Come Say Hi at NAB – Oh, and Check Out My New Cinema 4D Mograph and MoDynamics Reel

April 9, 2010 - By 

Here are all of my Cinema 4D Mograph Renders over the last few years. I made this to show off at the Maxon Booth at NAB where I will be presenting. Come say hi if you are at NAB, will ya? Don’t worry if you can’t make it. They will be live streaming the events at Cineversity. See you there?

Maxon at NAB Schedule

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  • good work man. I feel like I was there after watching most of those in tutorials.

  • Wow when I saw those target commercials I totally thought you did them!

  • Solid. You are the MoDynamicMan!

  • There are way too many tutorials in this reel. I’ve seen a guy teach all those online. What were you thinking?

  • Really nice work man. I’m excited because I may have just convinced one of my bosses to budget for a copy of Cinema4D. I really just want to get a chance to jump into this program! He asked me to show some example of how it will help out and I may just use this as one of them.

    Keep the top notch work coming!

  • Make it shorter… and faster… and… Just kidding πŸ˜€ It’s great! ^^

  • Have fun at NAB and congrats on the mini-Gig with Maxon. You da man.

  • Cool stuff πŸ™‚

    The part with the red spheres that creat words, could you make a tutorial on how to recreate that ? i guess it’s something to do with the atractor tool

  • Awesomeness. I like the NEUTRONS piece the most!

  • Hi,
    I think on Monday,April 12 at 8am PDT is the exclusiv global launch of Adobe CS5. I hope it isnΒ΄t at the same time.

  • I love C4D. Great work. Keep up the excellent tutorials!

  • Oooh, gravatar – nice.

  • Great work! Makes me want to re-watch all of your old tutorials.

  • I know you want to do a tutorial on the 7up part of this!!

  • Nice work Nick here my mini reel I created after watching your tuts.I would have some longer shots but my MacBookPro can barley handle the renders.

  • greatness:)

    how to do that arrow or DNA that moves along the spline?

  • Very nice ! Long life to greyscalegorilla and C4D !!!

  • Hey Nick! Great great stuff!!

    I just would love to watch a Mograph2 tutorial about the “Cherry 7up” effect, that will be AWESOME!

  • whoa whoa whoa! Do you make to new Target commercials??

  • I swear I’ve seen those somewhere else I just can’t put my finger on it…

    lol, keep up the good stuff Nick!

  • You need to make a T-Shirt to sell with your other goods.
    Something about NC loving balls.

    I asked this a couple posts back and no one answered it.
    What’s the 5 sec project time line these days? When have you been posting new categories and how long you giving to get em done?

  • megarad reel man.
    how bout teachin how to make that assembling text? would be super sweet.

  • Beautiful Mograph Reel πŸ˜€ Very exciting work. When you have a chance Nick.. could you please explain very briefly how you created the NEUTRONS word formation scene.

    Thanks for all your help.
    Greeting from Portugal.

  • Hey is that from the YellowPages commercial?

  • Looks great, I’ve always been impressed with your renders – the colors look so good. I may need to get your Lighting kit soon.

    I’ve been trying to figure out how you can dynamically transition particles(I use that term loosely) between two(or more) words/objects/splines. Can you do a tutorial on how you did that cherry > 7up transition? Thanks!

  • remember to ask y is it that a null object solves the problem most of the time

  • more tutorials…the christmas ball tree..the seven up cherry …i have no idea how you made them…. your reel was amazing…greetings from Santiago CHILE!!.. πŸ™‚

  • It will nice for a Cherry 7 up tutorials.Its awesome..

  • Excellent Reel, as always.

    Really dig the music too, what is it?

  • its almost like i can make 1/2 of it whats there man.. u teach everything you know, i have heard in one of the tutorials you telling “if u have my light kit, then go ahead and just click on OVERHEAD SOFTBOX. Or else i ll tell u how to do that now..” you dint promote ur own product but taught us how to do it!! amazing man!! im so jealous where my clasmates will get to know ur website that i dont even tell that there is a software called Cinema 4D. we learn maya there. an i got to learn a lot from you man, not just the softwares!! hatss off!!

  • Man, I’m sorry to say this nick…

    but you’re really good ^_^

  • nice reel πŸ˜€

    is there a way to make an object look like it’s melting in cinema 4d?

  • Wow! Great Reel Nick!
    Nice animations!
    I love the song, what’s the name of it?
    Keep it up,

  • Good choice of music! It makes it really light. Not so aggressive as most of the other reels.

  • How about you send me a DVD and I’ll put you on my shelf ^^

  • Nice reel! Like your style and music! πŸ˜€
    Good luck at the NAB

  • great stuff Nick !

  • Awesome! Love the song to!

    I really want a tutorial on some of your older clips which I saw in this reel, which ALSO were in your Creamy Orange reel! I’m talking about the yellow arrow earth globe thing with the bridge model and all that stuff. And also the final “neutrons” clip, with the orange particle logo thing with DNA stuff punching the camera, lol.

