Greyscalegorilla and Signalnoise Live

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UPDATE: If you missed the Live screencast from wednesday, watch the recording here.

Come join us for a live cast face off on Wedesday, May 19th starting at 1PM Central Standard Time. If you don’t know James from Signalnoise, head over there and check out his incredible poster work and his blog. Tune in tomorrow starting at 1PM CST to watch his very informative live cast where he talks about his process and his designs. Then, at 2PM CST, stay tuned for the GSG Live Cast where I will be talking about productivity, staying focused, and making great work. Bring your questions! Thanks to James for the great poster above that he made for the show. See you there.

Casts are over. You can see my live cast here.
Signalnoise Live at 1PM
GSG Live at 2PM

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  • Excellent. Thank you.

  • Omg thats an awesome poster design. Reminds me of night rider lol

  • Very sweet stuff. looking forward to both. Signal noisey is so rad. definitely night rider. Inner cover of one of my old science books from elementary school. dooodle doodle, i’m drawing on my desk. oh…sorry I spaced out there for a second.

  • Let’s hope it’s not two hours of dour – BOOM – I’m hilarious…

  • just great Nick,
    I”m looking forward to be taking part of this one tomorrow. 😀

  • Is there a time difference between CST and EST? Looking forward to it!

  • the poster cam be ahh lie “face off” film design poster ^^

  • Okay, this is the rebirth of COOL… Nick do me a solid, ask James when his fans can finally expect that Signalnoise dvd with those awesome psd’s on it. And while you’re at it get him to do some new tutorials. The community LOVES tutorials. Have a great time.


  • I’ll be there for both, if I can manage to figure out when it is… These timezones mess up my head with too much thinking. (im at gmt+1, or rather gmt+2 as it is now with daylight saving) Why can’t the world just have a unified time??

    Cool poster, makes me think ye be werewolves!!!

  • Steven Griffiths May 18, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    Darn these time zones! I guess I will have to watch a recording. I look forward to it though Nick.
    What time is that GMT?

  • ‘Coming soon, to a Ustream player near you’

  • You should do an evening session sometime. I’m always at work when you’re live.

    • Doesn’t everyone have a job they can just put headphones on and be left alone for a couple hours out of the day?

      Guess I’m lucky! I just wish my work didn’t block Ustream’s Chat, because I can listen, but not talk. LiveStream’s chat works at work, but comes with other problems…

  • great!

    better than tutorials (if you ask me :D)

  • I believe 1 PM CST (UTC/GMT = -6) is 21.00 in Amsterdam(UTC/GMT = +2)/Europe ?! Is that right ?!

  • the advert reminds me of a late 70’s apocalypse film poster…with zombies maybe!

  • Sweet poster but it’s kind of spooky! James looks like he’s about to do something really bad to someone and you look like you’re apathetic to the possibility that he might. 🙂

  • Is there a Cineversity Live that day too? GSG is usually right after that. Pretty soon I may as well not even bother going to work on Wed. because of all the live casts!

  • hey nick. I’m stuck here at work… so i can’t watch you guys live. 🙁
    Hope you’ll record this session.


  • Steven Griffiths May 19, 2010 at 1:29 pm

    Nick, you need some kind of Timer on the Homepage 🙂

  • I’ve missed it 🙁
    I’m so busy these days just to try to get into the motion design world (and its going great) that I don’t have time to join in those live events, specially since I live i a totally different timezone 🙁

  • About productivity and getting in the zone, I’ve been reading “The Now Habit” by Neil Fiore on and off over the past few months and highly recommend it. Even though it’s not necessarily aimed at digital media production and initially seems to simplify life into Work and Play, taking the core ideas of making your detailed, specific to-do lists, aims, goals and aspirations works for me.

    As you said yourself Nick, making a deadline for yourself, particularly when working on personal projects, is the most important thing you can do. Equally, a lot of it comes down to using the correct positive language and motivating yourself, as opposed to coercing, to get shit done. And of couse, there’s Randy Pausch’s lecture on time management which has a load of good ideas in there.

  • Woah this is going to be great.

    Will there be a record of it because im not at home this time (f**k the time shift)

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