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HDRI Light Kit Pro: Daylight Rig Preview

August 31, 2010 - By 

I have been working on a new update for the HDRI Light Kit Pro that should be out within a week or so. So excited, in fact, that I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak into the new “Daylight” Rig that will be included.
Scenes Lit With Daylight

This rig quickly simulates daylight lighting with sun and sky and renders very realistic shadows and highlights with and without Global Illumination. It renders super fast and is a great way to instantly light any scene. I have been using it a TON lately and I can’t wait for you guys to try it when the new version of the HDRI Light Kit Pro comes out. This will be a free update for existing users which means that anybody that buys the kit before the new version comes out will get the update FREE in their email inbox. There are also a few more goodies in store with the new version including new studio presets and HDRI Images. Getting really excited for this one.

Learn More about the HDRI Light Kit Pro


Five Hours Of Power: Live Design Chats All Afternoon Today

August 25, 2010 - By 

Yep, you read that right. Five hours of Live casts today all about design. I’m really excited to join Justin (, James (SignalNoise), Fabio (abduzeedo) and Ryan (DesignChat) in an all afternoon chat about design, work, and making cool shit. Hope to see you in the chat room.

You may want to follow them on twitter so you can get a link to their live page when it is up. Or, stop by back here. I will try to keep this post updated with links to the live show. We will be on our own channels, but then pitching to the next show, just like a real TV network! Bring some questions and a glass of water. You will need to stay hydrated for this one.

• 2pm EST: Justin MallerTransmission
• 3pm EST: Nick CampbellGSG Live Cast
• 4pm EST: James WhiteSignalnoise Broadcast
• 5pm EST: Fabio SassoAbduzeedo Broadcast
• 9pm EST: Design Chat with Ryan McGovern


Animation Vs Illustration: Layer Tennis Match

August 20, 2010 - By 

UPDATE: I just finished the match and I had a blast! You can check out all the volleys here.

I will be battling awesome designer and illustrator, Aaron Scamihorn to start the new season of Layer Tennis. I played a match of Layer Tennis last year when I was at Digital Kitchen and had a blast. Hope to see you all there today. Talk trash or give my hi fives on twitter by adding the #lyt hash tag to your tweets.

Watch Layer Tennis
Follow Aaron on Twitter


A Clever Alternative to the DVD Reel

August 19, 2010 - By 

Don’t send DVD reels, nobody watches them. Try something clever instead. Better yet, go make a real connection and stop sending spam.



August 18, 2010 - By 

MK12 is back doing what they do best. Telephoneme blends great design, tight key-framing, impeccable sound design and retro kitsch into another timeless MK12 short film. After the ambitious yet disappointing History of America, it’s good to see MK12 back to knock this one out of the park. It’s shit like this that makes me see the potential of Motion Design as an art form. Bravo, MK12!

P.S. MK12’s short films are what originally got me interested in Motion Design. After watching, Man Of Action and seeing that it was made with Final Cut and After Effects, I had to learn more. MK12 quickly became my favorite studio and was the benchmark for everything I did. If your not fimilar with their work, here are a few more of my favorites of theirs to check out.

Sweater Porn
Untitled 02: Infinity
The Faint: Agenda Suicide
AXN: Chase
Brazil Inspired (AKA The ORIGINAL see and say type video. They fucking invented this shit and nobody has come close to doing it better.)



How To Give your 3D renders a Retro Feel with Vintage Film for Looks

August 17, 2010 - By 

In this quick video, I show you how to give your 3D Renders a Perfect Timeless look with Nick Campbell’s Vintage Film for Look and After Effects.

Buy Vintage Film For Looks Here


Five Second Project Winner – “CMYK”

August 12, 2010 - By 

Congratulations to Florian Geyer for winning the CMYK five second project. His simple, but effective animation has some really sexy key-framing going on and is tied super duper tight to the audio track. But, more importantly this piece speaks to the subtractive nature of the CMYK process and tells a simple story though the five seconds. Check out his winning animation below and also don’t forget to watch the honorable mentions. This was one of the largest turnouts for a Five Second Project ever. So, as always, it was super difficult to pick winners. Thank you to EVERYONE who submitted a piece. I hope each of you have five more seconds of animation that you learned from or can be added to your reel. See you at the next five second project?


Honorable Mentions

Watch All of the Entries


Tutorial Sneak Peak – Inception Totem

August 11, 2010 - By 

I have been working on a new tutorial this week and I wanted to give you guys a quick look at the final render. It’s based on the movie Inception. It’s a pretty simple animation, but I think I will get more in to texturing and lighting on this one. I hope to have it out by tomorrow. Can’t wait!


GSG Live Cast – How to Make Money as A Motion Designer

August 6, 2010 - By 

In this episode of GSG Live, I talk more about the business side of Motion Design. I talk about and answer questions about freelance, getting paid what your worth, how to meet people in your industry that are hiring, and the future of outsourcing and the Motion Design and VFX industry. If you missed this live cast and want to join me for the next one, tune in to the Live Cast Page on Wednesdays at 2PM Central to hang out and ask questions. See you there?


Secret Cinebench Scene Files

August 5, 2010 - By 

Awesome! I was playing with Cinebench and found that you can open the scene files used for the test renders and play with them in Cinema 4D! My favorite is the Aixponza file. Open it up and check out all the great lighting and textures that they use for that scene. I’ve said it before but, picking apart professional scene files is one of the best ways to learn tricks from the best artists out there.


My New Guru Presets for Red Giant: Vintage Film For Looks

August 3, 2010 - By 

I’m so happy to announce my first GURU pack for red giant called “Nick Campbell’s Vintage Film for Looks.” Based off the vintage feel of my iPhone apps, these presets were made to add timeless tone and instant vintage color correction to your projects or photos. What’s really cool, is that these presets work anywhere Magic Bullet works including After Effects, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro. Check out the links below to see all of the presets in action and a quick video I made to show you how to use the Presets with 3D renders. I’m so excited to see this finally out. I have been working on it for a while now and it’s so great to finally be able to share it with you guys.

Check Out All of the Presets