    Feels like you’ve taught us how to make all the other clips in there, except for those two, haha! πŸ˜›

    So yeah, tutorial request ^^^^

    • Hi, Marcy!
      I may do tuts on those. But for now, Ill give you a push. The Yellow spot is mostly Sweep nurbs and a complicated camera move using nulls. The NEUTRONS part is similar to the 7up spot. It’s made using the Spline effector.

      Hope that helps.

    • Thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

      ROCK! Lol.

    • Please, please, please do the yellow earth tut. It would be awesome.

      For the cherry 7up, i was thinking you used the inheritance effector. I guess not.\

      Can’t wait for more tuts. Nice music. And congrats on the Maxon gig. I think you’re a perfect spokesman. I wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for the GSG.

  • Totally off topic.. I started a website with vimeo links like this blog.. All my videos are black before you hit start.. How do you get a still shot to display before hitting the actual play button?

  • nice, a little Luke Vibert

  • Wow, the colors are really nice. The music is good to. puts a smile on my face. Thnx nick for all the good tuts

  • Hey Nick !
    On your “HDRI Light Kit Pro” page, there is a place for the “Discount Code”… and I just wonder how to get it…! πŸ˜‰
    And thanks for the answer about “the bounce effect”…Waiting for the tut impatiently !
    Ciao !

  • wow..
    congratulation on your first c4d reel

  • Hey nick, i really enjoy ur tutorials, i am from Argentina and i will love to see a little bit of thinking particles on cinema 4d, i have been watching videos on the internet and i see a lot of really coll projects made with thinking particles, when i try to use it i just dont understand anything, if u could figure that out i will be very tanhkfull. From now thanks a lot, i am waiting for ur reply. πŸ™‚

  • Dude, I have ALWAYS wondered how you can make lots of mograph object form or create text or shapes like in your reel!
    Have you got a tutorial on this or is it very very simple?


  • Even the simplest of your animations in Cinema 4D look so great! … I am definitely going to buy the HDRI Light kit as soon as I land a summer job!

    Also, best of luck for NAB!! πŸ˜€

  • Great stuff Nick! Is there anyting in there that you HAVENT stolen from the cinieverciti?

  • Bumm badoobadoebabdoobah hmmmhm, hm doo bab badoobadobadoobadoooobab badum bumm

  • Great Reel and the song went really well with your animations. I have been creating a project that had a similar effect to your 7 UP stuff using MoGraphs Inheritance effector, I will be looking forward to your tutorial. I really liked your “neutron” build with the particles also. Great Stuff

  • Hi,
    First What I want to say – Great Work!!
    Second is a question: Could you say something more about this yellow earth with arrows. How you made it and what tools you used.

  • I’ve been trying to watch the live stream of NAB at Cineversity Live. All I get is the same video of the same guy they keep playing over and over. How do we view this? By the way, Nick, I saw your site mentioned in 3D Artist Magazine in a big expose they were doing on Cinema 4D and Maxon!

  • Excellent work! Big fan of your blog!

    I’m a bit off topic here (sorry!) but I was wondering if you’ve ever thought of doing some sort of fluids tutorial with C4D.

    Those tutorials are about as rare as the jade monkey… so I’ve heard.

  • Nice Reel Nick. I have a question, how you play with the cam so good in cherry text animation? I love the cam in this one!!

  • woaaaah dude that simulation stuff is rad! i especially like how u let the colored balls fall down so dynamically (is this animated by hand)…the shading is also nice…looks like some seriouse hdr shiiid. keep up the good work buddy.

  • Darn it! I missed you . . . sorry I was a little preoccupied with Nuke and autodesk’s 90% recyclable booth . . .

  • Hi Nick – I wanted to thank you for your presentation at the show – it was really great. I’m excited to start playing around with MoDynamics and super stoked about your HDR light kit!

  • Nick
    You were awesome at NAB. Of course all of Maxon’s presenters ROCKED! I just wanted to say thanks for everything. I don’t know how you do it all but keep it.

  • the cherry 7up part is reall easy, its a cloner object with a model of cherrys inside then just a spline effector with the spline been text, then to get it to change between the 2 you just key frame the strength of the effectors

  • Hey, excellent work! I was wondering if there is a trick to creating the glowing spheres, as seen in opening shot. Is it a material, a glow, or an object with a light inside. I can’t seem to get that effect just right. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi da Gorilla,

    Checking your site pretty often… great Tutorials and nice work!

    Recently I started experimenting with Cinema4D and MoGraph/Dynamics. I’m pretty new at this… but your tutorials were of great help:

    These are promo vids for a dutch festival called Incubate. What better use for clones than that? haha πŸ˜‰


  • I heard that there was an NAB discount code for city kit? is there? By the way great presentation. I learned about your blog last year at NAB and between the pro lighting kit and your blog I have improved my work-flow so much. thank you

  • My concern is at 01:16 Seconds
    How did you created some spheres types things moving around the Text UT????
    i want such effect around a text with Trapcode Particular
    Can you please guide me little bit

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  • Very very impressive

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