good understanding of the technology at a high level is much more important then a encyclopedic knowledge of photoshop hotkeys. Learning how to quickly learn new technologies is the key.

      just my two cents, im happy to hear other viewpoints

  • Great work Nick, thanx for sharing.

    Really appreciate repeating the questions so we can hear.

    Great advice on self-promo stuff.

  • You must have made great impact on the Hyper peeps. Your session got several students so inspired to create visually that they swapped over to the design module from the tech module, witch I am about to start. Hate you for it 🙂

    Great to see people like you over at Hyper Island. I Like your attitude. Will try and bring more of that into the development side of things.

  • These are great tips…I’m glad that there are still people that lecture who have real world experience.

  • Do you think you’d ever make it over to Billy Blue in Sydney, Australia?

    It’d be so dope if you did!

    How do you go about getting these lectures? Do the schools contact you or do you contact them?

  • Oi Nick! Thanks for coming over to us, it was a pleasure. If you ever get back to Stockholm remember to give us kids a holler for some nerdchat over brews!
    Atli Viðar

  • Hey Nick,

    Great presentation, as always. Learn something new on each one. Thanks for sharing.

  • “The White Sox won the Big Baseball Championship!?” Come on Nick, it’s called the World Series! 🙂

    Great lecture at Hyper Island and keep up the great work!

  • Nick,

    I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks. I have been following your site for awhile now and have been watching your presentations. For some reason, this one really got me thinking about my current approach at my job, and how I might change my outlook on things. Thanks for everything you do!

  • Hey Nick, where do all the cool kids hang out in Toronto (A.K.A. fake Europe)?

  • Thank you for a most awesome lecture, really inspiring!

  • Very cool tutorial, it’s usefull for everybody ! thanks Nick once again

  • Was great to watch!

    Thank you !

  • Great lecture! I just came home from work and looked at this. A true inspire! I would, however, want to learn more about the mysterious wonders about how to deal with clients. As you pointed out, they are the ones who pay you, and you should embrace the constrains within projects, but somehow I feel there must be a limit. After all, they hire us for our skills and profession. Right? What is your experience? What is the secret to get both parts pleased with a work?

    Keep it up!

  • Thank you for doing this, you are AWESOME!!! So much good information for students.

  • I’ve been meaning to watch this for quite a while but didn’t have the time to watch in it’s entirety (I just got through all 3 keyframe episodes yesterday) and I was sure I would want to watch the whole thing.

    Really great lecture, you speak as easily in front of a crowd as you do in front of a camera and that can’t be said of everyone.

    The way you describe your attitude about life and learning speaks to me more personally than I can explain in a comment.

    It really is inspirational to see someone who I can identify with very specifically being as successful and well received as you are!

    Thanks again for everything you do, it gives me a lot of hope for my career.

  • Hi Nick..

    This is a great inspiring video.. It will really help us.. 🙂 Another thing i would really like to know from you is how did u find hyper island as a college for motion graphic, cz im thinking of doing a motion graphic course from there.. So could i please expect a reply on this from you.. Thanks 🙂

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