Iron Man 2 Graphics Package and VFX Behind the scenes by Perception

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Here is an great breakdown of a TON of shots that were made for Iron Man 2 by Perception Studios NYC. They crafted VFX and graphics in over 125 shots for the film varying from broadcast packages and logo treatments to full blown VFX shots with futuristic interface elements. They have a ton of before and after footage that shows all the incredible work that they put into this film. I really dig the vintage logo animations that they made for the Stark Expo too.

Thanks to my buddy John Lapore who worked with perception for the heads up about this post. Great work buddy!
Check out the full post here

  • that’s incredible, thanks for sharing!

  • Hey nick! thanks for posting this up! I saw the movie yesterday and I wanted to go learn the HUD hologram effect immediately! you rock buddy!

  • Nick, I just emailed this link to Nice post. Jeremy & Danny at PNYC are great guys behind some really nice work over the years. *Hopefully Prologue will post some of there IM2 work in the next week or so.

  • Thanks for sharing our work Nick- the whole team at Perception are big fans of the Gorilla!

    In the spirit of GSG if any commenters have questions about our technique or process I’d be happy to answer.
    Thanks Nick!

  • John, First of all I loved all of perceptions work in the movie! Just saw it last night and loved every second. The holographic interactions are what really blew my mind though. I watched all the vids nick linked up above and I especially enjoyed the Stark Phone demo you guys came up with. Maybe you could explain that process a little more in depth? I would love to make a demo like that for my reel!
    Anyway thanks for all the love you guys added to Iron Man 2!!

  • Here’s a great behind the scenes from the first Iron Man and it’s HUD effects here.

    A lot of the hologram stuff in IM2 is probably done in a very similar way. πŸ™‚

  • Jerod- thanks for your comment…
    The early phone test was something we put together in a relatively quick timeframe and a lot of decisions were made based on getting a nice result quickly. I designed & animated the interface first, and then we had a piece of glass cut so we could do our own shoot. Because the animation of the interface was done first (for the shots in the film we designed & animated around existing takes of Robert Downey Jr.’s hand gestures) I needed to make sure the footage we would shoot would match the actions on the phone. To do this I recorded an audio track reading off a script of gestures to time with the animation (“swipe, dial, press, press”), and I listened to it looping on headphones while we shot takes interacting with the glass prop trying to stay in sync with the cues. Our editor Adam Spreng cut together our takes, did sound design and color corrected my pasty hands. When the edit was set we did corner-pin tracking on the phone and roto on the hands. For the final portion we intentionally placed the phone on the table so that it would be locked off and wouldn’t require 3D tracking once things became “holographic”.

    As far as the holographic sequences in Tony’s workshop, what you see on our site is a preliminary test, and the final shots in the film were done by the talented folks at Prologue Films. I believe the HUD sequences were done by Pixel Liberation Front (the now-defunct Orphanage did them in the first film).

    • John, Thanks for the speedy reply. Always love hearing pro’s break down their work-flow! Great stuff! And I totally agree with Fard. The MG presence in Iron Man2 was awesome. Loved all the logo work.

    • β€œPerception had a tremendous amount of fun browsing through PILES of vintage logo animations looking for inspiration, some of which can be seen here:”
      saw this line in the website, well u know what is piles??
      click that link an check for urself.. im a student an would actually be sad to see such mistakes in such a big company.. sorry nick if u dint like my comment.

    • can you tell me in which program it’s made?

  • I was mighty impressed with the MG used in the film. Especially the retro Stark Logo. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for these links. I just saw the movie a few hours ago, and it’s awesome to see what really happened and how they made it work.

  • “Perception had a tremendous amount of fun browsing through PILES of vintage logo animations looking for inspiration, some of which can be seen here:”
    saw this line in the website, well u know what is piles??
    click that link an check for urself.. im a student an would actually be sad to see such mistakes in such a big company.. sorry nick if u dint like my comment..

    • Chetan – what on earth are you talking about? That’s not a mistake. The word piles has more than one meaning, and frankly your post is one of the most bizarre contributions to a fascinating discussion and linked video I’ve ever read.

      Side note: One of my real gripes is when somebody starts a phrase with ‘I’m a student and I’d be…’ or ‘I studied film/art/animation at University and think that…’. Starting almost any sentence with that precursor makes you sound arrogant, cliched and monumentally idiotic.

      Writing posts to people in the industry in such a manner is incredibly insulting as you are effectively stating ‘despite your supposed expertise, even a student like me knows this…’.

      Believe me, in this industry – or I’ll go one better – in the world in general – trying to prove you’re right about something by stating that you studied it at University will only prove that you’re the type of cocky know-all that nobody wants to listen to.

    • JamBanjo- im sorry buddy, i guess i have to learn a lot on how to speak to professionals.. btw im a student by myself, my teacher is internet(nick most of it).. im not learning anything in an university. if u find me sarcastic then thats ur personal problem. i just told my view towards it.. everybody has their opinion regardless he is a student or even no where connected to design. just like urs on mine. im sure i can never work in such a big company but just felt bad that someone of same field did a small mistake. im not happy spotting it too. thanks for teaching me something though.. p.s.-nothing personal.

  • Great post. I would love to have worked on IM2 – what a fantastic project!

  • I would if you nick ossivel make some of these openings on your blog ahh forgot some with light plug in the know can it be?

  • Great breakdown, really dug the movie and enjoyed watching all the great interface design.

    Your work was looking even better when Scarlett Johanson was showing up all over the screen. How did one not deviate from said brief when working with such amazing pictures.. ahh..

    Tanks for the inspiring work, would love to be working on Iron Man 3 with you guys if your after any freelances πŸ˜‰

  • Great video, I really enjoyed Iron Man 2, and this stuff was good. Nice to see flashy screens that actually feel like they work without being annoying for the user.

  • I was just watching this over coffee this morning. Looking forward to seeing this all in context tomorrow with the Colonel.

  • Great post with lots of info. Love the vfx reel at the end. Thanks!

  • So this is my first post on grey scale and very well might be my first post on any blog, ever! πŸ™‚ Anyway, I did a lot of the design and animation on this project at Perception and thought it was pretty cool/funny how similar our vintage logos (Stark 74 vs. SignalNoise) turned out! we were definitely looking at some similar old school animations! Anyway, thanks for showing our IM2 work on here and helping me keep up with johnny motions c4d skills!

  • Hi everyone! Hi Gorilla!
    here is a small tip for you guys!
    in c4d menu (window – layout – command manager), in the “name filter” field type in “chess”. assign some shortcut for example (ctrl+shift+c). now you can chill with a c4d while its renderring.

    have fun!

    Nick thanks!!!

  • Awesomenesss Link!

    I love sci-fi and I defiantly love interfaces. THX M8 :D:D:D:D:D

  • great stuff , thanks so much πŸ™‚

  • hey there i would like to make the stark pda
    but i have no idea how to start and which program
    can somebody help me?

  • So IM2 used both Perception and Prologue Films? Why not just pick one design house to do it all? Too many shots?

    Nonetheless great work!

  • Thanks for posting that!!! So cool to see after seeing the movie and wondering….

  • hello everybody, does anybody have a working link for this post? seems like the guys at Perception changed something and the post no longer exists.


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