Winners of the Five Second Project, “Nude No More”

June 24, 2010 - By 


Congrats to steve morel aka ekion for winning the “Nude No More” five second project. This piece was chosen by threadless to be their favorite. I think it’s pretty darn great too. Doesn’t hurt that my face ended up in the piece (hehe). The winner will get a package including the “Photographer” shirt sexily modeled above, a “I heart Threadless” Tshirt and a grab bag of great threadless gear including Issues of Faesthetic Magazine, A three pack of Field Notes, funny bumper stickers, Threadless sharpies and a crap ton of fun buttons. Also, congrats to Tom Gonets who won the raffle prize of a “Photographers” Tshirt and some more threadless shwag. Your video was picked randomly to receive a threadless prize package too! Great work to the winners and to everyone that participated. Thanks again to threadless who sponsored the contest. You rock!

Honorable Mentions

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  • some great stuff!

  • Congrats to the winners. Lookin forward to the next theme

  • Raaa that’s tooo awesome !! : ))
    I’m soo happy Thanks a lot GSG ! ^^
    Nick please, could u mention too, the two fellow with whom I’ve collab on this 5sp ? Ludovic Riffaut ( and Aymeric Lepage ( I mentionned them in the credit of the video : )
    Thanks a lot again !! A long life to GSG 5SP 😀
    Cheer !

  • Maybe the t-shirt thing wins over for the sponsor, but if I had a spare t-shirt I’d give mine to Siddharth’s and some of the other runners up. Very good shit

  • amazing stuff in here!looking forward to the next one

  • Hey guys! You all totally did great jobs—we were blown away with the submissions that we were seeing. Congrats to the winners.

  • Great work, guys.
    Romain… yours is my favorite. Very clever.

  • Wow! I’m very lucky! Thanks a lot for this contest! 😀
    I realy love to try a lots of technics each time! Your tutorials are very instructive!

    A long life to GSG too!!

  • Congrats to the winners. and cheers for all great efforts.

  • awesome, are the first 4 made with C4D? i need to learn me some of that. Love the winners vid!

  • awsome stuff! Congrats to all

  • Congrats to the winner,. one of my favourites 🙂

    I saw allot of projects that I really liked this time around 🙂

    Im just glad I managed to make something that I eventually can put in my reel 🙂

  • An honorable mention! I’m happy with that 🙂 Congratulations to the winner, it’s very well deserved!

  • I loved the variety of entries for this one: pixelation, traditional hand-drawn and 3D. Congrats to the winner and honorables!

  • Those were amazing! Great work people!

  • Congrats to you guys !! I’m so proud of you. The first place is very justified. 🙂

  • Great work everyone !!!!!!

  • surprised nobody did an homage to tobias fünke…

  • Much prefer Siddharth’s to the winner but they’re a pretty sweet bunch.

    Note to self: MUST SUBMIT IN THE NEXT 5SP!!!

  • Congrats to Ekion. Well deserved.

    Awesome that I made the Honorable Mention cut. Thanks for all the kind words about my vid. Will have to add some to the Demo Reel.

    I look forward to the next topic.

  • All Rockin, well done all.

  • Damn. Nothing shows on my iPhone.

    Oh well…

  • can’t wait til the next 5 sec!!!!

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