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How to Stay Productive and Create Great Work: GSG Live Cast

May 21, 2010 - By 

Here is the recording from Wednesday’s GSGLive cast about Staying productive and staying focused on making cool shit.

Questions and topics include:
Can Design be taught or are you born with it?
How do you know when a project is finished.
Set deadlines to finish your work!
How do you stay focused and ignore distractions?
How do you manage your email?
How long did the GSGlightkit take to Build?
Can you show your reel from school? (Here is my 2005 Graduation Reel from school)
Should I start a business if I have a family?
What software do you use to organize your day?
How long did ShakeItPhoto take to develop?
Thoughts about iPad
Can you recommend some books? (Linchpin and Pholosophers Notes)
How do you spend time for family and friends.
How do you tame the lizard brain?
Does working out boost productivity?
Why I decided not to freelance this year.
How do I make Money?


Greyscalegorilla and Signalnoise Live

May 18, 2010 - By 

UPDATE: If you missed the Live screencast from wednesday, watch the recording here.

Come join us for a live cast face off on Wedesday, May 19th starting at 1PM Central Standard Time. If you don’t know James from Signalnoise, head over there and check out his incredible poster work and his blog. Tune in tomorrow starting at 1PM CST to watch his very informative live cast where he talks about his process and his designs. Then, at 2PM CST, stay tuned for the GSG Live Cast where I will be talking about productivity, staying focused, and making great work. Bring your questions! Thanks to James for the great poster above that he made for the show. See you there.

Casts are over. You can see my live cast here.
Signalnoise Live at 1PM
GSG Live at 2PM


Money, Freelance, and Jobs: The Business side of Design

May 14, 2010 - By 

Just incase you missed it, here is the GSG Live cast from Wednesday where I answered questions about working in a creative industry and how to get paid. In this cast, I wanted to stop talking about the tools and the technique for a moment, and instead have a conversation about how to get a job doing what you love, charge for your time, and how to be a freelancer.

If you want to join the next GSG Live Cast, please stop by GSG LIVE at 2pm CST on most Wednesdays. Also, if you use twitter, be sure to follow me since I always try to tweet out when I am on live. Thanks for watching!

Questions and topics include:
Thoughts about the NOSPEC! movement.
CrowdSpring and staying valuable.
How to get Freelance work
Contracts and getting paid.
Should you charge per project or per day?
Billing for changes and overtime.
Do you charge for render time?
Why Resumes Suck!
How to negotiate your salary.
How to be more productive.
Should you freelance or get a full time job?
Getting a Job when your new in town.

Mentioned in the cast:
Linchpin by Seth Godin <---- Incredible Book about being an indispensable artist. ReelRoulette <---- A place for motion designers to be discovered and get paid. PS: Drinking from a straw never looks cool. UPDATE: There was quite a discussion on twitter about the first few minutes of this video where I talked a bit about Spec work and why I think yelling at the organizers is a waste of time. To be clear, I don't think that spec work is great or that everyone should do spec work. However, I do think that artists and designers should have the choice to participate in whatever competition they want. If they derive value from participating in these contests, then who are you to tell them not to? Anyway, I will try to organize my spec thoughts into a blog post soon. In the mean time, I would love to hear your thoughts about spec work. Have you entered any contests or submited your work to crowdsourcing sites like Crowdspring? If so, why? Did you like the process? Did you think that it was worth it? Would you do it again? Drop your story in the comments and let’s start a discussion.


Winners for “Straight Lines Only” Five Second Projects

May 13, 2010 - By 


Wow! With over 200 entries, this Five Second Project has become the most entered Project to date! With all those great entries, it was also the hardest to judge. After much deliberation, I think this spot by joshua catalano, with it’s 8 bit style transitions and lovely “straight” logo shows great variation in technique and does the most with the limitations. Want more straight line entries? Don’t forget to check out the great honorable mentions below or watch all the entries at the Five Second Project Archive.

A special thanks goes out to Neal Carroll who managed all the entries and kept this project running. This wouldn’t happen without his help… High Five! Hopefully, with Neal’s help, we can keep the frequency of these projects more consistent.

Honorable Mentions


The Pixels Effect Made Easy With The New Voxel Preset

May 11, 2010 - By 

Check out this incredible Preset by Robert Leger called Voxel. It’s based on the pixel effect seen in this popular video by One More Production aptly called PIXELS. Robert’s preset makes it super easy to turn models into pixelated objects. The effect even has a “MoDynamics” button that instantly ads physics to your model. Really fun stuff. Check out his tutorial on how to use it and give it a try.

While you are there, check out some of Robert’s other tutorials. He has a really great style of presenting and always makes great looking renders. I can’t wait to see more from him.

Learn more about Voxel Here

Watch “PIXELS”


Iron Man 2 Graphics Package and VFX Behind the scenes by Perception

May 8, 2010 - By 

Here is an great breakdown of a TON of shots that were made for Iron Man 2 by Perception Studios NYC. They crafted VFX and graphics in over 125 shots for the film varying from broadcast packages and logo treatments to full blown VFX shots with futuristic interface elements. They have a ton of before and after footage that shows all the incredible work that they put into this film. I really dig the vintage logo animations that they made for the Stark Expo too.

Thanks to my buddy John Lapore who worked with perception for the heads up about this post. Great work buddy!
Check out the full post here


New Station IDs made for SignalNoise

May 7, 2010 - By 

I was honored when James White of Signalnoise asked me if I could make him a cool looking “Station ID” for his upcoming art show. I love James’ retro style and have admired his work for sometime now, so I said “hell yes.”

His only direction was that I had to use his logo and that it should look like those old school network ID’s like from the late 70s and early 80s. I drew on some inspiration from two of my favorite IDs from that era and got started animating. His logo was a dream to work with and all the rainbow colors really fit the style. Very simple and very fun to animate. I had so much fun animating it, I made TWO of them. For sound design, I found some song bits that fit and screwed up the audio to give it that VHS recorded sound. They were played at his latest art show in Toronto on loop.

Thanks again to James for asking me to animate your awesome logo. I really have fun with projects like this.