Beeple gives away all of his Cinema 4D Scene Files

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Mike Winkelmann of BEEPLE fame is graciously giving away his Cinema 4D files for you to learn from and even use in your own projects. There are tons of fun Visuals and experiments to play with, but the most interesting for me is that he also has the scenes from the videos above available for download. In particular, check out the simple yet great lighting and animation in his SUBPRIME scene. Or, check out all the textures and detail in the “instrumental video nine” scene. I have always learned so much by picking apart other’s project files. It’s great to see how others set up their scenes. Make sure you give Mike a shout if you use any of his scene or his ideas in your own work. Thanks for sharing, Mike. High Five!

Visit Beeple’s Resources Page

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  • Infinite High Five Mike!!

  • Thanks a lot for sharing this & high five Mike.
    Nick, are you planning on making a tutorial on one of your favourite Beeple projects. Seems like a challenge for you.
    Awesome blog by the way. You have learned me virtually everything about Cinema 4D.

  • Whow – this is huge!

  • Daaaaammnn! This is crazy generous and awesome! Thanks Mike for the share and Nick for bringing it to our attention!

  • brave dude to put all this up…lets all wait for people to change the color of something, claim it as their own and put this in their reel…

    • It´s sad that this will actually happen.

    • people have been doing that with greyscale and videocopilot tuts for years now. if there are people out there who are going to change one little thing, claim it as their own and then try to get a job i would hope that said employer would be wise enough to educate themselves as to what is out there. i can spot bs from a mile away. agreed, though, mike is brave and yes, people will claim it as their own.

    • Don’t think so negatively, for every 1 person that does that 3 people will be enlightened and go on to do brilliant things and revolutionize the world at a later date.

    • I would think even if it did get someone a minor job they would be unable to ship anything of quality, which would weed them out of the mix pretty quick. I would even feel sorry for someone who pretends to have Nick or Andrew’s technical nd design knowledge and then has to produce something on that level! I personally don’t think we have to worry about thieves ruining it for the rest of us – having to produce another Subprime or Instrumental Video Nine without talent is punishment enough for those folks!

      But for the majority of people these open project files and the spirit they embody are more valuable than most classes could ever wish to be. Even an average project becomes great when all its secrets are laid bare for people to learn from! I am just learning Cinema and some of the 5 sec. project files people have shared have taught me so much!

    • I looked at some of Bleeples stuff months ago and tried to reproduce it. Now that the project files are out, it’ll just look like I used that file changing some parameters!!

      Guess in the future, if something inspires me, better take it a few more steps further or to the side in order to avoid.. embarrassment – as well as learn and grow more.

  • That’s insanely generous of Beeple! Thanks so much!!

  • Holy Jesus, this is a big one, thanks for the heads up Nick this is far too epic to be described in one comment

  • wow absolute awesomeness by beeple!

  • Wow!
    This is cool, as ben said though this will probably (but let’s hope not) get waay over used. Hope it won’t be like the new videocopilot..

    Awesome of him to offer this, there really is no way better to learn than to pick apart something on your own and at your own pace.

  • Absolutely incredible. Just incredible.

  • Both of those are amazing in their own rights. Spectacular!

  • Wow. This is amazing. Really cool of him to do this.

  • Ah, really cool I’ll have to check this out later =).

  • argh, i’m missing so many plugins!

  • HOLY S**T!

  • Indeed, this is beyond generous! Loved Subprime, but also starting to dip my toe into the murky world of VJing. The highest, highest of all fives to you Mikey boy!

  • Hey, that great. Thx 4 sharing. I just tweet it 4 you.

  • I’m going to go through these with a fine-toothed comb and see how it all works…I’m a total C4D rookie…so I really appreciate this kind of generosity.

  • What a jaw-droppingly awesome gesture!

  • This is way more powerful than any tutorial out there. Totally nuts. This guy deserves a medal – I salute you, Beeple! Always loved subprime. <3

  • Kick Ass!!! What a crazy gift, there is almost no limit left to generosity and sharing, I definitely love our community! Thank you sooo much!!

  • I think we all owe Beeple a nice cold beer. And I really hope nobody gonna us his stuff as its own. If so, you should get banned from the internet!

  • Beeple you are a top bloke! This is an unbelievably generous gesture. If you are in london town I will buy you beer!

  • It’s on!!!!!

  • Is Nice ,We also need the Cherry 7up tutorials…

  • Wow.

    Thanks Mike for sharing and thanks Nick for, well, sharing further !!
    So much generosity in such a selfish world is very touching (-:

    Thanks again for helping us all learn new skills and evolve!!!

  • wwwwwwwwooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

  • WOW….this is too awesome. Im going to be busy for the next few hours breaking this stuff apart. Thanks allot!!!

  • It is just like a treasure.Thanks Nick for sharing.I will cherish them forever.

  • those are some awesome renders, thanks for sharing, im going to learn a lot from this, beeple and grayscalegorilla RULEZ

  • Absolutely amazing. I can’t thank you enough. I have to admit my noobness though and ask how to view the keyframes… when I go to the timeline I see nothing there. Same as for the objects… not all of them are in the objects window. What is the obvious thing I’m missing?

