How to Stay Productive and Create Great Work: GSG Live Cast

May 21, 2010 - By 

Here is the recording from Wednesday’s GSGLive cast about Staying productive and staying focused on making cool shit.

Questions and topics include:
Can Design be taught or are you born with it?
How do you know when a project is finished.
Set deadlines to finish your work!
How do you stay focused and ignore distractions?
How do you manage your email?
How long did the GSGlightkit take to Build?
Can you show your reel from school? (Here is my 2005 Graduation Reel from school)
Should I start a business if I have a family?
What software do you use to organize your day?
How long did ShakeItPhoto take to develop?
Thoughts about iPad
Can you recommend some books? (Linchpin and Pholosophers Notes)
How do you spend time for family and friends.
How do you tame the lizard brain?
Does working out boost productivity?
Why I decided not to freelance this year.
How do I make Money?

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  • you upload faster than i download and watch, thanks Nick

  • MORE STUFF LIKE THIS! Thanks Nick!

  • Great info Nick, I find it really hard on the internet to find the information you provide us. Thanks again!

    Check out my demo reel, FEED BACK PLZ anyone!

  • Seems a lot of reviews of Godin’s book are from people who received free copy in return for donating to a charity. Seems to be some who feel it’s rehash of prior books with no concrete advice. Curious to know what Godin fans think. Always hesitant to buy “business guru” books. 🙂

    • This is not the case with Linchpin. Sure, some of the ideas you have heard before from Godin, (make something remarkable, Work Hard, Ship) but never has the difficulty of creating been explained so fully and completely. This book puts all the disparate pieces together into one complete idea that changed the way I look at work. Highly recommended.

  • Solid and practical advice, Nick.

  • Your the best teacher i ever had, lol, thanks for all the tuts, advices!

  • Hey Dr Nick

    Another great program!

    Art is never finished, it’s taken from you.

    Deadlines are great for that.


  • Good stuff dude, enjoyed it!

  • That was great, Thanks! also really enjoyed your reel from school

    Dude, write a book. I’m nearly crying here lol.

  • By the way, sad I couldn’t make it live this time 🙁
    Been really busy nowadays and you know.
    Time zone. Clash! BAM. Ouch.

  • this live cast, is practical

    but I do have one suggestion (let’s just said my comment)

    Is it necessary to talk so much topics about how to make cool shit or how to make things cool, stay productive ?

    because for me, if someone ask me how to make something cool, I really don’t know what to say. (I mean how they dare to ask these kind of questions)

    sincerely ur words are really inspire me and ur tutorials are really helpful nick.

    but I just want to say how I feel while I listen what u guys talk.

    it’s just a comments.

    *sorry for my bad english

  • Hey Nick,

    I’ve been reading Tribes by Seth Godin cause here in France whe still don’t have the Linchpin translation…

    btw, you are really leading a tribe now, more and more people are following you and want to listen to your words and advice. You’re doing it the right way cause I know your website for two months now and since then I spread the URL everytime I can. Sometime I feel like I am a preacher 😉

    Keep the great work, can’t wait for the next tut.
    You gave me a great kick in the ass and the guts to get out of my sofa. And the best part of it, push on this damn RENDER button !

  • great insights! thanks man!

  • Nice video, mr. Gorilla.
    Could you do a tutorial regarding sounds matching your animation in cinema4d? Or a tutorial about 3d-tracking (like with Boujou)? Would be really nice!


  • you are great. I learn a lot of things from your website. your site is different from other tutorial site. your site has more than tutorial.
    please keep doing it

    from Korea,

    ps. I hope you can speak korean ^^

  • Nick This format is great.

    Keep it rockin !

  • nick, here is my latest project
    it’s commerecial for a wine festival
    comment plz…..

  • Hey,
    on my PC at home ustream doesn`t work (whyever). Is the video also available on vimeo or the like? I would be very glad….

  • The BIG HURT FRANK THOMAS!!! I love you so much for putting him on their!1 Absolutely amazing!

  • So today another sesion on 21:00 GMT +2?

  • nick i watch all your tutorials ok but i have teh problam: modo 401 is good for especifc project but i love cinema but cinema stay crash!

    teh problam is: water drops i cant to say or use water drops in the objet like coke ? kkk the modo the users uses flur tol for that like this tutorial:

    nick please for god i so burried about this programs . please help me for this problam ahhh thx and nice demo reel

  • Great advice as always! Awesome idea to work for free.

  • Man, this is far better than watching tutorials.

    I’m not very good reading either, that audio book thing sounds like a very good idea.

    I showed to some of my work mates your site, some of them with a lot of experience in the field, so they didn’t find the tutorials very exciting, but this kind of videos proved to be very inspiring.

  • Heyy, i just started a youtube channel with a friend which should show my progress in learning animation and design.

    if your interested the link is

    i don’t publish tutorials from here it feels immoral, i just use them to learn how to make my own things. Thanks

    if this counts as spam ill remove it immediately.

  • great tuts nice man im new in cinema 4d but allready work max but really cinema great thanks
    you are great teacher

  • Hey Nick, about that double-bass-is-for-pussies-drumming thing, watch this guy:

  • Hey Nick if you listen to the audio version of Linchpin, which one do you recommend, the Abridged version or the Unabridged version

    • I’ve been listening the 8 hour version for about 40 minutes and haven’t heard anything I wouldn’t like to hear, or something I feel that was to fill the book. So I’d go for the 8 hour version, not sure how much you could synthesize this thing. I’m very excited about what’s left in the next 7 hours.

  • Listen to Carter Beauford play double bass, he’s the guy who convinced me there was more to it than sprinting on the pedals

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