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  • Dude, good live chat, good episode!!!!! Take care! The SAUR

    PS: And finally, as I am from germany too, write it down: it is LEEEHHHGGGGAAAAAAA and the G in the middle is pronounced like “GOO”. I may post it in a phonetic translation later.

  • Great episode!! Thanks for all your cool tips. I am going to check out the guys you mentioned…. THANKS!

  • Thanks for the ep. Alittle general all in all. I loved the beeple reference and thanks for that. Would have liked to see you guys actually breakdown a shot that has a couple of different techniques so one could see who it all comes together.

    Don’t get me wrong great shit all round mate.

  • Apple stole the idea for their old Ipod commercials. The silhouttes and background colours were actually posters done by some people over in Brooklyn. Apple stole the idea for their commercial.

    They should not get credit for that. Just so you guys know.

  • guys u are crazy!! that was sick!! 🙂 superb.. even id loved to be part of somthing like that.. hope i ll make it.. thanks for that!!

  • Great episode guys. That burst of work tip is brilliant, has got me going on something I never thought I’d finish, thanks.

    Pixels was shot on the 5D. Patrick Jean did a quick Q&A with motionographer:

  • You are very superbly awesome.

  • Thanks guys. Would like to get links to those camera tracking apps though!!! 🙂
    (Oh and Pasquale, your twitter is not four letters, it’s five 🙂 Lol.)

  • He is german so his name is robert leger. pronounciation: [robeat lega] leger is pronounced like “sega” but with an “l” obviously. and its an actual “r” the german way^^

    • @ Padraic: the thing with using “SEGA” as an example is that the english language has a different pronunciation and reads the e like an /i:/ like in the german “Liga”. Just to let you know HAHA 🙂
      Cheers, DAN

    • AWESOME! Robert Lega Like Sega is how I will remember it from now on. Thanks!

    • @dan…trust me,an E is not always pronunced as an “i” like in german, SEGA is normally pronounced as “Saaaayga”,so Laaaayga is a good way 😉 robert will accept this ;)))

    • @ Rado: I knoooooooooooooooooooow 🙂
      But as it is possible and depends on regional varieties I had to mention it 😉 And Rob will of course be absolutely satisfied with that!
      See you guys,

      PS I luv this! Discussions and Problem Solving in the Comments Section!!! HAHA…BERZERK!!!!

    • haha you guys are crazy :))
      actually, i liked the french way: Legére
      no, Leger like “sega” is a perfect way to pronounce it.

      oh and btw: thanks for mentioning me preset… again!

    • @ Robert: We are of course all out of our minds! pure fuckin insanity! HAHA
      From now on you´re LEGER THE SEGA hehe
      Cheers from GE 😉

  • Did anyone see the design for the MTV Europe Music Awards 2009? MoStyle made it and as far as I know started this Voxel trend.

  • Could you tell us how did you guys make this video? What software for chatting etc. Unless it’s a secret.. 🙂

  • Didn’t see anything yet, just a comment.
    Nik keep up this work. a big big big thumbs up from Berlin. You got the stuff to touch ppl.
    Ok thats enough for the sugar part.

    Greets René

  • Hey Nick! I´m thrilled! … just did my first Mograph render.
    Now life makes sense… 🙂

  • Great stuff, I would definitely like to know more about the compositing software and the process of 3D tracking etc.

  • I wish i had cool friends like you guys, at my school i hang out with the ceramics heads that drink malt liqour, even though i am a communication designer.

    thanks for fulfilling my motion graphics needs. 😉

  • Nick,

    The sprint concept is similar to how developers program today. Typically you as a programmer setup a 2-3 week sprint where you look at all the features you want to build for a burst, commit to them and just hit the after then take a week off to then reflect, re factor and to think about the next sprint and repeat. We at Microsoft did this a lot for products and I’ve adopted a similar technique to what you described.. as i will just prep and scrapbook ideas etc during the day and then late afternoon/night i when its quiet etc, headphones on and do a 4-5hr sprint and attack it in a rapid aggressive manner.

    I crave more GreyscaleGorilla.. someone just pay Nick to do this all day and build this empire for this niche market..

  • Sweet. it’s back!

    So, now when’s the reel critiques coming back? 😉

  • How big was the team that did the visual effects and animation? Can you tell us a little bit about how you worked and what tools you used?
    I did almost all the VFX in the movie. However I received help from the VFX company where I work (Flame artist and sound design for example). When I had all the footage in hand, I began by developping a tool for Maya to generate animated voxels. It’s C++ written and works nicely. Then everything was tracked in Maya Live and rendered in Mental Ray. The editing was made in Final Cut.

  • Brilliant, I love this show!

  • I’ve been workingand trying to get my head around Motion Tracking, its pretty serious stuff, would love to try the pixel effect out. I have been working on a Final Project at University using Cinema 4D, After Effects and PFTrack. Heres just one of the Scenes from it.

  • This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something which helped me. Appreciate it!

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