  • I love the Instrument Video Nine! Mostly because it resembles an idea Ive been kicking around in my head for a while. I downloaded the project file…as generously donated by Mike. But I cant figure out how it was animated. I am admittedly a novice @C4D but I was hoping to learn how the thing was rigged, and how he got the pieces to do what they do. When I open it however there is no object information or clear way of animation (atleast to me)just a camera in the object window. Am I missing something here?
    Thanks for posting the link Nick.. and any answers would be greatly appreciated!

    • I’m in the same boat… hopefully someone will have an answer for us.

    • Ha Weird we wrote almost the exact same thing at the same time, because I read all the posts before commenting and did not see yours!
      Glad I’m not alone.. hoping a veteran can school us or maybe the file is just simply not designed to show everything..

    • Go into the Layer Browser and click on the “M” options and all will be revealed 🙂

    • Theres the BOMB of information I was looking for! Thanks a ton JP!

  • wow
    great job….. ^^

    thank you a lot

    I love you

  • Hi Nick,

    Great ressources at this link ! Especially, I love the VJing material and I’m very excited to have a look inside some of these (like ‘vcribbon’ or ‘nodes’)
    It’s awesome. But i’m still waiting for another great tutorial from yours…

  • Thats cool downloaded a good couple of them to check em out im sure i will learn lots of them^^.

  • these are great but way way beyond my skill level.
    It will take me weeks just to figure out the basics here…
    Still what a great guy Mike Winkelmann is for sharing this, even if it currently just shows me how much i still have to learn in Cinema 🙂

  • Thanks, these are awesome!!!!

  • Now that’s what I call being generous ! Thank you both !

  • Wow, I didn’t realize this was all done in C4D! For me, being a new C4D user, it’s really important to know what’s -possible- to do with the software. So many great videos don’t even mention what software was used, let alone offer a project file to learn from. It’s possible that just open sourcing his stuff is going to be even better for Beeple than the act of making amazing work has been. Beeple has a true artist’s spirit and I hope it all pays off huge for him!

    I LOVE his style and how he solves problems. He’s like the Bukowski of C4D, making work so good and intuitive that for a second you actually think you could do that yourself!

  • This has been a major eye-opener! I finally get to see a nice lighting model in action and learn from it. Goes to show you don’t need Vray to produce some awesome lighting conditions. AR3 is a champ.

    Going over the instrument scene, it seems that with all of the repetition going on with a lot of the machine movements, it could have really benefited from some Xpresso controllers. I see he copy and pasted the keyframes for each part movement. Just strikes me as a time saver to put them into controllers first, then go about animating.

    But still! Amazing stuff! Also an eye-opener about modeling. Modeling has been my greatest weakness. Seems that he just used mostly primitives. Guess I’ve been going about it all wrong.


  • Ricardo Villalobos June 3, 2010 at 2:53 pm


  • How about a GSG Live where we deconstruct one of these?

  • great! new sauce for learning.

  • whos beeple? lol….

  • If i see another MOGRAPH cube breaking into pieces as it gets hit by a sphere I am going to PUKE….reels that look like they were “tutorialzed” go right into the desktop trashcan at our office.

    With this release of scenes…just got a little tougher for our HR dept to weed out the fakers.

  • Somebody set up us the bomb.

  • sharing is caring >

    Thanks A bunch !!!

  • Oh boy that’s so cool! I’m glad that more and more designers whom do this kind of art be willing to share it and be happy just by helping people and getting tons of congrats.
    So, yes, sadly there will be lame fakers, but also there will be new outstanding work, only possible by this generous and very welcomed knowledge. Thanks Nick!

  • Sooooooo nice ! Thank’s for sharing, Nick…

  • OMG…,thanks gorilla, great share

  • Hey the link doesn’t work 🙁

  • Esteban Diavanera June 14, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    Hey Gorilla, the link doesnt work, do you know what happend? Or where we can find the links? Thank you very much!

  • After the initial xmas feeling, it is extremely frustrating to realize how long the road ahead is!!

  • PQP! fucking nice! let’s learn!

  • Absolutely incredible gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • I think it would be awesome if you did a tutorial on how he adds the different information windows in AAE on the Instrumental Video 9. I’ve always wondered how to do that and I think it would be really cool to add to videos.

    Just a thought 😀

  • any hints on how to render out the INSTRUMENTAL project??? my macbook pro just hangs…

    has anyone rendered it all out with all the textures?

  • Thanks so much for the awesome files, they are amazing! Thanks a million!!!!

  • Holy s**t! This stuff is more than mind-blowing! Prior seeing this, I thought I know something, but I realized i know nothing 🙂 Thx for sharing!

  • Unbelievable. What a treasure. My English is not good enough to express my excitement about all this here. Thank you, thank you, thank you! People like you make me believe that the world is getting better.

  • Looks like I m a little sead in front of beetle TrEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • awesome thanks so much really generous

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