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April 14, 2010 - By 

We just launched two new features on ReelRoulette. Our goal is to make a site that will not only show your work off, but also get you hired. Here are the new features.

We added the ability to search all of the reels for specific artists and talents. For example, you can type in “Chicago Cinema 4D” and get only artists near Chicago that know Cinema. Artists, don’t forget to keep your bio updated with relevant information about your location and talents so that you can be found.
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Top 20
All that voting you did is finally starting to be seen. Check out the Top 20 for some of the best reels on ReelRoulette. This is the cream of the crop. Voted on by you.
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  • hey nick! Amusing location over there! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Can’t wait to see the new C4D tuts. By the way, did you record your maxon presentations?

    It’s nice and motivating to see, what you’ve built up in the last year! respect man!
    It would be interesting to hear a summary of your 1st year as an freelancer/independent.


  • Lol nice shabby video ๐Ÿ™‚

    Will update ReelRoulette stuff…

  • Well thank you for keeping us updated! Wow, RealRoulette is gonna be awesome for brands and creatives. Awesome, good luck with the stuff you’re doing on that place where you are.

  • Nice video, thanks for sharing it, i wanna go to NAB someday, and Nick, take care of your voice man.

  • Very nice ! I added “France” near “Paris”…because I heard about a “Paris” in Texas. Don’t you ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Great to see this has become a hit already! Why is it that some videos don’t have the fullscreen option?

    • With vimeo plus the user can choose what buttons they want or don’t want i.e you could turn off the vimeo logo appearing, or the embed button off so some must have switched the fullscreen button off for some reason?

  • Ok. It starting to be spam. But im try one more time)

    Hi Nick, I think you would be interested to see this video I would like to know how fabric in the background look cool like this. I am sure you will not miss the opportunity to tell us all how to do it. By the way this TV video from the city of Odessa which is located in Ukraine, where I live. So we too have something to brag)
    Thank you in advance and apologize for machine translation.
    I appeal to people who write comments here. I can not find how to send Nick a message personally. If someone can help me with this I would appreciate it.

  • oh yes a short summary of your 1st year as an freelancer/independent would be realy cool!

  • I hope mike erla’s reel is as sexy as his dad!

  • Raoul, Jorge, Romain, Dustin, Alexandre, Fabian, wii, steffen, Ando, Jimmy, Jonathan, Kyle, Erik, Dave, Raul, Marc, Danny, JR, and CEDRIC!?!? Not ONE woman!?

    A nice international spread, but…I’m just saying, yo.

  • Sorry, but the top 20 is BS people just vote for themselves.

  • I think there should be a top 20 all time, and then top 10 monthly, weekly, and daily. Just to mix it up a bit and give newly uploaded reels a chance! Also you should display the number of votes each one has.

  • greatness. man your so excited. reminds me a time when i did exstasy first time:).

  • Great, I have been checking on to see if those searching capabilities were up and running yet. Looks like fun over at NAB.

  • jo gorrilah whooots up!
    me likes ja new page with all those fancy reels on it. Keep up the good work dude, you are a good person.

  • Great job gorilla,

    The minimalist style of this site is awesome. All the reels are so inspiring. Can’t wait to see more work up on this site.


    • Some really nice stuff in there – 3mins though? I love the chopping onions thing – chop some of the old work out! It seems to get better as it goes on, the beginning kinda drags, mix it up dude!

  • Wonderful website, I’m just sorry to see that “top20 appearing”, for once we could visit a website without any judgement of that kind, it’ll be soon become a website like any other else, I mean, highlighting those who are already shining…

    I love your website and your hairstyle anyway, keep the good work and forgive my frenchy ugly written english! ยจยฐIยฐยจ

  • One thing that’s kind of annoying but nothing to with the site is the amount of ‘reels’ that aren’t reels. I just watched about 20 – 3 of those were short films/videos not showreels of motion design. One was really nice actually – maybe I’m being miserable working late on a friday.

  • Greetings from Chicago!

    Miss you.

  • I keep getting a ‘Link does not appear to be a valid URL’ error.

    I assume there is a too cool filter turned on or something?

    I tried both these links and still no luck:

  • Cinema4D can be installed in snow leopard?

  • I love the idea of it, but for some reason i can’t get any decent quality out of vimeo. I’ve used all the settings they suggest but the compression is so bad that i wouldn’t want that to reflect my work.

    Its just during the fast moving bits, but other peoples reels with fast moving stuff doesn’t seem to show this artifacting

    Anyone got any tips for better encoding? My version thats on exposure room uses the same source video but looks so much better

  • Hello Nick,

    I’ve put a banner of ReelRoulette on my blog.
    Love the site.. great initiative.


    I’ve you’re not ok with it let me know.


  • hey Nick,

    i wanna thank you for this nice tutorial and all other super helpful videos you do.
    check what i did with it. i would love to hear your critique. thank you

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