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March 29, 2010 - By 

I wanted to announce this new site I have been working on with Trevor Turk and Joshua Schaible. Introducing, Reel Roulette. The easy way for Motion Designers to be discovered. We made ReelRoulette to make it easy to find motion talent and to make it easy to show your best work off. Submit your reel now or just head in and browse. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite reels. We have much more planned for ReelRoulette, but we would LOVE to hear from your. If you have any suggestions or comments, please drop them in the comments below.

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How We Built ReelRoulette By Trevor

  • Thats actually a pretty cool idea.
    Josh isnt related to that nutbag evan is he?

  • Well I must say that this is a great Idea that I’m surprised is just coming out now, and I’m glad that the idea is in good hands.. I will definitely put my reel up as soon as I have compiled one. Thanks Nick, Great idea!!

  • I love you for this!
    So awesome idea and yeah. For those bored peeps out there, go to reel roulette not chat roulette!

  • i love the site! it’s like motion served but you don’t even have to go back to watch the next ^^

    do you filter out bad reels?

  • Where is the GSG skin? (gotham and some hot gradient)

    • hehe, I went a different direction on this one. This site isn’t about thegorilla. it’s about showing great work. So, I wanted to make something simple that would get out of the way and let your reels SHINE!

  • cool!, is there gonna be a top 10, or reel the week or so?

  • Is this just for the USA or also for the rookies in the rest of the world?

  • Great site/concept. Bookmarked under “inspiration”.

  • I do have a suggestion. Since its world wide, an option to put country/city/state in would be very nice.

    Maybe in the hope I find a fellow dutchman 😀

  • Great idea!

    For those of us that spend a good deal of our time outside of motion design is it alright to upload a real that is primarily video/cinematography based?

  • I’d like to suggest a sort of shopping cart… So you can select reels you really like, and then go back and review them. I think this would be handy when shops are looking for talent.

    Also, when it comes to the top 20, I hope there’s a way for new reels to break into that.. Otherwise, reels that have been up for a lot longer will always have more votes…and then continue to get more votes by being in the top 20..

    Just my thoughts. I like the idea! It’s also a great way for other designers to know what your competition is…

  • When you click on the link for a persons homepage u should make it so that it opens in a “new Tab”. Its so anoying to use the “back button” Just a tip 🙂

  • Freaking awesome idea, Nick! I love how simple the site is and what a awesome thing to do for the community.

  • Can people besides motion designers submit reels? Or would you prefer motion graphics reels only?

  • Nice :D, actually I’m more than a n00b in motion, and thanks to your tutorials I’m using more and more my Cinema 4D an AE.

    You can see my “basic” vids at:

    Cheers 😀

  • The views on my vimeo reel for today have definitely gone up substantially. What I’m wondering is… how much of the video has to be played before it’s considered viewed. If someone doesn’t like the first little bit of the reel and clicks next, is that counted as a view?

  • Nick thank you for creating such a great site. I think students will benefit from it!

  • Great Website… i like it!!!

  • Hi Nick im prety fan of ur worck and i like what u do for all of us. Prety nice page (i thugh i´m good) anyway…
    i have a QUESTION for u or someone who reads my comment.
    I just make one computer (put spesifications in the image below) and need to know how to get the best performance in Cinema 4d?
    i mean the best configuration for it
    how do i get grapic aceleration from my card? and all relationated questions about the configuration

    (the 12GB ram still no arrived so i put one i had in here)

    • The four things that make Cinema fly are Ram, Chip Speed, Graphics card and setting optimization from within the software (know your GI, AA, and light quality settings). Get all of these as high as you can so speed up your renders.

  • gratings from MEXICO

  • This is a really great idea, kinda on the same lines as

    I think what also might be cool, is if there’s a Tutorial/tips section, whereby people who might get asked questions about how they did certain parts of their reel, can post tutorials or links on how they did it.

  • Such a nice idea! I’m on it. 🙂

  • Marshall Baltzell March 30, 2010 at 8:51 am

    Not sure if this was mentioned yet, but it would be great to have some way to save reels you like in your account, so you could go back to them at any time and watch. Similar to Vimeo’s ‘Like’ feature. Also, having a few share links to Twitter, Facebook, email, etc would be beneficial if someone wanted to show, say, a potential employer a great designer.

    Is it possible to break up searches based on time, color (overall), or other data like that?

  • great website i really love it & i like your ideas.. congratulatio neck
    suggestion : i would love to see
    (Recent Reels Added in Reel Roulette)on front page i know u want it simple 🙂

    last thing i have question please :
    is reels showing randomly when i click on Next Reel button ?

  • Love the new site. It’s nice to see so many different reels. Great for inspiration, to see people’s styles, see how they cut their reels etc. And obviously great exposure.

    Looking forward to the future features. You didn’t mention this, but i could also see it being helpful if you could set up an account (aside from posting your reel) to save the reels you liked. say if your a producer looking for talent or an artist saving reels as reference/inspiration.


  • this is great! I have wasted half a day watching new stuff and trying to work out other people’s tricks…
    would love to have a drop down of country/state/city one day but love where this is going…

  • This is great, I stumbled upon it yesterday should have known it was your creation.
    I think you should add a way for users to see how many times there reels have been liked, it would be encouraging and give me a reason to visit often.

  • Nick you amaze me every time. Thank you for this!

  • Great idea! Just found a great local talent via his demo reel on a social networking mograph site. I would have definitely used this had it been setup when I started searching.

  • Stats that you could view about your reel would be great.
    For example.
    # of times liked
    # of times nexted
    average time before nexted

    ect ect ect.

    Sry if this has already been mentioned I didn’t have time to read all of the comments.

  • Hi Nick,

    Congratulations to you and your 2 friends for developing such a great idea.

    I have a question… is Reel Roulette only for Freelancers or also small studios?

  • They really need to be categorized and include a way to organize and save choices made by viewers.

  • Hey I tried with
    and it said it was not a valid address.

  • Hee Nick,

    Great one,good concept and a good website. The view is really fresh. Maybe its a nice idea for company’s that they can search on country.

  • Hi Nick, thank you for this new great idea!
    I have a suggestion for you:
    I think that the reel roulette could me more interesting, for someone who is looking for someone to hire, with the possibility to choose a country where pick the reel from.
    Thank you for you job, It’s very important for us, new motion designer!

  • Hi Nick !

    Great idea ! I was “clicking that stupid button”, and now I’ve been trained, I’m clicking that “next reel” button and it’s very addictive !

    And lucky me, my reel is in your video-post to show how this work 😉

    Thanks for all these great stuff !

  • Hey Nick,
    thanks for reel-roulette…i love it.
    I looked at “my stuff” on vimeo and my reel was played 200 times in 5 days…booooyaaaa….great!

  • Such a great idea !
    I’ve spent a lot of time watching a lot of good jobs ! It “feeds” me a lot, one more good idea from the Gorilla (& friends).

    One point : you were right about the timing question :
    less than a minute (reel duration) is great, more than a minute become too long.

    Thanks Nick

  • Nick you are my man crush.. don’t worry i play for the other team.

    great idea by the way, I will for sure be using this when its time to shine.


  • This is great… congratulations.

    You should consider allowing people to sign in with Facebook Connect as opposed to creating a new account. I bet you’d get much higher engagement.

  • Thank you for your valuable information.Today I found your blog and I read you post, it is really good..

  • Great work and great idea!

  • What happened to reelroulette?

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