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Free iPhone 4 Model for Cinema 4D

June 24, 2010 - By 

Anders Kjellberg modeled a perfect iPhone 4 to prepare for the iPhone’s launch today and he is graciously giving it away over at his site. This will definitely come in handy for some upcoming iPhone App projects of mine.

Awesome Bonus: He lit the promo scene above with my HDRI Light Kit Pro. I’m honored!

Download the iPhone 4 3D Model Here


Winners of the Five Second Project, “Nude No More”

June 24, 2010 - By 


Congrats to steve morel aka ekion for winning the “Nude No More” five second project. This piece was chosen by threadless to be their favorite. I think it’s pretty darn great too. Doesn’t hurt that my face ended up in the piece (hehe). The winner will get a package including the “Photographer” shirt sexily modeled above, a “I heart Threadless” Tshirt and a grab bag of great threadless gear including Issues of Faesthetic Magazine, A three pack of Field Notes, funny bumper stickers, Threadless sharpies and a crap ton of fun buttons. Also, congrats to Tom Gonets who won the raffle prize of a “Photographers” Tshirt and some more threadless shwag. Your video was picked randomly to receive a threadless prize package too! Great work to the winners and to everyone that participated. Thanks again to threadless who sponsored the contest. You rock!

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Why the NO SPEC Movement Isn’t Working. And, Why That’s so Awesome!

June 21, 2010 - By 

Here are some words and a short video about spec work that I have been trying to organize ever since my NO SPEC rant on a GSG Live Cast last month.

Why NOSPEC isn’t working

Spec work isn’t going away and no amount of worrying or complaining will stop it. There are a TON more educated motion designers with inexpensive tools and an internet connection then there ever have been and this opens up markets that wouldn’t be possible otherwise (crowdspring, threadless, online contests). Of course, these things drive prices down. This is happening in almost every creative industry out there.

The internet, inexpensive tools, and free training (my fault) are making it a level playing field for everyone. But, it also kills existing and traditional business models.

Digital cameras killed the traditional photography biz. Craigslist and blogs killed phone books and newspapers. Boutique animation shops killed the traditional big post house. Thats a bad thing, of course, if you run an “Traditional” business and you should be scared. But, all these same things also give ANYBODY the opportunity to make great shit. Great work trumps everything. This is the revolution. This is awesome!

Let Artists Decide

Artists should have the choice to participate in spec work.

If no artists participate, then there is no spec work. Simple as that. But, people DO participate. Most are glad that they do. There are no lies being spun or promises that aren’t kept.

The rules are put out there and people choose to participate. Sure, feel free to let designers know your stance on spec work.

Even write a letter to the organizer. But, you are usually wasting your breath. Because, It’s not the organizers of contests that make spec work. It’s the designers that choose to participate. Designers CHOOSE to participate in these projects.

They aren’t forced.

Who Are They Saving?

So, clients are happy that there are less expensive ways to get great design and many designers seem happy to participate in these contests or give a croudsourcing project a try.

So, who is the NO SPEC movement trying to save?

They are trying to keep things like they were before the revolution happened. Seems that the only people complaining are either trying to save their old business model, or they have a nostalgic and romantic view about design and the design process.

Stop trying to save an out of date business model, and start to embrace the future. A future where practically everybody has a copy of Photoshop. A future where almost everybody has the tools and the knowledge to make great work, stand out, and be noticed.

Stop whining about your business model and make great work instead. The rest will take care of itself.

Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts about the NO SPEC movement and about spec work in general. In what way do they effect what you get paid? Have you lost money to spec work? Is there anything we can do about it? I would love to continue this discussion in the comments. Or, @ reply me on twitter and give me your thoughts. See you there.

More thoughts about Spec Work


Upcoming Tutorial: Cherry 7up

June 12, 2010 - By 

Based on this spot by Psyop


Ecko Artifaks Interview With The Monkey

June 11, 2010 - By 

I sat down with Mike “The Monkey” Senften of 4DThieves to talk about his latest 3D masterpiece, Ecko Artifaks. In the interview, Mike talks about the overall scope and design of the project and about how he pulled off some of these silky smooth animations. We also get some behind the scenes about the techniques used to make the spot. Mike used just about every tool at his disposal to to get such a varied look for these spots including Cinema 4D, Mograph, Pyrocluster, Trapcode Particular, Meta Balls, Sketch And Toon, MoDynamics, Time Tracks, Trapcode Sound Keys, and multiple destruction tools for the final scene.

Thanks again to The Monkey for doing this interview. Mike has been a big part of teaching me Cinema4D though his generous posts and scene files over at I’m hoping to get him back on Greyscalegorilla for more interviews and maybe even some tutorials. With his incredible technical skill, design ability, and a name like “The Monkey” he is bound to show back up.

Links from the Interview
Mike’s NAB Presentation
GEO Tools 2010 Thread

The Ecko Artifaks Spot

Visit Vimeo for the Full Credit List


Keyframe Episode 4

June 9, 2010 - By 

See the full set of credits


Winner of the Five Second Project, “Countdown”

June 3, 2010 - By 


Congrats to Tridente Brand Firm for winning the “Countdown” five second project. This spot combined simple visual and audio metaphors to create a cohesive countdown to zero in all mediums. The spot starts off with 5 sided shapes and reduces itself down through the seconds all the way to one dot in the center to represent “one”. The Shades of grey also get darker as the spot progresses. The audio also follows suit, reducing in sound quality until the spot comes to a screeching low bit-rate ending. Thanks to everyone who submitted to the project and to Neal Carroll for helping organize the project. You can see more great entries below or watch them all at the Five Second Project Archive.

Honorable Mentions


Beeple gives away all of his Cinema 4D Scene Files

June 2, 2010 - By 

Mike Winkelmann of BEEPLE fame is graciously giving away his Cinema 4D files for you to learn from and even use in your own projects. There are tons of fun Visuals and experiments to play with, but the most interesting for me is that he also has the scenes from the videos above available for download. In particular, check out the simple yet great lighting and animation in his SUBPRIME scene. Or, check out all the textures and detail in the “instrumental video nine” scene. I have always learned so much by picking apart other’s project files. It’s great to see how others set up their scenes. Make sure you give Mike a shout if you use any of his scene or his ideas in your own work. Thanks for sharing, Mike. High Five!

Visit Beeple’s Resources Page