New Station IDs made for SignalNoise

May 7, 2010 - By 

I was honored when James White of Signalnoise asked me if I could make him a cool looking “Station ID” for his upcoming art show. I love James’ retro style and have admired his work for sometime now, so I said “hell yes.”

His only direction was that I had to use his logo and that it should look like those old school network ID’s like from the late 70s and early 80s. I drew on some inspiration from two of my favorite IDs from that era and got started animating. His logo was a dream to work with and all the rainbow colors really fit the style. Very simple and very fun to animate. I had so much fun animating it, I made TWO of them. For sound design, I found some song bits that fit and screwed up the audio to give it that VHS recorded sound. They were played at his latest art show in Toronto on loop.

Thanks again to James for asking me to animate your awesome logo. I really have fun with projects like this.

  • Love the retroness.

  • Thanks for sharing Nick. Definitely like the old skool feel!

  • very nice.

  • This (somehow) reminds me of Quentin Tarantino’s movies and I feel like watching Bud Spencer

  • Awwwww what a pretty digital lines & colors. Very sweet.

  • Nice one Nick!
    Very cool and a perfect fit with the Signalnoise style. (and not a chrome ball in sight 🙂

  • Sweet! Could you make a quick tutorial of this one?

  • Dig it! You nailed the old school vibe perfectly!

  • haha..this is great…i love the audio on the second one…

  • when you made those, you had to be wearing flares? right?

  • like the vimeo thing, i saw these and just thought “nick prolly did these”…turns out i was right…nice dude 🙂

  • Looks great, awesome job Nick!

  • Great job Nick. I also just checked out, amazing work! I’m gonna buy that Awesome poster.

  • I’m devoting at this web site day by day… it’s one of my main inspiring source, really thanks gorilla!

  • sweet choice of music.

  • Great stuff,
    I always loved the “special presentation” one.

  • Ah yes, very oldskool indeed 🙂

    The Tarantino featured presentation clip.

  • WOW, very nice and I love the 70s-80s look, the crispness of the logo and the treatment still hints at its contemporaneity. really great mix of old and new!

  • It would be so great to see a tutorial on your whole process for something like this, obviously be 4-5 parts possibly but would be a fantastic learning tool.

    Obviously you probably couldn’t use James’s logo but replace it with a dummy one 😉

  • Yeah! Let’s breakdown your process! We have already broken down a couple works from the other guys, I think a breakdown from the man himself is in order! We would all learn so much and would appreciate it!

    • I second this! I think a tutorial on the SignalNoise would be helpful for us. About time we have an ALL AE tutorial. Have had enough of C4D, not that I don’t appreciate it, I think this would be a SignalNoise tutorial would be perfect to get started on!

  • Oh man!, I love the link to the Hanna-Barbera logo animation. Saturday morning cartoons/after-school cartoons, before the age of 24hour cartoons. Awesome execution.

  • Simple yet so awesome.
    Nice work

  • Great stuff Nick!

    We were clearly watching the EXACT SAME source of inspiration when we created our “vintage” logo animations for the Iron Man 2 1974 Stark Expo (

    We found the crucial ingredient to nailing the look was making maraca/bongo noises while watching ram previews…

  • Any chance of a tutorial on this?

  • Lovely and crisp retro-futuristic stuff man!!! Love it so much!

    Sound-wise, in my opinion, I think the music snippets were juuuust a little too reverb’d, know what I’m saying. Sounded a little more arena than living room, perhaps? Just saying. 🙂

    Awesome work!

  • Cool, love the retro style.
    James got some nice designs also, gonna check out the store 🙂

  • two of my biggest inspirations on their first date!

  • I noticed and loved the very faint lines you threw in there.


    It is awesome, simple and nice.
    please make a tutorial D:

  • Very good old motion…

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