Five Hours Of Power: Live Design Chats All Afternoon Today

August 25, 2010 - By 

Yep, you read that right. Five hours of Live casts today all about design. I’m really excited to join Justin (, James (SignalNoise), Fabio (abduzeedo) and Ryan (DesignChat) in an all afternoon chat about design, work, and making cool shit. Hope to see you in the chat room.

You may want to follow them on twitter so you can get a link to their live page when it is up. Or, stop by back here. I will try to keep this post updated with links to the live show. We will be on our own channels, but then pitching to the next show, just like a real TV network! Bring some questions and a glass of water. You will need to stay hydrated for this one.

• 2pm EST: Justin MallerTransmission
• 3pm EST: Nick CampbellGSG Live Cast
• 4pm EST: James WhiteSignalnoise Broadcast
• 5pm EST: Fabio SassoAbduzeedo Broadcast
• 9pm EST: Design Chat with Ryan McGovern

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  • Wow, nice idea. Will it be recorded and available for watching later on?

    • Mine will be recorded for sure. It’s up to each show to record their own though.

    • thx! Rewind helps sometimes following your thoughts and presentations… ;p
      Hopefully the others will record too.

    • Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I think the video didn’t get recorded (Nick realized near the end of the show). I did copy the chat log, but it only keeps track of something like the last 50 chats. If this becomes a regular thing, maybe someone will do some show notes like they do for Macbreak Weekly.

      Thanks for the Q&A Nick. The whole day was very inspiring.

    • Sad to hear so. Had no time to attend it. Did someone else record it?

  • looking forward to check this out! thanks for the heads up, nick!

  • Can’t wait to check it out – this is really innovative stuff…

  • Sweet I’m pumped to hear what Justin and Fabio have to talk about :D.

  • Oh Boy, for all European Gorillas who live in or close to Germany this means 9pm, 10pm, 11pm, 12pm, 4am…………….
    That is D O P E folks!
    See ya later!


  • Oh man!!! and I thought I was going to be very productive today at work.

  • 5 hours of power! Dude, let me grab some popcorn and a drink!

  • Damnit!
    Why wasn’t this last week. School started yesterday and I’m already blasted with homework.

    Will try and drop by for a while though

  • hey realy cool idea but how ask my questions??^^

  • For the next one…. over 450 viewers, it seems to be saturated.

  • wow i’m thoroughly confused by the last hour of power. what is this crazy website and why are there only 8 people here??

  • Did you do the Gentlemen Broncos-esque cover?
    Nice. Can I ask what cool-ass font you used? Very nice!

  • Hey Nick, thanks for this! Really cool idea.
    Thanks for all the help, really appreciate it.
    Not everyone that shares knowledge like u do. So thanks for that! All the best.

  • Show posted yet?

    Or you’re gonna combine them all in 1 videopost? (now, thats an idea!)

    • Actually, I totally forgot to record the show. I’m so bummed!! I guess it was a one time deal. I will have another live show this wednesday. AND, I know there will be another “X Hours Of Power” block soon. It was really fun.

    • bummer.. mist the first 2.
      Guess it was ment to be a volatile thing 😉

      It’s a good concept (and fun for u guys I imagen), will check out the next one.

      Got a new 5 sec project coming soon by the way?

  • That was epic! You guys should do this more often, it was great fun and really insightful.

  • Hey Nick,
    Good stuff…I had to catch up on everyone’s recorded shows today, but I don’t see yours :*(…was it recorded? All the shows were very good and informative…thanks!

  • *Cough* Nick I’ve got a weird question :

    What brand of frame/glasses is that you are wearing ? They are dope 🙂

    Love the site! 🙂 (and glasses :p)

  • And I have a quick question here…what font type u used for that poster thingy?
    I have to know! I love it!

  • Hey Nick, where is your recorded part of the show?

  • where abouts can i watch this? i missed it :’-(

  • Ha! ok will have to make sure i don’t miss it :-p i think its going to be roughly 9pm here in the UK, cheers

  • Mennn.. I missed the last session. I was in the airplane back home! What did we miss? And yes i will be here today 🙂

  • AHHHHH!! i missed it again! please say it was recorded this time ? 🙂

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