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  • Rober Jamal Brooks February 4, 2010 at 10:34 am

    GREAT!!! I was awaiting another episode. I thought you guys gave up on me, and I was sad…. but great to see you back, going to watch now.

  • Good stuff. But I wish Pasquale would get a better microphone. It is very hard to hear your input.

  • Alright guys, thanks for doing this. A couple comments –

    1) I would make sure the audio is leveled out before publishing.

    2) It would probably be beneficial to see more samples when you’re talking about something, or perhaps a quick run through using an application. Otherwise, this might as well be audio-only.

    Thanks so much – I look forward to seeing a lot more of these!

  • Hey Guys, It’s always great to hear what other working professionals use for hardware and how they approach their work flows. I’m a PC user from way back. I choose the platform because when I started freelancing, Macs were way underpowered with their Motorola processors, and their proprietory nature meant being restricted to certain types of software. Now days there really isn’t that much difference between the platforms in my view. I own a dual quad core (2.85 GHz) PC with 8 GB RAM and 1TB 7200 rpm hard drive. This is fine for me since I don’t do loads of 3D work. I’m mostly doing motion graphics and visual effects work. I do think it’s important to have an excellent graphics card for as close as possible to real time previews.
    What I really like about working in the field is designing a concept and then problem solving how to make that concept a reality. This is why the 5 sec. challenges are so fun. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing, it is appreciated more than you know.

  • This was actually a very good episode. Also, another thing…. It’s funny watching you all with different coloured shirts on, it’s like watching ‘THE MOTION RANGERS’. Pasquale, you really need to sort the audio out, as you seem to have a very similar problem in all episodes. You should also have a Keyframers Competition as well.

    Anyway…. keep up the AWESOME! work. I really enjoy what your broadcasting and can’t wait for the next episode.

    Thank you!

  • Can you guys put up the link to that original animation and the links to those twitter accounts?

    Good ep!

  • Finally a new episode. I guess it’s hard for you guys to find the time to make new episodes, since you all got your individual projects you are working on.

  • Very Cool and inspiring animation, this is the first keyframe episode Ive seen, and think Im going to watch the others now.

    It really helped me, since i was stuck on a animation, since it gave me more of a plan structure then instead of doing it off my head.

    and did you say your giving your tablet away? 0.o

  • And by the way, love the keep keyframing at the end lol

  • Woo bringing it back!
    Any ideas on when the reel critiques will get their revival?

  • love it!

    this stuff is really helpful, really great to see what several people at a time (and of course they talking about the stuff) so that you don’t end up only learning from one source. Thanks!

    Nick you have a much better mic and frame rate than the others, which made your yell at the end more clear than the other’s. KEEP KEYFRAMING!

  • pretty cool guys , waiting for episode four

  • Sweet. I agree with Dave Glanz !
    keep it Rockin !

  • Agree with David! Make it a Podcast! 🙂

  • Who is with me?
    This type of online stuff is becoming a little bit nerdy…

    • I agree with the above comment.

      Don’t get me wrong I TRULY appreciate such a great and amazingly free resource like GSG.

      I just feel it’s completely unnecessary and distracting to have the video intro’s and thumbnails of Nick and other presenters throughout.

      Great stuff otherwise 🙂

  • Cool stuff! keep em’comin.
    BTW its NOT nerdy. They’re miles and miles away from each other, and we can see there conversations w/ each other. This is a miracle, people!

    Thanks guys!!!!!

  • Hey Nick, nice Grados. Just curious if you use those to check audio levels during editing?

  • Great episode, very insightful as always. I just have a slight question regarding the hardware topic. I’m looking into buying a new mac, as I too run out of patient waiting for my 1st gen Macbook-not-Pro to render a frame in AE. Of course, a Mac Pro would be wonderful and almost limitless in terms of upgrading and expanding. But it’s SO expensive!

    I have been on a recent internal battle on jumping on those iMac i7’s but I am aware of it’s restrictions. Now, I don’t work from home, but I think if I’m going to spend money on a computer, I might as well do it right from the get go.

    With that in mind, it’s interesting to hear that Pasquale does 3D on a Macbook Pro and still is where he is. I guess true enthusiasts will make due with what they have… but a Mac Pro still is enticing 🙂

  • I would be interested to see how much an internal RAID setup on the Mac speeds up the data transfer. I have an internal RAID on my PC and the data rate is just barely faster than my single drive. I’m not sure if I will keep my internal RAID when I build a new computer…

  • Curious about the internal RAID set up. Are you using 2 drives in a Striped RAID set up?

    is there an option to do an external raid out there?

  • hey great episode!

    what about graphic cards? fx quadro, radeon? i dont find any good reviews and data about all those cards working with after effects and cant find a clear answer. is it worth the money spending 2200 bucks on fx 5800 or what about radeon HDseries in crossfire?

    thanx alot guys for this great stuff

  • Hi guys!
    I have to say that I have just released my 2009 reel maked on my personal 2gh core duo and 1gb ram!

    wooo that was a longest after effects and Cinema “rpg” editing ever;) I learned a patience, thats for sure;)But also I learned how to use low config in Cinema to short time render with not-bad look, there is no AO for exaple.

    I’m going to move to London to progress my skills and creativity more, I thing the best option for starting motion designer is hire to studio with their hardwares and render farm to keep it rolling. Its kind a problem to spend so lots of money for start in new place.

    Then i’m going to buy a iMac ’27 in highest config and latter connect it to the Mac pro whit 16gb ram. What do You thing about this?
    I heard that AE needs 2gb ram for every core[?] so 8 cores needs 16gb + ram for system?

    Best greets

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