How To Give your 3D renders a Retro Feel with Vintage Film for Looks

August 17, 2010 - By 

In this quick video, I show you how to give your 3D Renders a Perfect Timeless look with Nick Campbell’s Vintage Film for Look and After Effects.

Buy Vintage Film For Looks Here

  • Ok, you convinced me, lol. I’m gonna buy it. Blog rocks, as always!

  • Awesome preset buddy! I love the Cross Proccess Basic. Btw, what happened the 5SP?

    • The winners for the last project have been announced. A new project should be announced by next week. Get ready!!!!

    • Oh, how can I miss that :O. Probably that because I travel around the country for a documentery. 😀 I try to do best thing in next 5sp. I hope I will be in the mood. Any thanks for the purpose to do something. I really need that for thinking exircise. Even if I didn’t won, I’m really happy because I crate something and I realize I can be crative if I have a purpose:).

  • Yo Nick, this is my second project so far…I’ve been following your training and playing around also just to see what I can come up with.

  • Hey Nick, I’m really tempted to buy the pack, but why is it $100 for what is essentially a pack of presets? Even with the AE comps thrown it, that seems pretty steep these days, doesn’t it? Are there special additional files that Looks uses to create any of the styles in the pack (apart from the AE comps)?

    • Does throwing in more stuff make it more valuable? I don’t think so.

      Sure, they are “just presets”, but this group of filters save me a shit ton of time (money) when it comes to making things look really good really fast. As far as extras, there are some sweet templates for AE included and some borders to turn your photos into instant photos. <- I get emails about doing that all the time. I think it's worth it. I hope you try it.

    • I think crate things from scratch and making a plugin or preset from that, it’s priceless. If you look at the preview you should see pure ideas and a work that really spend a lot of time and hours on it. And I think before criticism we should thanks for his hard working.

    • Yes, I’m thankful Nick took the time to create these, no doubt. The presets look beautiful. I don’t know how long it took to create them, so maybe that factors in on the price.

      I guess part of me feels like over the course of a handful of weekends, anyone could come up with their own presets that would come close to the same effects, though. Maybe I’m just a throwback to the days when designers would tinker and share presets online for free, but maybe things are more cutthroat/desperate these days. Sorry, not trying to piss anyone off, it just brought up these conflicting notions in my head.

    • interesting topic here.
      Since after effect cs5 only cost 999$, the plugin with 100+ of preset built in and infinite numbers of others combinations cost 399$, plus the nick’s guru pack, it raises 50% of the main software, wich is very expensive compare to the fact that you can do the same things or better with a combo of built in plugs in AE in minutes, so considering money only, i agree with rick about the price of nick’s guru set, it is very expensive.
      nicks guru pack + the plugin cost = half of the AE price !!!!! no comment!
      but nick is also right about saving time (and money) by using these.
      you gain productivity by using presets, you also keep your good looking pictures to the same level as before and for everyone but you dont create new stuff, u just use old ones.
      first : productivity is the producer concern more than the creator concern, by using presets you are not very creative but quite productive. unless if you are both creator and producer (freelance), you will need to deal with yourself and find a balance between creativity and rentability. …
      at some point i believe being faster, and more productive helps to get more original and deep into your client thoughts and projects, it gives more time to refine the clients ideas and get the very essence of it. i believe searching, moving things, do it again, changing your mind, proposing the best of it, and try other ways is needed to think about the project. being productive, saving time and money is a great deal to be more creative, but using presets is for me a poor productivity gain compare to the loss of originality and the price of it. Using a preset only once will cost you 99$, use it more often, it will cost you less and less but at any tries you’ll lose more and more originality, giving to all your clients the same exact tweaked preset looking that some other guys used too.

      second : preset doesnt work well all the time, specially in color grading because they depends on what’s under and how it has been lighted or graded. so you have to tweak anyway, sometimes a lot. tweaking for tweaking, i dont see the point of using presets in color grading. my POV

      @RyT: nick is a very generous guy and i thank him for that, but when i buy his product, i believe He has to thank me ;))

    • Good discussion going on here. The topic of presets always gets people thinking about value, time and creativity.

      I make products with the philosophy that it will help people make cool shit faster. I’m adding tutorials like these to give more value to the product and to give you ideas on how it might work in your workflow.

      As I said above, I use presets (to save time) and then tweak them for my individual project (to keep it unique and creative). I think this is the best of both worlds: Speed and creativity.

      In the end, it’s about value. The cost may be relatively high based on the cost of AE or a cup of Coffee. But, I think it delivers more than it’s cost in value and time savings.

      @julien: Let me know if you get any products of mine I will be sure to be the one doing the thanking for sure. 🙂 I am very thankful to everyone who buys my products.

    • I think prices like these are really well justifiable when you’re doing payed work. Depending on your rate, if you save a few hours of work on a project by using a plugin/preset/script or whatever, it quickly pays for itself.

      I keep all websites of plugins/presets/scripts as a favorite in a folder in in my browser with a clear description. So if a project requires some effects and the deadline is tight, I can find, buy and download them quickly.

      I think its unfair to compare plugin prices to the host package price. You won’t compare the price of after effects with that of osx/windows either.

      Also, I had a few projects which required some complex effects within a bizarre deadline. I told the client that I could do the project within time, but needed extra software. Just ask for some extra money on top of your day price. That way I ended up with clients paying for plugins of half of it.

      Don’t forget that if you do color correction yourself, you don’t have the ability to check totally different effects in real time like the Magic Bullet Look Browser. In my opinion this let’s you discover styles you didn’t think of before. It’s just another kind of workflow.

      But I’m guessing things will change. Like the iPhone/iPad, I guess that within a few years, we can do in-app purchases of plugins and in-plugin purchases of presets.

    • I think color presets usually never end up with same results. Because if you use preset with a different color based scenes, each of all look different. Except the preset have a steady color like solid in a composite mode (multiply, add etc.). But if you look at the cross proccess its end up with a different results. The logic and proccess are same but results are different. if you don’t like, for example vintage look, that because its not right preset for your video. but on the other hand that may look very beautiful for some other video. I know my grammar messed up and i really feel sorry for it, but i hope i can express myself.

    • @ mister lovelyday : i agree that the color preset within looks helps a lot for trying quickly different basis in color grading, so its good for the workflow. but these Looks settings are mostly hard gradings, they are not subtle, they are here to put an overall grading that flatten everything, they are mostly here to hide the misery of poor color graded pics. trying many of them means the photographer/3Dlighter didnt do his job with lighting or also means that you havent got a clue of what type of grading you are going to do before starting, wich is a bit dangerous in production i think, even if you change your mind slightly you have to know what you are doing before starting, i believe you need to prepair… in brief, using preset often make us do and redo before thinking.
      i also agree that you can ask the client to pay for the short term delay and the use of extra software in order to get in time.
      But comparing prices from the soft to the plugin doesnt seem unfair to me.
      by definition a plug in is only an extension of the main software, it is not required for AE to work, in the other hand the OS (osx/window/wathever) is fully required.
      I believe it depends on the plugs we are talking about. take keylight for example, the keying things couldnt have been done without this plugin before because AE builtin plugs were so unuseful. take now looks vs color finesse2 as another exemple, they do basically the same : color grading but color finesse is an AE builtin plugin, so why should i buy looks when i already have a flame/smoke/discreet-like color grading tool in my hands.
      some of the plugs are so useful and can be expensive but others Just make you save a bit of time, do they Really worth their prices is my only question.
      do you want to upgrade your knowledge and experience in color grading or your software???

      @The Gorilla : just to mention that i bought your hdri light kit pro because i find it very useful and easy to use, well thinked and because i am a noob on C4D :)).
      i tried it and have a result of my test here : hope you like.
      peace to you guys.

  • Saw this on vimeo (i think) a few days ago. Looks like a great addition to any making-cool-shit-guy’s toolbox.

  • More presets to make everyone’s shit look the EXACT. FUCKING. SAME.

    • lol oh shit hmmm thats a tuff one cuz i remember some talk about using scripts and how its makes shit look the same BUT i gota admit it would save lots of time and money Nicks got a point and its looks dope so why should he not share it some ppl will choose to use it and some will not oh FUCKING its not the end of the world, I would use these presets and then tweaked them to my liking nothing wrong with that

  • how do u get it?

  • Amazing presents Nick !
    Not a big fan of the combination vintage with 3D but I would definitely use this for photoshop. Great job once again !

  • Great stuff, as usual. I think as soon as I finish my holydays I’ll get it.

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  • Nick,

    ”3d movie-with-the-glasses-off-look” would be called Anaglyphic. Great post btw.

  • Interesting debate here.
    I do agree with Julien about the fact that using presets won’t help being more and more creative.

    Though, there’s many situations in a freelancer career that make presets useful, you don’t always have time to try and experiment effects.

    But if you chose to work as a digital artist, and this choice came up with the love of making pictures, you might find time to practice, do research, and make your own style, own presets, own assets…

    About the price, I don’t really know what to think.

    First Nick did a great job. Those presets are fine tuned, and I guess he had to digg old movies, old clips to get references, and spend many time trying to understand why they look like this. And work deserves money.

    I also think that a hundred bucks isn’t that much for a little studio.

    What bothers me is that I fear young designers will get these because cheap and vintage looks are trendy. And young guns use them in every creation, which is the opposite of being creative. Just have a look at fffound or cargo collective portfolios…

    Will keep reading this thread with much interest.


  • hey nick, do you have up coming tutorials on this? like on how to tweek the presets a bit?

  • Is There any idea on How to create this with a camera moving forward in C4D or after effects?


  • Hey Nick,

    Purchased your Vintage Film Presets, great stuff. Couldn’t find the AE templates though, the zipfile contained only a mpkg. Perhaps I downloaded the wrong file?

    Great blog
    Keep rockin

    • Double Check with Red Giant where you purchased it. It should contain the AE files, too. Thanks for getting the Looks pack. Hope you love it.

      • john – i love watching all the shpees following (or copying rather) whatever you do! all trying to copy ur look.the bride on the second last photos, her lips sure looks like angelina jolie

  • This is amazing (I also have Shake It and am glad to see it was made by a real person).

    Do you have something similar for Photoshop?

  • Cool presets but not really utilizing your true skillset.

    Are you interested in making any plugins for C4D especially with R12?

    It seems to me the best plugins for C4D so far are the free ones. Anyways…you probably do more for the C4D community than anyone out there so I don’t mind you trying to make some pocket change with some color presets.

  • Do we need to have Looks already installed for this to work?

  • where i must paste “Vintage Film By Nick Campbell” folder in order to install plugin?

  • Do u have the Spin text tutorial ?

  • Got a problem: I made a little sphere scene like Nick did in this tutorial.
    The spheres a randomly placed in the volume of a cube.
    As they touch and they need to be ridged bodies they kinda explode away from each other.
    Can anybody tell me how I make them not intersect and therefore not explode?

    Thanks a lot

  • AMAZING! everything on this website is AMAZING!! thank you for all the advice, tutorials, and answers!

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